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A character is out in their yard, about to wash their car, or water their lawn. They grab the hose, turn it on, and are suddenly flung around like a ragdoll. That's what you call a Hose Rodeo.

This is incredibly common in cartoons. It's been featured in nearly every animated children's show to ever air on TV, from Looney Tunes, to Scooby Doo. There are many variations on this, ranging from the hose simply being inexplicably powerful, to it being the fault of another charater, who rigged it to happen. Occasionally this can cross over with Garden Hose Squirt Surprise, depending on the amount of characters in the scene.

Examples of Water Hose Rodeo include:


  • FoxTrot: Jason says it best with "One day I'm going to put on weight and really enjoy watering the lawn" after one such rodeo.


  • In the 1994 film of The Little Rascals, when a child tries to use a hose to put out their burning clubhouse, he gets lifted up in the air and flung around.

Live Action TV

Video Games

  • This happens in the second level of Um Jammer Lammy if you can get a Cool ranking.

Western Animation

  • In A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, "Sludge Monster From The Earth's Core", as a part of the gang's trap to capture the monster, Scooby was to spray the monster with a garden hose, but is tossed around when the hose is turned on and the plan fails.
  • Happens quite frequently in Looney Tunes. Most of the characters have had this happen to them at one time or another.
  • In the Classic Disney Shorts "Fire Chief", this happens to Donald Duck, the fire chief, as he tries to put out a fire.
    • Happens to Mickey Mouse on the cartoon "Mickey's Fire Brigade".
  • Used on The Simpsons in "Last Exit to Springfield," when Mr. Burns tried to use a fire hose to break up striking workers.

Real Life

  • There's a reason multiple firemen have to hold the fire hose.
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