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  • Lonelygirl15
    • TAAG has kidnapped a brainwashed girl from an evil cult and tied her up. She complains that her hands are going numb and begs them to loosen the ropes just a little. The last time they loosened a prisoner's ropes "just a little", the prisoner escaped the instant their backs were turned.
      • You'd Expect: They'd tell the girl to just deal with it. Especially since Daniel and Jonas are both there.
      • Instead: They loosen the ropes just a little, and the prisoner escapes the instant their backs are turned.
    • TAAG, having recently failed a mission, blames Steve on suspicion of treachery and decides to abandon him in the wilderness. The last time they abandoned a friend in the wilderness, said friend was captured and brainwashed by the aforementioned evil cult.
      • You'd Expect: They'd at least drop him off in a town with enough money to buy a ticket home.
      • Instead: Apparently having learned nothing from their past mistakes, they abandon him in the wilderness.
  • In a certain hentai, the main star has wishing powers given to him by a demoness! Who warns him, straightforward, on the rules of wishing, including that "If you wish for anything specific, we will steal it.", along with "You will get what you desire and <didn't pay attention> what you get." This is not the first time he has heard this lecture. Also, this demoness is rather kinky, with a TF fetish.
    • You'd Expect: He would pretty much be careful with his wishes, considering this is a demoness! Who is bluntly telling him that she is a Literal Genie!
    • Instead: His first wish is to be hung like a herd of bucking broncos. Clydsdale. You sure? YES! This ends, well, just about as well as can be expected. Oh, as a bonus, You want the stamina? Yes. Give the girls the same stamina? Yes! End Result: Demoness gets a TF field day. His next wish? I want a cowgirl. Can you make me one? The rest get worse.
  • New York Magician: After a building on fire partially collapses on him, Michel takes himself to task for not getting magical head protection, or protection against environmental hazards.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: In Act III, Dr. Horrible has finally turned the tables on his Arch Enemy, Captain Hammer, by shooting him with a Freeze Ray.
    • You'd Expect: He would get on with the shooting bit, given that the Freeze Ray is Mad Scientist technology and such things always have a disturbing tendency to fail when it's most inconvenient.
    • Instead: He spends three full minutes singing an Evil Gloating song, giving the Freeze Ray time to run out of power and release Captain Hammer.
  • Darwin's Soldiers: a cop gets a call about a suspicious package in a hotel.
    • You'd Expect: He evacuates everyone from the hotel and calls the bomb squad to deal with it.
    • Instead: He goes into the room and opens said package, which is a bomb, killing several people and completely destroying the hotel.
  • Ah, Marble Hornets, where would you be without this?
    • The protagonist Jay recently paid a nocturnal visit to an abandoned house that he believes is connected to the various weirdness that's been going on. While there, he sees signs that someone had been living there recently, a sink covered in blood, and he has a sudden, extremely violent coughing fit for no apparent reason. For some time, he's had a Youtuber by the name of totheark responding to all his videos with ominous, Mind Screw-tastic videos of his own; when TTA responds to this one, the usual cryptic messages are accompanied by footage of Jay's coughing fit, taken from right behind him.
      • You'd Expect: Jay to stay the hell away from the place in future, or if he feels he absolutely has to look for more clues, to at least take precautions to prevent his stalker from doing anything worse than filming him hacking up a lung.
      • Instead: He announces on YouTube that he's going back to the house, along with the date. He goes alone, at night. Predictably, he's jumped by a creepy guy in a White Mask of Doom on his way out of the house.
      • And Then: He goes back a third time later. And announces it again. Though at least this time he had the brainpower to go during the daytime, not that it made any difference.
    • Entry #40: Jay is standing around a parking lot outside a park, waiting for Alex so they can discuss what to do about a certain someone who's been following them around. Alex is running really late and not answering his cell phone.
      • You'd Expect: Jay to do anything but what he does. Sit around some more, drive off to get some fast food, leave entirely, stand in the middle of the parking lot and do the Chicken Dance- anything.
      • Instead: He wanders off into the exceptionally creepy woods. Off the trail. Oh, and he's never been there before.
      • Consequently: He gets lost. He wanders a good two miles into the woods before reaching a creepy overgrown brick chimney, which he stops to stare at. Naturally, the minute he turns around, the Operator is literally inches away from him. Surprisingly, Jay then averts this trope: in the single most Genre Savvy action of anyone in the entire series, he responds by dropping the camera and running like hell.

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