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"No. Don't you see? We don't have to run away anymore! We no longer have to hide our love for each other. I am more powerful than the Chancellor, I...I can overthrow him! And together, you and I can rule the galaxy! We can make things the way we want them to be!"
Darth Vader to his wife, Padmé Amidala, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Join me and I'll tell you all the things that you denied
And when it comes down to it you'll be ruling at my side
Beth Kinderman, Underneath The Mask
"Join me, Link, and I will make your face the grrrreatest in Koradai, or else you will die!"
"There are eight million people in this city, and those teeming masses exist for the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders. You? Me? We're exceptional. I could SQUASH YOU LIKE A BUG right now...but I'm offering you a choice. Join me. Imagine what we could accomplish together. What we could create...or we could destroy, causing the deaths of countless innocents in selfish battle again, and again, and again, until we're both dead! Is that what you want? Think about it, hero!"
The Green Goblin, Spider-Man
Tombstone: The Big Man - whomever he might be - has nothing against heroes. No hero can thwart enough crime to dent his income. But frighten criminals off the street entirely. Except when you're off battling the likes of the Rhino. Then the Big Man's profitable army of petty thugs think themselves...beneath the Spider-Man's notice.
Spider-Man: So as long as I keep fighting crime, you'll keep making bigger and badder -
Tombstone: Now you're learning. But there is a way out: come work for me. You can still save the world like a good hero. I'll even pay you. All you have to remember is to look the other way on occasion. On any occasion I choose.
The Spectacular Spider-Man, "The Invisible Hand"
Spider-Man: Ah, where are my manners? Here you come to terrorise the Tombster and I don't even say thank you! My only excuse is that you're also holding innocent people hostage. It's confusing to my poor spider-brain!
Green Goblin: Mmm, yes, quite the puzzler. But the Green Goblin has a solution: you and I join forces! Consider what we could accomplish. By combining our powers, WE COULD RULE NEW YORK!
Spider-Man: We talking Manhattan or all five? Nah, sorry, I make it a rule not to partner with anyone green...or, you know, psychotic.
Green Goblin: Oh well. Your loss - of life!
Then join us! You are ending—join us! We will free you from the bio-forms!
Empire From the Ashes (second book)
But it is not to late...can you not see the value in our friendship? Imagine the powers I can give you, human. The cybernetic implants I gave you, were simply toys. If I desired, I could improve you...transform you into something more efficient. Join me, human, and we can rule together.
SHODAN, System Shock 2 ending
They call me "Wonderful"
So I am wonderful
In fact, it's so much who I am
It's part of my name!
And with my help, you can be the same
At long, long last receive your due
Long overdue
Elphaba, the most celebrated
Are the rehabilitated
There'll be such a whoop-de-doo
A celebration throughout Oz
That's all to do with you!
The Wizard, Wicked
Sinestro: There may even be a place for someone like you in my new reality. Join forces with me...or be obliterated.
Dodgers: Okay.
Sinestro: Don't be such a sanctimonious fool! You don't realise the - did you say "okay"?
Dodgers: Yeah, sounds good to me. Ground floor of the new cosmic order, baby!
Sinestro: Really?
Dodgers: Oh, wait, you had the whole hero-villain seduction speech worked up, didn't'cha?
Duck Dodgers, "The Green Loontern"
The Master: Look at all those planetary systems, Doctor! We could rule them all!
The Doctor: (flatly) What for? What is the point?
The Master: The point is that one must rule or serve, that's a basic law of life! Why do you hesitate, Doctor? Surely it's not loyalty to the Time Lords, who exiled you on one insignificant planet?
The Doctor: You'll never understand, will you? I want to see the universe, not to rule it.
Doctor Who, "Colony in Space"
Cyberman: Our species are similar, though your design is - inelegant.
Dalek Thay: Daleks have no concept of elegance!
Cyberman: This is obvious. But consider: our technologies are compatible. Cybermen plus Daleks. Together, we could upgrade the universe.
Dalek Thay: You propose an alliance?
Cyberman: This is correct.
Dalek Thay: Request! Denied!
Doctor Who, "Doomsday"
Open your systems to me. Let me merge with your systems and your cyborgs. Open your systems to me and I will make you strong.
NEXUS, Warzone 2100
"Jenabell gives him the 'join me and together we could rule the world' speech, which has never worked ever in the entire history of its being attempted. . . . Well, let me step forward with this message to all super-sexy would-be queens of the world: I will gladly accept your offer and rule the world by your scantily clad side."
Keith Allison, review of The Incredible Paris Incident on Teleport City.
Iskander: For example, if my Ionion Hetairoi was equipped by your Gate of Babylon, it would undoubtedly become the most powerful army. Even that President of the West wouldn't be more than a break of wind.
Gilgamesh: Hm. And?
Iskander: Once again, will you not be my ally? If we join together, we can surely conquer as far as the ends of the stars.
Shiwan Khan: Accept the truth: There is no light, without shadow, and you and I are that shadow. [sighs] I would sooner destroy a Rembrandt than kill you. For the last time: Will you join me? You cannot fool me. You cannot defeat me. Your mind is an open book to me...
Lamont Cranston / The Shadow: Then learn how to read!
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