"i wish my life was fuckin directed by wes anderson. i wouldn't even have to try at all. plus i'd be surrounded by beautiful scenery and i'd have some dude singing david bowie in portugese following me around. that's what i call living"
YouTube commenter

Wes Anderson is a director who specializes in weird and quirky comedies loaded up on dysfunctional characters and Dysfunctional Families that typically deal with themes of Parental Abandonment. He often has the same actors in his movies and uses the same techniques, including highlighting ornate background details, using wide-angle anamorphic lenses, and ending on a slow-motion shot.

Frequent collaborators in Wes Anderson films include: Eric Chase Anderson, Seymour Cassel, Bill Murray, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Owen Wilson (a full list can be found on Wikipedia).

Martin Scorsese apparently really likes Wes Anderson's work. Scorsese even believes him to be the next Martin Scorsese. His first five films are part of The Criterion Collection.


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