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  • WALL-E ending up on his back as a result of using a fire extinguisher too forcefully. Later used as Chekhov's Skill.
  • WALL-E's trouble sorting the spork.
  • WALL-E waking up with a low solar charge level. He smacks his head on the shelf above him, drives into the wall and struggles to get his treads on his wheels. It is a brilliant recreation of waking up on a school/work day after getting no sleep whatsoever.
  • WALL-E bringing EVE to his home and showing off his collection is an extended exercise in hilarity. Highlights include EVE solving the Rubik's cube and WALL-E's dance with the hubcap.
  • Basically everything that happens on Earth in the beginning of the movie is either heartwarming or hilarious.
  • That voice that says "FOREIGN CONTAMINANT".
    • The best part of that is the realization that they all end up on a place made of "FOREIGN CONTAMINANT".
  • This exchange between the Captain and the ship's computer: "Voice authorization required." "Uhhh..." "Accepted."
  • The Captain tricking AUTO into thinking he has the plant: "You want it? Come and get it, blinky!"
  • WALL-E doing his little dance, as above, then EVE trying to imitate it, resulting in her bouncing up and down, SHAKING WALL-E's house.
  • The Captain looking at the manual and shouting for "Manuel".
  • Quickly followed by WALL-E getting the floor dirty, then again, then M-O's face (causing M-O to actually scream in frustration).
  • "John! Get ready to have some kids!"
  • HAN-S (a defective massage robot) going medieval on the Stewards, who all say "Halt!" before he smashes into them. Then, after he's done...

 Steward: (HAN-S is panting, standing on a pile of destroyed Stewards) Halt! (HAN-S smashes it)

  • The bit when the typing robot waves at WALL-E.
    • The fact that a robot made for the sole purpose of typing uses hunt-and-peck.

 M-O: "WALL-E!!...oh!"

  • WALL-E, in the escape pod, patting the seat next to him as an invitation to EVE.
    • And then his exploits trying to get the pod to stop. The thing looks absolutely ridiculous as a result of all the buttons he pushed.
  • In the trailer: "Seven hundred years into the future, mankind will leave our planet, leaving Earth's cleanup in the hands of one incredible machine." Cut to WALL-E smacking himself in the face with a paddle ball.
  • M-O jumping off his guide line, just so he can get to do his job. He prepares for it like he will blow up if he leaves the line, but all he gets is a little buzzer. It's his little evil-like laugh that sells this moment.
  • "At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast, my love-- " *explosion*
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