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Our hero is plonked in front of his or her favourite show when the show is suddenly interrupted, whether by inside or outside forces, to deliver a (usually) shocking and/or plot-relevant announcement.

See also This Just In, where it's a news program that interrupts itself for this purpose. See Emergency Broadcast for a common way this happens in Real Life.

Examples of We Interrupt This Program include:

Live Action TV

  • In The Young Ones, a BBC radio broadcast gets interrupted to deliver the guys some vitally important news. Naturally, they don't notice.
  • In Mission Impossible, in the episode "Ultimatum," this trope was Invoked by the IMF in conjunction with Coincidental Broadcast. The target of the sting was not genre-savvy enough to question the coincidence that his music program would be repeatedly interrupted with information directly relevant to his own situation.
  • Recently used in Saturday Night Live in skits where their version of the founder of Wikileaks statics out someone else's broadcast to send his message.
  • Before The Cape was released, radio ads for it were released which started with music and interrupted it with a fake news broadcast in this fashion.
  • Svengoolie's show starts with an announcement: "Calling all stations! Clear the airlanes, clear all airlanes for the big broadcast!"
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus did this as a gag in one episode where a regular program is interrupted with "We interrupt this program to annoy you and makes things generally irritating for you." and later with "Good evening. We interrupt this program again ,A, to irritate you and B, to provide work for one of our announcers." which then is followed by a a very nervous new announcer doing his job, get a pep talk from his colleagues and having a congratulatory cocktail afterward.


  • Doctor Steel's song, "Greedy", starts out with a news bulletin about three escaped prisoners of an insane asylum (one of them, we gather, is Dr. Steel).


  • The original War of the Worlds broadcast begins with a weather report, then a music show featuring "Ramon Raquello and His Orchestra", and transitioned to the news bulletins that started the main story in this fashion.


  • The first episode of They Hunger had the radio station interrupt to inform about "unknown atmospheric phenomena". As the player learns, it turns out to be lightning that creates (some) of the zombies of the game, when it strikes the graveyard at the nearby church.
  • In Liberal Crime Squad, you can liberally sneak into the conservative AM Radio Station or Cable News Studio, and liberally discuss a randomly chosen conservative issue, liberally helping it getting more liberal. You can also do the same by liberally gunning your way through the conservative security.

Web Original

  • The short film Batman: Dead End starts with this sort of a news broadcast about the escaped Joker.
  • The Strong Bad Email "senior prom" from Homestar Runner begins with this. "Let the King have some!"
    • "The King of Town's Very Own, Quite Popular Cartoon Show" eventually became an actual episode. "For reals this time!"

Western Animation

Real Life

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