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  • Early on, Satou lied about being a "creator" or programmer. He bragged that his skill "Made even Gates and Torvalds jealous." It's revealed later that he can hardly even turn a computer on. Now, I can understand he was lying about the programmer thing, but how would someone that computer illiterate even know who Linus Torvalds is?
    • Uh, he can play an online game and download porn, so I assume he knows how to at least use a computer at the level of an average user. He could have simply heard about him when he was reading a book, or on T.V., etc.
      • He only learned how to do that AFTER his neighbor taught him how to use a computer. The neighbor even commented on how it's practically new, as if it's never even been used. You hear names, granted, but you usually only remember the names and accomplishments of people you either hear a lot, or have a particular interest in.
    • The computer illiteracy seems to only exist in the anime, since Satou mentions how he buys drugs online in the first chapter.
    • Because it's funnier if he's computer illiterate. Besides, you can use a computer and still not know too much about how it actually works. Isn't that, after all, what a GUI is for?
  • What the hell WAS that dream supposed to mean, anyway?
    • Which one?
    • The snake/sword/apple/gun dream that Sato makes up, and then keeps bugging Misaki about the meaning, but she refuses to tell him what it means. The only hint we get is that it's apparently pretty risque judging by Misaki's reaction to it.
      • Satou just threw in all of the Freudian imagery he could think of to make Misaki feel uncomfortable.
      • Just look at the damn things! It's deliberate Freudian imagery for "PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS VAGINA PENIS PENIS". The actual meaning is that Satou made it up to mess with Misaki because he felt condescended to by her century-out-of-date, do-it-yourself psychiatry.
      • Yup, see above. In Freudian Psychology, anything that remotely resembles a penis is a penis. Anything sticking into it, is a vagina. So, he made up a dream that was...well, see above.
  • What's with Satou's T-shirt? The one with ХУЙ on it? I mean, what, I don't even...
    • "Hui" as far as I know it means "dick" in Russian.
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