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Are you two going to kiss now? Because I'd be interested in watching.
Reynardine, to Annie and Kat, Gunnerkrigg Court

Compare examples of Ho Yay in other media.

Tropes used in Web Comics/Ho Yay include:

 TG: i should probably text him soon

TG: see whats up

TG: because

TG: i love him

    • Possibly topped by Gamzee and Equius here. Good lord.

 CT: D --> I do so many bad things

CT: D --> Just awful things

CT: D --> I'm incredibly impudent and a superior needs to put me in my place

    • And then there's Gamzee and Tavros in this strip.

 TC: We cOuLd sPlIt a tIn oF ThE PiMpEsT SnEeZe i gOt oN HaNd, BaKeD Up aLl sPeCiAl fOr yOu.

TC: AnD ThEn mAyBe mAkE OuT A LiTtLe.

      • And Gamzee yet again when it's strongly implied that he likes to have sloppy make outs with Tavros' decapitated head.
    • The revelation that Karkat once had blackrom feelings for John puts them strongly into this category, and half of it is/was/will be canon.
    • Kanaya seems to "admire" Rose an awful lot. And we now have confirmation that Trolls are all Bi.
      • Kanaya's spurned feelings for Vriska.
    • And now there's Jake and Dirk.

 GG: Okay. Then what does your acute seabeast scanner make of Jake, then?

TG: thats what im sayin

TG: i really have no idea

TG: kid is a goggamn egnigma

TG: hes as hard 2 read as fine print

      • And now we have the February 20 update. Holy fucking shit. To sum it up, Jake is very aware that Dirk has feelings for him and isn't entirely opposed to the idea. In fact, he's wondered about it in just the same way he wondered about whether he should go out with Jane. He's not in love with him or anything, but they do get along very well and he always used to joke they'd be going out of Dirk were a girl, and is his gender really so important, he wonders?
      • There are also some hints that the Autoresponder might feel that way for Jake as well, but he's said that this is mostly because that's just what Dirk was feeling when he created him, and that the Autoresponder doesn't really consider them 'real' feelings.
      • On Jake's 13th birthday, Dirk said he had a 'weird confession that may change the way you feel about me'. Jake's flustered response made it clear what he thought the confession was about.

 TT: I guess call it an extra birthday present. But instead of a present that's awesome, consider it more like a weird confession that may change the way you feel about me.

GT: Whoa uh...

GT: Dirk are you... uh...

GT: Saying what i think?

TT: What?

TT: What do you think I'm saying here?

GT: Uh never mind sorry for interrupting.

GT: Should i sit down for this i dont know what to do.

GT: Wait i already am sitting down. Maybe i should stand up?

TT: No, just chill out. Stand up, sit down, whatever. Here's the thing.

TT: You know all these painfully obvious hints I've been dropping? That always seem to be flying over your head?

GT: Ummmmmmmm.

GT: Maybe?

GT: I think i need a towel or something.

      • And later we find out that Jake is reliving this conversation in a dream bubble. Yet another version of Dirk appears in the bubble, created in Jake's subconscious from his 'intimate understanding of all [Dirk's] mannerisms and predilections' and tries to talk to Jake about his feelings for Dirk.

 TT: You do realize he's coming for you.

TT: Dirk. In the real world. The man has his designs.

GT: Yes. I know.

TT: Wanna talk about it?

GT: With you? No!! Thats like...

GT: Thats like talking to him about it which is like really jumping the gun i think.

TT: What better chance is there to try talking about it than with a stunt double for your hyper-aggressive suitor within the safety and privacy of your own mind?

GT: But i cant yet! I just cant.

GT: There are some feelings im not sure how to put into words yet and doing it in front of you whether youre a stunt double or brain puppet or whatever it just makes me feel uncomfortable!

TT: So there are feelings you don't want to try to put into words, even while you are dwelling entirely within the realm of your own mind?

GT: Yes.

      • How has no one mentioned the page that immediately follows? The version of Dirk existing in Jake's subconscious threatens to give Jake a boner in front of Aranea, his 'chief competition'.


TT: Sorry Jake. The plan's in motion.

TT: Next stop, Boner City.



TT: And you

TT: ...

TT: ...

TT: ...

TT: ...

TT: Got one.


GT: OH...




TT: Jake, please.

TT: Members of the juggalo party aren't the only ones who can pitch a big tent.



  Robot: Oh, Shadow... Why didn't I realize it before? I love my good friend Shadow.

  • In Menage a 3, Zii can't seem to stop hitting on ThE PiMpEsT SnEeZe i gOt oN HaNd, BaKeD Up aLl sPeCiAl fOr yOu, to the point where she convinces AnD ThEn mAyBe mAkE OuT A LiTtLe that she's a lesbian, though the author seems confused about which of the girls is the hot one.
    • Also, Sonya and Yuki both lust madly after Zii. And Yuki once thinks that Didi is in love with her and acts flattered and says she thinks Didi is "hot". She also hugs Didi while blushing and putting her face into her breasts while naked.
    • Sandra and DiDi once enter a relationship and DiDi kisses Sandra and they go as far as to try to have lesbian sex with each other only to conclude that they're "two naked straight girls with poor boundary issues."
    • Zii also masturbates in one scene watching all-male pornography while calling Di Di's name.
    • Aparently Zii is well known to several female strippers in the city.
    • Also Camp Gay and Wholesome Crossdresser Dillion is trying his best to get in Gary's pants. It's so blatant that both Dillon and Zii seem to have trouble understanding that Gary is completely straight and has no interest in men. Dillon even seems to think he and Gary are in a relationship.
    • Menage a 3 frequently serves lesbian and gay hijinks with abandon.
  • El Goonish Shive jokes about Tedd and Elliot (both quite straight... we think) having some UST between them fairly frequently. Elliot's "sister" Ellen and Tedd's cousin Nanase have, well, passed this stage. Also, Tedd's girlfriend Grace, due to her poor grasp on human intimacy and I-can't-believe-it's-not-bisexuality, has had her share of Ho Yay moments with Elliot's girlfriend Sarah and a few more with Ellen. There's also some Ho Yay involving the supporting cast, but that would take all day to sort out given the comic's general themes.
    • The author himself supports Tedd/Elliot shipping, and has drawn them kissing at least once. And some of the filler, and has shown Tedd's female counterpart in the EGS:NP continuity, Tess, dating Elliot. Word of God states that in every alternate universe where they are able to do so, Elliot and Tedd are a couple.
    • Also, Rhoda and Diane - hugs, normal, loking deeply into each other's eyes, OK, Diane calling Rhoda cute...hang on a second!
    • Recently, Elliot just made friends with the very effeminate Noah after some hijinks leads to a friendly yet awkward lunch -- a lunch that looked a lot like a date due to Noah's posing. Only exacerbated in the page following the lunch with Ellen saying lines like "You're seeing him again on Tuesday?" and Noah's almost swooning expression.
  • Torg and Riff from Sluggy Freelance. Also, this strip is a good (much rarer) Les Yay moment for Zoë and Gwynn. And though it almost certainly wasn't intentional, the fact that a guest artist had to put the words "NOT MY GIRLFRIEND" below her roommate says something... Lampshaded in this comic.
  • Josh Phillips' comic Avalon, had Pheobe Bradley, a girl whose sexuality was often left ambiguous and played around with. She had a lot of very close moments with her good friend Ceilidh, which eventually culminated into a Last-Minute Hookup in the text-based epilogue posted after a long hiatus.
    • In the comic's old days, guest artists often came in to make little "joke comics" and other such things. One such guest artist drew up the Love Dodecahedron consisting of every teenaged main character in the series, and then made a little strip of the characters' reactions. Joe, the (arguably) lead male of the strips then said, "I think he forgot about the pink line between me and Alan." Pink lines in the dodecahedron symbolized "possible attraction to," with red lines as "definitely attracted to," and brown lines for "absolutely can't stand."
  • Last Res0rt toyed with this lately with Jigsaw's feeding on Daisy, then lampshades and subverts this when Jigsaw realizes the sexual subtext of Vampirism and Squicks herself with the implications of this. Then she proceeds to go and bite Daisy anyway, so...
    • Screw that, Jigsaw and Addy kissed! Okay, Jigsaw was technically feeding on Addy, so it's more of a one-way relationship, but...
  • Sandra and Crystal from Zebra Girl. In Sam's universe, where he's the alternate of Sandra, he's in a relationship with Crystal's counterpart; he's quite confused when she gets a boyfriend.
  • Ping and Miho in Megatokyo, in spite of Mr. Gallagher's statement that only one female character, Sayuri, is attracted to other females. Come on, Ping went crazy when she thought that Miho was in danger. Twice. Despite her dark and manipulative personality, Miho's done surprisingly kind things for Ping, like take her out to eat multiple times, take her to a bath house, bought her underwear...
    • And it's hinted that Miho knows that Ping is anatomically correct. Hmm...
      • Miho toys with the emotions of others for sport. Just because she isn't attracted to Ping is no reason for her not to try and seduce her. And just creating the appearance of a relationship would be a great way to mess with Piro; see the "anatomically correct" comment.
      • She knew that Ping was anatomically correct because she went to public baths with her. Ping herself confirmed that she has all the human parts, later on.
      • For a supposedly straight girl, Miho has a lot of this. Her former best friend Junko acts like an embittered ex-lover towards her, and more recently, people have been seeing this between Miho and Yuki.
    • And back when she started her online relationship with Piro she briefly thought that he was actually a girl.
  • Order of the Stick:
    • Given that it's unclear about Vaarsuvius' true gender, it's easy to see Ho Yay between both male and female OOTS characters, and fans most certainly have seen both, including between V and Belkar thanks to an Accidental Kiss, as well as with Haley. Since we don't know the gender of V's spouse either and their children are adopted, it's possible V actually is gay. The background during the Darth V transformation was a pink triangle ...
    • When Roy takes several arrows for Elan, and his "logical" excuses for doing so don't pan out, Elan exclaims "You like me! Roy likes Elan" and Belkar starts singing "Roy and Elan sitting in a tree..."
    • One of Haley's cryptogram confessions to Elan is "I've kissed a girl once.. no, more than once", and the anthropomorphic personifications of the various parts of her psyche includes Latent Bisexuality who apparently just sits in the corner most of the time.
    • This strip contains Even the Guys Want Him, Blatant Lies, Double Entendres, Generational Xerox, all mixed together to make quite possibly the most homoerotic strip of Order of the Stick yet.

 Roy: Do you WANT to be hit by the big stick again?

Belkar: That's what HE said.

    • An odd half-example: while Roy is transformed into a woman by a gender-bending magic belt, Belkar (who knows it's really Roy) takes delight in hitting on Female!Roy. He claims that he's only doing it to freak Roy out. . .
    • Gannji and Enor have a bit of this during the gladiator arc. The arc in question began with the slavemaster warning the new gladiators of "strong homosexual overtones that will not be fully explored" if a stronger gladiator defends a weaker one, and, according to Gannji, "I wouldn't last two days in this place without you to protect me." Then this ... It doesn't hurt the case that the "Lizardfolk Victory String" Gannji gives Enor is red.
  • Even though Everyone Is Bi in Friendly Hostility, the character Arath has had a few of these, despite insisting that he's straight.
  • In Misfile, Ash and Emily are clearly attracted to each other. Given that Ash is a guy turned into a girl, this means that every emotional moment between the two of them is simultaneously Les Yay and not.
    • Arguably, there's nothing in this moment that could be construed as anything other than Les Yay.
  • Lust and Pride/Fortune from The Sins... well, what do you expect from an Anthropomorphic Personification of Lust (who's only had sex with two people, one of whom we know, but still...).
  • Dora of Questionable Content (who is self-admittedly bisexual, while spending most of the strip in a monogamous relationship with a man, and making occasional reference to "ex-boyfriends" as a group and only mentioning brief flings with women) occasionally has these moments, particularly here, here and here.
    • See also here and here. (Read 'em both to the end.)
    • Then there's the Hannelore/Marigold (Hanigold?) subtext, which Jeph has adressed, and denied.
  • Vincent and Roland from Spiky Haired-Dragon, Worthless Knight has these moments several times.
  • Richard and Cale in Looking for Group. Cale glomps Richard at one point, and a later strip has Richard carrying Cale bridal style.
  • Out There: Miriam and Sherry often coyly joke about a mutual attraction, but sometimes act jealous of each other in a way that lends credence to the theory that the attraction might be real. Some of the characters have speculated that they may have had some sort of relationship in the past; even Miriam's mom assumed that at one point they were dating.
  • In College Roomies from Hell, Roger walks in on a number of apparent Ho Yay moments between Mike and Dave.
    • The time Mike kissed Dave, and the arc where they pretended to be dating...
      • They hate eachother, really. Honest.
  • The dialogue in the explanation segment towards the end of the storyline in Suicide for Hire where Hunter defends homosexuality by holding a fundamentalist protest group at gunpoint has some undertones of Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? along with his given reasons. (Said reasons are that he's offended by seeing people misuse the faith he was raised in, and that he can't stand than the idea of the "Religious Wrong" - his words - being allowed to have their own way in running society at large.) Some may say the truth of his statements may be proved by the way he reacts to the waiter in the next section, but the waiter's behaviour comes under the heading of sexual harassment, which anyone would react badly to. Then there's this strip. And this one.
  • Furry webcomic Las Lindas has Alejandra Coldthorn and Tootsie Roswell. It's heavily implied, both through the comic and in the comic's forums (via Word of God), that Tootsie (Alej's longtime assistant and confidant) is gay for Alej, even if the feeling isn't mutual. She even has a way of calming Alej down when she gets angry -- to keep hugging her until Alej says the safeword (which is "milkduds"; it's meant to refer to the snack, but Alej is a cow-like creature, so take it as you will).
    • And then there's this image of cast members Randal and Miles; on the forums for the comic, it's a running joke that Randal is gay, and this April Fools' strip was done to acknowledge the joke (and offer a little fanservice for those what wanted some male-oriented fanservice).
  • Some had assumed Jamie from Girls with Slingshots was openly bisexual until this series.
    • Also, Clarisse evidently considers Hazel/Thea inevitable despite Hazel's cranky insistence to the contrary.
  • Alex and Lita from The Wotch: Cheer!. Starts with Lita putting a ticket in Alex's tin for the "Win A Date With A Cheerleader" raffle, continues with her making an outfit for Alex to wear on said date, and only takes off from there. With Sleep Cute!
  • Fighter and Black Mage in 8-Bit Theater. Seriously. Fighter is endlessly devoted to Black Mage, following him across the planet and willing to oppose and/or attempt to kill anything that threatens him, behaviour which can't be entirely explained by his naivety (especially considering the rampant hints he's practicing Obfuscating Stupidity), while all of Black Mage's extremely rare Pet the Dog moments have either White Mage or Fighter as the focus, the former of whom he sexually propositions regularly, and the most restraint he's ever exhibited has been towards Fighter (as in he's stabbed Fighter in the head relatively few times considering how frequently Black Mage is annoyed by him).
    • Couple that with the Alternate Character Interpretation that Black Mage's relentless, creative (and rarely carried-through) threats toward Fighter are really just a huge facade for something, and things get even more intruiging...
    • There was a hilarious bit where Black Belt faced a tentacle monster, was convinced he saw a penis, and then protested to White Mage throughout the next strip that he wasn't gay; he only thought he saw THAT, not that he's obsessed with phallic imagery or anything.
    • Red Mage and Dragoon are Sects Buddies.
  • Alone in a Crowd has some Les Yay moments:
    • There is much evidence for Hope/Faith. Hope states that she and Faith were "perfect for each other". She likely meant it in an innocently friendly way, especially since they're young girls. She also seems to be the only person Faith's age who is accepting of her cat ears (birth defect, apparently) and likes to touch them (to Faith's bemusement). Though Faith doesn't mind Hope's company she isn't entirely comfortable around her due to not being used to having a friend.
      • When it was revealed Hope's parents abandoned her and Faith's sister Sara decided to invite her for a "sleepover" (planning to find a family-member to take in Hope), Faith was none-too-amused, but seemed to warm up to the idea. Later Hope was able to use none-too-subtle reverse-psychology to convince Faith into letting her sleep in Faith's bed instead of in a sleeping-bag on the floor. They are much too young to really have anything between them (and Hope did say they would have to "talk about boys" during their sleepover, though that could mean anything... right?). After Hope fell asleep, Faith's thoughts were as follows:

 Faith (thinking): So here I am at my first sleepover. Man this is awkward! I barely know this girl and I'm sharing a bed with her. * sigh* I'll never get to sleep.

    • In a very, very, VERY Squicky manner, when Faith's aunt Desirae hugged Hope due to the young girl being absolutely adorable and very huggable, the following um... exchange occurred once the hug was over:

 Hope: Your chest is really comfortable.

'Desirae (looking rather sheepish... maybe even FLATTERED? Desirae! You're, like, old enought be Hope's mom! Literally!): I get that a lot.

      • Hope once again showed a, err, interest in Desirae's chest in the one-hundredth-comic of the series, in which the characters broke the Fourth Wall (...and not for the first time) to celebrate. Unfortunately, they had no ideas; Desirae then spoke with "I could always show them my boobs!". After a bit of arguing over what to do, Faith interrupted and said they should all just reflect on what they have already accomplished. After a beat:

 Marty (being a... fan of Desirae): I'm still for Desirae's boobs.

Hope: Me, too.

  • BLU Scout in Cuanta Vida seemed much more upset that BLU Spy wasn't gay than the whole "developing an escape plan with members of the RED team" business. Seems Spy might not be the only one spending a lot of time in closets.
  • Captain SNES Ryan and Alex.... Just Ryan and Alex, what with what he did twice in the presence of Ryan. Even the cat agrees.
    • Bass thinks that Vegeta and Green are going in this direction.
  • As perpetually bickering buddies from the opposite ends of the political scale, Sam and Alistair from Newshounds have had some moments.
  • Agatha and Zeetha from Girl Genius definitely have something going on. (For example: "We are kolee-dok-zumil. I know you.") Also, there's some definite Foe Yay between Gil and Tarvek.
    • In this page one of Agatha's beaus Tarvek states that he is about to 'senselessly pound' the other. The second beau sarcastically replies 'Ho, Yeah. Merry Christmas to Me.'
    • Then there's that Gil and Tarvek are Childhood friends turned rivals, due to a misunderstanding and Tarvek at least still keeps secrets that he felt would ruin Gil's life. And he'll kill Gil if Gil dies, so there's that.
      • For most of the latest story arc, they've been alternating attempting to throttle one another and brilliant teamwork that saves both their lives. Looks like they might be heading for a Wolfenbach-Storm King-Heterodyne triple alliance (hehheh) to forge a new Pax Transylvania. But be that as it will, Gil and Tarvek's relationship is going somewhere epic.
  • Kobayashi the Discount Ninja and Radd's Evil Twin Gnarl from Kid Radd happen to be standing on the same bridge, complaining about Radd, when they notiice eachother. They have a fantasy sequence of co-operating to bring down their common nemesis, but the fantasy starts moving into rather different waters, at which point:
  • Keychain of Creation: Between Secret and Marena, at points.
  • A few of the earliest Dinosaur Comics revolved around the sexual tension between T-Rex and Utahraptor.
  • Conrad and Doc Worth from Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name. Doc taunts Conrad, Conrad punches Doc, Doc grows "keen on" Conrad...
    • Heightened quite a bit in the February mini comic, where Doc Worth sees Conrad at a cafe and visibly decides to tease him for a while, ending with him slicing his palm and giving Conrad (a vampire) a shot of blood for his espresso. Conrad drinks it.
      • Promptly made even more obvious by recent comics where Doc Worth wakes up, incredibly grouchy and hungover in his office, and one of the first things he immediately asks Hanna is the whereabouts of 'Count Fagula'. Cue brand new nickname for Conrad, for one thing.
    • Worth and his BFF Lamont get slashed quite a bit as well.
    • Hanna and everyone, essentially. His unconditional care for his friends (mostly male, granted) set ablaze the shippers.
      • But especially Hanna/Zombie. Both get really upset when the other one's in danger, they live together, and Zombie apparently makes him breakfast.
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is mostly free of Ho Yay, but the last two panels of this page are somewhat... suggestive. Likely on purpose.
  • Living With Insanity has this moment and apparently there was supposed to be one here but it's probably nothing. Although, ever since Paul was turned into a bishie, he's been drawing himself naked a lot more often, so who knows?
  • Despite the obvious heterosexual partnerships flying back and forth during the plot of Bittersweet Candy Bowl, there's a tiny hint of this between Mike and Paulo. Played with during the summer arc, when they're forced to share a room. And a bed. Yeah.
  • This page of Drowtales is rife with Kiel and Naal Les Yay.
    • The comic also has plenty of pretty blatant hints towards Quain'tana and Ash'waren's involvement with each other, as well as subtler hints between Ariel and Faen. And ofcourse there's the absolutely confirmed relationship between Mel and Shadnya.
  • Sister Claire depicted Claire and Gabrielle in a The Graduate tribute pose, Gabrielle persistently calls Claire "sweetie", and at one point, thanks to Gabrielle's unfamiliarity with mortal idiom:

 "Now, let's have a girl-on-girl talk."



 "I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep over the sound of all this homoeroticism"

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