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So if Agrestic is a gated community, how come U-Turn can threaten Nancy with coming down there?

Even if the guards are basically mall cops (and they're probably at least armed, if not moonlighting or retired actual police officers) , he can either;

a) Gun them down, and the next person to show up at the gate after he's gone reports it to the police,

b) Show them how outgunned they are, in which case IF they let him in they can call for reinforcements (including the DEA agents tailing Nancy who'd LOVE to hang U-Turn's head on their wall), or

c) Try to buy them off. 40% chance at best and that drops exponentially with each guard more than one who's at the gate at that moment.

d) Jump a pizza delivery guy for the uniform and/or car. Plus, after all the threatening is done, free pizza! ...but he didn't show up in a pizza delivery getup.

  • Her neighborhood may not have cops. Most gated communities don't- just a gate.

People who complain about how the show is not about the suburbs anymore.

Seriously the show not simply being about how self absorbed white people are is a bad thing? The show actually using its platform to show people with real problems (shit that goes down under ninety percent of the audiences noses every damn day and no one really cares btw) and actually introducing its audience to new ideas makes it bad. I can understand saying its not as funny or that Esteban was boring but seriously anyone complaining about how the show is not about YOU anymore is seriously missing the point.

  • Way to frame your argument in a way that completely vilifies anyone who dares disagree with you, you could have quite a future in news punditry. What you see as "using its platform to show people with real problems" others see as exploitative and sensationalistic.
  • Part of the show's original appeal was that it was, for the most part, realistic - something that has nothing to do with the skin color or socioeconomic status of the main character. The reason why people complain is because it lost this sense of realism: you went from the quirky, fun premise of "middle-aged suburban woman deals minor amounts of pot to get by after husband's passing" to "middle-aged sociopath weds Mexican drug lord, goes on the run from said drug lord for an entire season, ships her family off to Copenhagen, and finally makes a deal with the FBI to save herself." Add in the oodles of Cerberus Syndrome / Karma Houdini, and any sensible person should realize that these complaints are tied to shark-jumping, and NOT a lack of self-absorbed white people (you still have Nancy for that).
  • I enjoyed the show more when it was in the suburbs, and not because it was about me. Before Nancy started growing, the extent of her trouble was maybe that her weed for one month got jacked. She was in control. However, once she started working for U-Turn, and everything was life or death, she was no longer in control, and suddenly it just began to feel a lot more like all the other stuff on the air.
    • Nancy was never in control. No matter how much she says otherwise, Nancy has never been in control from the second she started selling drugs. She never has the slightest clue about how deep she's in it until a circumstance that she was entirely unprepared for walks up and slaps her in the face. Now, admittedly, her problems in Season One were small potatoes compared to later issues (that's sort of the point), but since the very first scene Nancy was riding a bike with no handlebars, barreling ever forward bouncing off one obstacle headlong into the next hoping beyond hope that she doesn't hit a wall.

  • The fact that after getting punched by her father, Silus just gives up on Megan and the subplot is not resolved at all. Then Shane's girlfriend with the braces disappears after the season 2 finale with no mention of what happened. It just seems like whenever a Botwin boy gets a girlfriend, they will abruptly disappear for some reason.

Shane: Character Development or Derailment?

The inconsistency of Shane's character really bothers me, especially in the newest season. Is he a sociopath or a Jerkass Woobie with a heart of gold? Is he a naive kid or Manipulative Bastard? The writers just seem to go with whatever makes him look cool, but to this troper his actions just make him seem extremely arrogant and unsympathetic.

  • I disagree with this, I think there were seeds of the Shane we see now, right from the beginning. I mean, even in Season 1, Shane was shooting animals, making faux terrorist videos, and biting people he couldn't beat in karate. I think the whole point for him was how his dad's death and his mom's turn to crime in his formative years messed him up, and turned him into a sociopath who will do anything to defend his family. If you view his actions through this lens, his character is consistent, and retains at least a little bit of sympathy.

Who shot/is about to shoot Nancy?

The gunman looks an awful lot like Esteban who is supposedly dead. Just hope he's not Back From the Dead. And Jenji Kohan, the creator of Weeds, has stated the gunman is someone we know from past seasons which Esteban surely qualifies, but I'm unsure because that would be the obvious person.

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