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Michael: Most people think distracting a group of guys is best done by a beautiful woman. The problem with beautiful women is people want them to stick around; which can cause a lot of problems. Obnoxious guys, they just want to get rid of.

Kiki: Look at me look at me look at me!

  • the heroes sneak past the guards*

Kiki: *points* Look, a distracting thing!

  • guards turn to look, Kiki sneaks off. Guards turn back to see an empty corridor, look at each other and shrug*

The Doctor: Need a proper look. Got to draw its fire. Give it a target.

Amy: How?

The Doctor: You know how sometimes I have really brilliant ideas?

Amy: Yeah?

The Doctor: Sorry. [Leaps out of cover] LOOK AT ME! I'M A TARGET!
Doctor Who, "The Pandorica Opens"

Ian: He can't get both of us! I'll distract him, you run for the bridge!

Katie: He'll get you!

Ian: You got a better idea?!

Katie: Yeah -- I'll distract him! (runs off)
Are You Afraid of the Dark??, "The Tale of the Midnight Ride"
Earl: Hey Melvin! You wanna make a buck?

"Ahh, always the distraction!"

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