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Malik ibn Ibrahim never goes looking for trouble, but trouble always seems in his path. It helps when you're older than print and full of magical and physical knowledge, but it never seems to go well.

A strange little anthology that appeared on Amazon's Kindle service, (apparently the debut of its author, Ahmed Al-Sheikh) these four stories follow Malik from problem to problem, like a certain doctor we all know, as he tries to just do what's right and get on with his life. To purchase the ebook, follow this link:

Has the following tropes

  • Badass (Malik, whether with wits or actual combat, is quite dangerous)
  • Big Damn Heroes (when the shortest of the short stories has not had its hero in the majority of it, this is how he chooses to remind you who the star is)
  • Complete Monster (Recurring nemesis Jaffur the ifrit)
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome (Malik just can't seem to not try and be the hero)
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome (Averages about one per short story)
  • Empathic Weapon (Kusanagi-no-mitsurugi)
  • The Drifter (With a title like that, what did you think?)
  • Knight Errant
  • Nightmare Fuel (Some of the creature descriptions, like the ghul or the fury, have this going for them)
  • Our Genies Are Different (Leave all ideas of genies as blue men in big pants behind, as well as the "As you wish" types. We have a creature whose scalp is on fire all the time, with dark blue skin bordering on black, and yellow cat-eyes)
  • Shout-Out (Malik admits to loving Sherlock Holmes and Spider-Man. Also, the physical description of the kid in the second story reminds me of Ichigo from Bleach)
  • Trademark Favorite Food (Chicken in nearly any form Malik can get it)
  • Walking the Earth