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  • The captain shouting, "I don't want to survive! I want to live!"
    • Seems more like a Crowning Moment of Awesome to me, but...
    • The captain evokes this as well to me when he seems excited that he may be able to grow pizza in the soil. That odd combination of utter cluelessness yet also at the same time representing the best of mankind is really something.
  • The moment at the very end when EVE thinks that WALL-E's personality has been erased, leaving him as just another dead-eyed drone? Fortunately, it ends well thanks to the combined forces of Disney Death and The Power of Love.
  • The first 20 minutes of WALL-E, introducing one of the most lovable characters of all time trapped in the most hopeless and depressing situations of all time. It gets better, but still...
    • What really got this troper was the very end of the opening, when he goes onto his little shelf where he sleeps...and rocks himself. Basically symbolizing how sad he really is, and how the only one around to comfort him is himself.
  • The end credit sequence where are shown Humanity and robots work together in harmony to make amends.
    • Set to a Peter Gabriel song too.
  • When EVE cradles a broken and dying WALL-E.
  • When the shuttle exploded, and EVE, thinking WALL-E was destroyed, let out a little: "".
  • In the waste disposal facility of the Axiom. WALL-E, on the verge of death due him almost being drained of power, weakly attempts to give EVE the plant that she had searched for. In response, she tosses it aside, and reaches out to WALL-E...


  • In the waste facility there's a scene where after all the action happens the giant WALL-As stop crushing garbage and gather around the heroes to see if they are OK... *tear*
  • Immediately after, when WALL-E gets up and staggers over to the plant she just tossed aside... gah...
  • When EVE tries hopelessly to wake WALL-E up after he's become just another soulless drone. After WALL-E spent the whole movie completely devoted to her, EVE feels as strongly for him as he did for her, and there's nothing left of him to see it. EVE gives up that he's coming back, she sings to him. Thankfully, EVE's goodbye kiss to him wakes WALL-E back up, because Andrew Staunton is both a bastard and a saint.
    • Actually in the Bad Ending of the videogame adaptation EVE gives him the song & goodbye kiss, but WALL-E "DOES NOT" regain his memory from it.
  • No no. The scene before that, when the AXIOM lands back on Earth, EVE rushes out carring a nearly-dead WALL-E, and zips around searching for replacements parts, electricity, DUCT TAPE-- ANYTHING to bring him back to life! And she's motivated to the point where time seems to speed up when she's repairing him and replacing all his parts with the ones he showed her in his home in the beginning of the movie! Then she shoots a hole through the roof of his house to get solar energy for him, because going through the door won't be fast enough! If she had eyes and a mouth, she would be screaming in determination and her eyes flowing with tears!
    • She does have eyes, but on a screen. Now we need someone else to fix the tear function...
  • EVE thows the plant in the holo-detector, which opens it up and WALL-E's dead body flops right out.
    • Immediately after, EVE rushes over to him, lifting him up a bit while whispering his name. Then she just shakes her head a bit in denial, whispering "No..." before calling out to him. And she apparently still calls his name, holding him the entire journey back.
  • The part before when his track slips into the crack between the decending holo-detector and the floor, crushing him.
  • The scene when EVE is deactivated and waiting for the ship to come back, but WALL-E keeps standing there with her, carrying her to work, and trying to hold her hand.
  • WALL-E's loyal pet cockroach, who is still sitting on that same garbage pile when WALL-E returns.
    • And the difference between the first time WALL-E rolls over him...and the...second...time...
  • Think about what it was like for WALL-E to wake up for the first time, being able to think and feel and live and all he has to experience it with... is absolutely nothing, with no one. And what is WALL-E's objective (picking up trash and making them little compact boxes) turns into a very subtle, but grand show of how very long he was there, and how lonely he must have been.
  • The passengers take their first hesitant steps out of the Axiom and back to Earth... and you hear Eve's desperate cry of MOVE as she comes tearing out of the docking bay.
  • There's a lot about the scene where WALL-E is soulless and EVE tries to wake him up again that gets me bawling, but one particular thing makes it worse...The part where she gives up and finally holds his hand. WALL-E has spent the entire movie trying to hold her hand, what he views as the greatest way to show someone you love them, but he never got to do it. Now EVE, who's finally realized that she loves WALL-E as much as he loves her, is holding his hand...and it means nothing to him now. All his feelings about a simple gesture, and when it finally happens, he feels nothing, it's meaningless... Excuse me, I need a tissue...
  • This troper wept horribly when she watched the scene wherein EVE is collected again after retrieving the plant from Earth and WALL-E is rushing to go after her, almost not making it. The idea that WALL-E might have his chance for happiness and companionship yanked away from him after so many years by himself is heart-wrenching, especially for the viewer with chronic loneliness issues.
  • This troper was close to tears when AUTO shocked WALL-E. And EVE's Big No certainly didn't help because she was stuck by a tractor beam and had to watch helplessly as it all happened.
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