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Wario: Master of Disguise is a 2D side-scrolling game for the Nintendo DS. As the title suggests, it stars Wario, but it has no direct relation to Wario Land, Wario Ware, or Wario World.[1]

One day, Wario was lounging on his sofa, watching TV, when a show called "The Silver Zephyr" came on. It was a show about a man named Count Cannoli who used his magic wand, Goodstyle, to transform into the eponymous master thief. After seeing him transform, Wario decided that he wanted in on the action, so he invented the Telmet, a device that allowed him to venture into the TV. Upon entering the TV, he landed right on Cannoli's head, causing him to drop Goodstyle. Wario, of course, being Wario, took Goodstyle for himself. Goodstyle proceeded to dub Wario his new master, and gave him his very own thief outfit.

Wario soon learns about the Wishstone, an artifact that, supposedly, can grant any wish. However, it was split into 5 pieces, which were then hidden in separate places. With this in mind, Wario makes it his goal to obtain the Wishstone pieces and recreate the Wishstone. However, this quest does not come without obstructions: Cannoli does not particularly enjoy having his wand stolen from him and will stop at nothing to get it back. If that wasn't enough, the Corrupt Corporate Executive Carpaccio also wants the Wishstone pieces, so needless to say, Wario has his work cut out for him.

The gameplay consists of traversing several different locations, beating up enemies and searching for treasure. The treasure chests require the player to win minigames to open, and consist of one of several different types of items, depending on the chest's color. Red chests contain treasures, which merely exist for the sake of Hundred-Percent Completion. Purple chests contain area maps or important quest items. Green chests either contain Vita Mighties, which boost Wario's max health, or Guise Gems, which give him new disguises, each of which has its own special powers.

This game provides examples of:

  "These golden tools were developed for a king. But since gold is one of the world's softest metals, they're pretty much useless. Fun to look at, though."

  "This magic fishing pole will catch a fish every time you dip it in the water! But only crappie. Which actually taste better than they sound."[2]

  "Sure, it sounds fancy. But it's just a plant. A boring old potted plant. Slap anyone who tries to tell you otherwise."


  1. After all, in Wario World, Wario had a castle of gold, and in this game, he lives in a typical house.
  2. Note that crappie is an actual type of fish.
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