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For some reason, some girls seem to walk around in a swimsuit only for Fan Service, which may be justified because they work at a swimming pool or at the beach.

These girls don't have to wear only a swimsuit; they can still wear other clothing as long as we see that there is a swimsuit underneath. For example, Misty of Pokémon Gold and Silver wears a jacket and sandals, but we can see that she's wearing a swimsuit underneath.

Contrast Leotard of Power, Walking Shirtless Scene (though it can cross for guys), Underwear of Power.

Examples of Walking Swimsuit Scene include:


  • In this Mandalay Bay commercial Suzanna Jones, a fifth grate teacher and mother of three wears a string bikini; at the end of the commercial, she takes her top off.

Anime & Manga

Comic Books

  • Tigra of The Avengers is a Catgirl (though of the "covered in fur" type, not the "human with cat ears and tail" type) superheroine whose "costume" is a black bikini, sometimes with toothlike trim or a tiger-head amulet as a clasp in front.
  • Sub-Mariner
    • Namor wears a black bodysuit on the rare occasion when he feels an ounce of humility, but he's mostly known for going around in nothing but a green speedo. Somewhat justified by the fact that he spends most of his time underwater, but mitigated by the fact that (1) he wears it on land too, even in frigid climates -- in fact, until the 90s or so, it was the only thing he ever wore, and (2) the vast majority of his fellow Atlanteans cover up quite a bit more.
    • Namor's two distaff counterparts, Namora and Namorita, fight crime in a black one-piece and a green one-piece or bikini, respectively. When Namorita changed her name to Kymera (and her skin to blue) she adopted an odd bikini/netting/seashell ensemble.

Films -- Live-Action

  • Many Fan Service Extras in the James Bond films. (Commonly included in any list of "Bond Girls", but Bond Girl refers to characters with actual personalities and prominent role in the movie)
  • In Local Hero, Marina, a marine biologist, wears a black one-piece under her lab coat at a facility -- justified as she has to do some equipment maintenance at the bottom of a large water tank. The visitors are quite distracted [1].
  • The Bikini Car Wash Company
  • The female characters in Into the Blue.
  • Wonder Woman: OK, her costume isn't a swimsuit in the traditional sense, but it counts. Also her bathing suit shows less flesh than her costume.
  • Exit to Eden: The unisex thong bikinis that Dana Delany makes makes both the male and female guests wear technically are bathing suits since they cover the same areas of the body.(NSFW)

Live-Action TV

  • Every character on Baywatch, ever. Justified for being Lifeguard and all.
  • Miss America pageants.
  • Every lead female character on Saved by the Bell ends up doing one of these at least once.
  • Heather Thomas in the first episode of The Fall Guy - and then repeated in the opening credits of every single episode thereafter, for obvious reasons.
  • This was something of a standard trope in the 1970s and 1980s; if the cast of a series (sitcom or detective/action mostly) had a sexy female member, odds are are least one episode would find an excuse to get them into a swimsuit, either for a contrived beauty pageant plotline (i.e. The Bionic Woman) or by finding an excuse to get them next to a swimming pool or on a cruise ship (i.e. Wilma Deering in the cruise ship episode of Buck Rogers in The 25th Century).
  • OK, it's not a swimsuit in the traditional sense, but Wonder Woman has to count.
    • And Wonder Woman's swimsuit showed much less flesh than her normal costume.
  • Male version on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the girls discover Xander has joined the swim team. When he sees them ogling him he goes into a horrified crouch and covers himself with a paddleboard.
  • This South Florida reporter wears a thong bikini while doing a story on Haulover nude brach and she takes her top off at the beginning of the segment.
  • Good Day America: Reporter Anna Gilligan wears a bikini throughout this segment in which she tries out the Tarzan Swing at Action Park.

Video Games

Web Originals

Real Life

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