Video game producers WayForward Technologies (founded in 1990 by actor-turned-programmer Voldi Way, and named for a joke in a novel by Douglas Adams) first established themselves as a reliable maker of product licensed to them by other companies -- they began to make their mark with an adaptation of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which made the astute decision of treating it as a game first and a licensed game second. They've gone on to avoid The Problem with Licensed Games in much of their subsequent work -- so much so that when Konami decided to contract out to an external developer for Contra 4, they went with WayForward.

But the company's true labor of love has been its original properties, most of which feature input from creator/character designer Matt Bozon and legendary Chiptune composer Jake Kaufman, a/k/a Virt.

Notable licensed works include:

Notable original works include:

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