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  • Questionable Content. "Marten... do you like me?" Strip 500 et seq.
    • "It doesn't have to be..."
    • Strip 510 might well be the ultimate in cooling off. No direct link because It Makes Sense in Context.
    • ... and swerve two happens 579 strips later.
    • And one now in progress with Faye and Angus starting here. This moment signifies how greatly she has turned around and matured emotionally more as a person after her father's suicide and her lustful tryst with cheating Sven to relax and risk going out on a date with Angus. Bonus points for that surprise kiss from Angus being an Meaningful Echo on how Faye surprised her previous lover Sven with both men talking with Faye how the unexpected can be a good thing.
    • Add another one to the pile. #1799. "It's been wonderful, sweetie. It really has. But I think we should call it quits."
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