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One Piece loves giving its audience a good wham. Here's a recap:

  • Early on, the seemingly ordinary Baratie arc gets a surprise visit from a much, much more powerful foe that gives readers an idea of how strong people are in this story. Also counts as a Growing the Beard moment.
  • The explosive end of the Sabaody Arc, leading to the events of chapter 513. Jaws were dropped, tears were shed.
    • The anime extended the scene, added in a reverse Nakamania montage set to a violin solo version of Bink's Sake, and to increase the impact for the Anime only crowd followed the scene with a alternate universe filler arc so that you didn't find out what happened to everybody for another few weeks!
  • The entire Whitebeard War arc can be summarized as a progression of Wham Episodes, each more shocking than the last:
    • First of all, Ace being revealed as the son of the late Pirate King, Gold Roger.
    • Chapter 573. Admiral Akainu punches a hole through Ace's chest with a magma fist. The name of Chapter 574? "Portgas D. Ace Is Dead".
    • Okay, so things can't possibly get any worse now. WRONG!!! Right after Ace dies, Whitebeard orders his men to take Luffy and escape while he makes his last stand against the Marines. After Akainu blows off half of Whitebeard's face, Blackbeard suddenly shows up with his crew and the most dangerous prisoners from Impel Down. After a brief one-sided fight in Whitebeard's favor, the rest of Blackbeard's crew retaliates with a joint attack, finally killing the old man. After which, Blackbeard does... something while hidden away from anyone else's view, he comes back and reveals that he's now taken Whitebeard's earthquake powers on top of his own darkness-based powers, something that's supposed to be impossible, and proclaims that the new era now belongs to HIM. Marineford is a Wham ARC!
    • Lets continue that trend, shall we? Chapter 579 achieves a Crowning Moment of Awesome as the pathetic wimp Coby finally snaps under the pressure and shouts at the top of his lungs that all the fighting between the pirates and marines was pointless. This effectively causes ALL OF MARINEFORD to stop fighting to listen in. Coby shouts how continuing this fight no longer means anything. All the pirates and marines who have lost their lives in the senseless fighting would only look like complete idiots in the long run. The Marines had accomplished their goal of killing Ace, but now they insist on fighting off pirates who don't want to fight back, and just extending the battle beyond what it needs to be. He doesn't care if he gets punished by the Marines for his outburst, but he does it anyway. Unfortunately. the Marines insist on fighting further... Then Shanks shows up to put an end to this war.
  • Earlier, there was chapter 345. The lovable and helpful square-nosed carpenter, the hilarious and Badass ventriloquist, the sexy secretary, and the kindly bar owner? Yeah, they're the villains.
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