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A reminder of the rules of Fridge Brilliance:

This is a personal moment for the viewer, so every example is signed by the contributor. If you start off with "This Troper", really, you have no excuse. We're going to hit you on the head.

This revelation can come from anywhere, even from this very page.

Also, this page is of a generally positive nature, and a Fridge Brilliance does not have to be Word Of God. In fact, it usually isn't, and the viewer might be putting more thought into it than the creator ever did. This is not a place for personal commentary on another's remark or arguing without adding a Fridge Brilliance comment of your own.


  • I knew before I first visited there that Encyclopedia Dramatica was supposed to be obscene and highly offensive, but was still somewhat put off by the site, and all the contradictions (i.e. making fun of both or all sides of the same argument, or two opposing philosophies). Only recently did I realize that the reason everything is so contradictory is that the whole site is a guidebook for trolls. Every article is a supply of fresh material for someone trolling on that subject, sometimes even going so far as to include tips on how to get the best reactions. - Mr Etaoin Shrdlu
    • Also, I keep forgetting and remembering why the so-called trolls always seem to have creepily in-depth knowledge of who they're trolling, and why, for example, trolls on Something Awful end up being outed as closet furries. Sometimes, the only difference between the trolls and those who are trolled, is that the trolls are capable of making fun of themselves. (it also helped with a self-admitted furry saying nobody trolls furries like other furries) The people who are part of the community know its downsides the best, and know exactly what sets them off. Much information on ED comes from these people. -Sabre Justice
      • Case in point: Lord Kat wrote most of his own entry, because he says he could troll himself better than any stranger ever could. --Jade Eyes 1
    • This troper remembered reading many complaints about how ED twists facts. However, he then remembered an old page he read once, and realized that ED does it because it's funny. ED is completely aware that there's plenty of furries who are just regular people with a weird sexual hangup, but who wants to read about those? Same thing with gay people, Aspies, women, any nationality that isn't white, and fans of pretty much any series on the wiki: Gushing About Shows You Like is dull and saccharine, but Complaining, on the other hand, is snarky and weird.
  • One very memorable moment came during an online role-play between my friends and I. It was a basic steampunk type deal with the added bonus that all of us got magically transported there. The first thing I did when I got there? I killed a thug who tried to rob me, and my friend Zander took his gun as a trophy. Now skip ahead a few hours and I've just joined a group of air-pirates. Naturally Zander joined them too, and it was at that moment I turned the thug I killed into a member of the pirate crew. Here's where the Brilliance comes in, about an hour after I made the thug a pirate he realised he had the guy's gun and was surrounded by murderous cutthroat who were mourning their fallen friend. --Githanis Icefang
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