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  • Order of the Stick: Sure, it's a comedy, but don't try to tell me your jaw wasn't at the floor at some point between the Spot the Imposter arc and the Time Skip.
    • Especially since said timeskip happened in multiple chunks without the main character or the readers realizing it.
  • The reveal of Roy's little brother.
    • Nope, known since strip 113 and confirmed by the prequel books.
    • Sure, but not everyone has the books, and it would have been easy enough to assume that it was Julia in 113.
  • The strip where Xykon kills Roy. For real.
    • In fact the entire siege of Azure City can be a Wham arc
  • V running away from the party, being owned by a dragon who turns out to be the mother of the one the party killed 400 strips ago, and then have the same dragon threaten to kill not V, but his/her children. We had no idea V had children!
    • One spell: Familicide, and one statement: the three evil-brokers lied. V's actions aren't in any way influenced by the soul splice.
      • Also, the ending to that scenario. Xykon curbstomps spliced V and O-Chul, only for them to get saved accidentally by, of all things, Xykon's Monster In The Dark in a pseudo-Heel Face Turn.
  • In the conclusion to the fourth story arc, Blackwing, Vaarsuvius' familiar reveals what he saw within the rift: a planet. Not the Snarl, which is supposed to be the overarching manifestation of chaos doomed to unmake the world, (although it's not incredible to discount it still being omnipresent in a way we've yet to understand) but a lone planet.
  • Belkar's return to full health. You'll be left just as stunned as Jenny, the Bard.
  • Knocking off Elan's rose tinted glasses takes a big punch, but his dad delivers.
    • Shortly after, Zz'dtri returns after having been Deus Ex'd out of the plot for something like 650-700 strips. And then Belkar's newest Linear Guild counterpart shows up and kicks the dog MASSIVELY.
  • "Disintegrate. Gust of Wind. Now can we please get back to saving the world?"
  • Strips 825 to 827. You'll be just as shocked as the Resistance was.
  • Strip 830 just elevated Redcloak to Magnificent Bastard levels of awesome.
  • Strip 842. Oh hey, V. Guess what just became plot-related?
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