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As her love now made her a "guardian of life" with the power to make dreams true. Not by magic but by fighting for them thorugh loving others.."
What happens when your only hope is in your dreams?

This story is a piece of original fiction published by troper Fallen Legend(name is hidden until the contest is over) for the third writing contest on this wiki; with a dream theme. The work in question can be found published here Link.

The story is about a Shrinking Violet mexican girl called Ximena. She has a very troubled life and the story narrates her struggle to find happiness and value. The only think that allows her to cope with reality is a dream where she is another person. A beautiful and graceful princess called Selena.

One day she gets visited by Artemis whom in this story is the goddess of night. Artemis offers Ximena three gifts and one vow. She promises to give Ximena the power to make her dreams true and make her a “guardian of life”. With the condition she defeats a “tantibus” with her daughter Luna and save a special person. Ximena becomes a Magical Girl called Selena. Selena is everything she believes she is not beautiful, graceful, smart and self-confident. Her life seemingly improves for the better as she stops being the loser she tough she was. However If Ximena wants her new happiness to be permanent, as Artemis promised. She needs to go on a journey to defeat a tantibus. And the only way to do so is to beat them where they live; on dreams.

Tropes used in Walking on Dreams include:

  • All There in the Manual There is a lot of plot information the author wasn't able to elaborate due to the limit of words on the contest. Nevertheless some information that wasn't made available on the story itself will be put here by the author.
    • While it is hinted at the end on the story "Tantibus" means "nightmare" in latin. This is of course a case of Exactly What It Says on the Tin as those monsters are in fact nightmares.
  • Deconstruction the character of Selena is in fact a deconstruction of Mary Sue. One theme on the story is that even if you could become a Mary Sue in real life you wouldn't be happy. Because happiness is found thorough love not by becoming something we are not.
  • Older Than They Look Luna and Artemis
  • This Loser Is You Ximena
  • Tomato in the Mirror Ximena's tantibus is Selena. To elaborate the dream she had at the beginning was not really a dream but a nightmare. Because in that dream she wasn't being herself but another person. consequentially she hated being herself. Therefore Selena was the embodiment of her despair, her drkest desires and self loathing.
  • Trickster Luna has this role Despite the fact that she is the spirit of the moon and therefore as old as the moon itself. She is still a child at hearth.
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