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 "Darkness, Air, Water and Sky will come together and shake the forest to its roots."

The New Prophecy is the second arc of the popular Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. Unlike the previous arc, The New Prophecy shifts the focal point between multiple characters.

One and a half years after the battle with BloodClan, the Clans seem to have finally found peace. However, a mysterious new threat to the forest is appearing, and StarClan selects four cats, one from each Clan, to embark upon a journey to save the Clans. Chosen from ThunderClan is Brambleclaw, son of Tigerstar, who fights not only to save his Clan, but also to prove that he is different from his cruel father. Meanwhile, Leafpaw, daughter of Firestar, worries about her sister Squirrelpaw who has chosen to join Brambleclaw's group as the Clans face total anihilation. And strangers are appearing with shocking connections to the events of the past.

Yes, that's how it is.

The New Prophecy provides examples of:

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