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" The Germans are, by the way, strange people. Through their deep thoughts and ideas, which they search everywhere, they make their lives more difficult than is equitable. Ei! So go on, finally have the courage to indulge yourselves in the impressions, to let yourselves be regaled, to let yourselves be touched, to let yourselves be uplifted, indeed to let yourselves be taught and be to greatness inspired and encouraged; but stop thinking all the time that anything would be vain and shallow, if it were not some kind of abstract thought or idea! So they come and ask: What idea did I seek to embody in my Faust? As if I knew that myself, or knew to express it!"
"Now, class, today we're going to be discussing the symbolism of the wallet owned by the hit-man Jules. His wallet had 'Bad Mother Fucker' written on it. As we discussed yesterday, the word 'bad' in the English of the time meant something that was of inferior quality, but it also had a vernacular meaning of something that was especially good, or dangerous. Today, I'd like us to turn our attention to this dual meaning, and how Mr. Tarantino played on the juxtaposition of the two meanings of the word 'bad' in the slogan written on the wallet."
Tacit, Metaquotes
"See Shandy? Now it's social satire and not just some weird crap that you watch!"
Strong Bad, Homestar Runner
"When people see some depth you never intended that's really cool, you just put on a face and say 'Oh, yeah, that was deep'. What are you going to say? I'm just a moron with luck?"
"No critic writing about a film could say more than the film itself, although they do their best to make us think the opposite."
"… well, too much about his nature would reveal future plot points. Normally I wouldn't care, because I'm a translator, and my job is to write a preface to the book that spoils all the major plot points."
D.R. Mc Leod, Wizard Diaries
"It's just a song. It doesn't mean a damn thing."
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