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  • The Shield started with a WHAM episode: the pilot ends with Detective Vic Mackey and the Strike Team killing the newest member of their team in cold blood. From there, it got even crazier.
    • "Barnstormers": Secondary Strike Team member Ronnie is disfigured by Armadillo Quintero and left in Vic's home.
    • "Streak And Tips": Shane and Tavon get into a massive fight, which culminates in Tavon having a car accident on the way home due to the injuries he sustained.
    • "Mum": Police Captain David Aceveda gets raped by Mexican drug dealers, kicking off a series-long plot.
    • "Post Partum": Shane kills Lem due to a misunderstanding, in what of the most shocking scenes in the series.
    • "Parricide": Shane goes on the run after a failed attempt to have Ronnie and Vic killed blows up in his face. Vic rather than serving out what little time remains until his retirement turns in his badge so he can get to Shane before the police and prevent him from spilling the beans on all the Strike Team's crimes.
    • "Family Meeting": Shane kills himself and his family, Vic sells out Ronnie for immunity and Vic's family are in Witness Protection. Vic also takes down the drug cartel and gets his job at ICE. However, because of their utter disgust at his confessed crimes Vic's bosses place him in a desk job that makes him miserable.
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