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Sometimes, the creators really want to show just how disgusting, squicky, or teeth rottening something is to a character, but don't think a Vomit Discretion Shot is necessary (seeing as this tactic is using applied in comedy shows and the 'disgusting' thing in question isn't so bad, it's pretty much justified). So there is the Waterfall Puke--a stream of yellowish-ick that flows from the character's mouth to show that they are disgusted in a more subtle way. Ironically enough, nobody else seems to notice that the character is vomiting or even make an attempt to clean it up when they do.

Note that this is more common in anime and manga, where details can be exaggerated for comedic effect.

Compare the Vomit Indiscretion Shot.

Examples of Waterfall Puke include:

Anime and Manga

  • Video Girl Ai (the image on this page). Ai does this after eating *her own food*.
    • To be fair, she was supposed to be a Supreme Chef... but her videotape was played in a broken VCR.
  • Lina does this in an early episode of The Slayers when Gourry demonstrates a moment of Fridge Brilliance: Lina says she'd never eat a worm, yet she used a worm to catch the fish she's eating right now. The fish ate the worm and Lina ate the fish so by extension, Lina ate the worm too. Cue trope.
  • Jango does this in one of the One Piece movies, as an Oh Crap reaction to the Marines that just showed up.
  • Hyatt, every time she dies on Excel Saga, escalates from Incurable Cough of Death to Blood From the Mouth to this.
    • Excel does this, as well, while pledging her loyalty to Il Palazzo in the first episode of the anime. "If you tell me to strip, I'LL STRIP RIGHT AWAY!! If you tell me to throw up--" *BLERGH* "I'LL THROW UP!!"
    • Also done in Spiritual Successor OVA Puni Puni Poemi by the titular character.
  • Junta Momonari pukes this way in DNA 2, when touched by women or seeing a naked one.
  • Pandy does this once in Dead Leaves.
  • Louie does this once in Rune Soldier.
  • Girls Bravo: As does Fukuyama when exposed to Kirie's cooking.
  • Izumi Curtis of Fullmetal Alchemist has Waterfall Blood. It's only used once or twice in the manga but seems to be recurring more often in the newer anime.
  • Liang Qi in Canaan does this, though it's blood, when she is shot through the stomach. It ain't pretty. You've been warned.
  • In chapter 492 of Naruto Might Guy gets seasick and vomits upon seeing a huge gorilla out of shock.
  • Kai (Kaisuke in the manga) does this for no apparent reason in the anime adaptation of Akira. It's waterfall blood though.
  • Ika-chan from Shinryaku! Ika Musume replicates the effect of this trope, but isn't actually vomiting. Rather, she's horking up squid ink because Chizuru wanted to make squid ink pasta.
  • Sabato of Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan does this for a good solid minute when Dokuro whacks her with Excalibolg (as Sakura had used her as a Human Shield to try to avoid punishment for touching Dokuro's boob).
  • Although this counts more as a Spit Take, Rei Hino from Sailor Moon is known for doing this a couple times when she's shocked or surprised and something just happens to be in her mouth at the time. A more 'charming' one happens in the middle of Super S when discussing a new villian, Rei gets surprised and opens her mouth, and so the tea she was drinking flows back into her tea cup, then later on, she drinks it again.

Role Playing Games


  • MMO fantasy golf game Pangya has an emote, "(puke)", which does this. It's frequently used as a reaction to a spectacularly flubbed shot.
  • In the PC game Family Flights whenever your plane experinced turbelence, some people might get sick, and thus this would happen and would require you to clean it up. It was rainbow colored instead of yellow though.

Live Action TV

  • It showed up in Manswers once when it was superimposed on a tiger.
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