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Lion Voltron

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Whatever else you might think of the show, that central theme is remembered by millions for a reason. (Well, okay, two reasons.)
  • Die For Our Ship: Keith is not liked by Lotor/Allura shippers.
    • A weird cross-version example: Ryou Shirogane from GoLion is heavily bashed by Sven/Romelle shippers. Since Sven didn't die in Voltron, Ryou wasn't necessary and instead his design was used to display Sven having become a Broken Hero who retained Takashi's mature and thoughtful personality. Since Ryou was Hot-Blooded and had Belligerent Sexual Tension with Romelle's counterpart Amue, Sven/Romelle fans hate him for being "an abusive jerk" to her while Sven is much gentler towards Romelle.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Lotor is so very, very much this. It doesn't help that a lot of his worst acts were edited out, or being shown as being in (rather twisted) love with the princesses instead of being attracted to them because of their resemblance to his mother. Even less helped by the purely original third season of the show, which has him become much more of a conflicted character, rather than the straight-up villain he was in the Golion-adapted first season.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Sven, and to a smaller degree Romelle.
  • Fan Preferred Pairing: While the canon Keith/Allura pairing has a LOT of fans, an almost equal number of fans like to pair Allura with Lotor, in part because of Lotor's Draco in Leather Pants vibes, and in part of scrub off some Purity Sue aspects of Allura.
  • Golion Is Big In America: Voltron is far better known in America than GoLion is in Japan. In fact, GoLion is almost forgotten there. This is because when the show premiered in Japan, there were already tons of transforming/combining mecha shows on airwaves, while in America it was pretty much the only show of its kind (not to mention it had to compete with Super Sentai in Japan too, which America didn't get until the early 90s). This got to the point that, in the New Tens, a whole Netflix series spanned from this: Voltron: Legendary Defender.
  • Macekre: Played straight in terms of some of the plot, like making the villains somewhat more one-dimensional, or in terms of Lull Destruction (holy cow the Lull Destruction). However, Voltron also subverts the trope; several people consider the show a "good" Macekre in that while the changes were vast, they were chiefly done so that the show would even be airable in the US, and the edits didn't remove what made the show fun in the first place (e.g., people in combining robot lions having one Big Damn Heroes moment after another). Plus Voltron may have toned down the violence, but kept Allura's Innocent Fanservice Girl moments.
  • Memetic Mutation: AND I'LL FORM THE HEAD!
  • Narm: Just watch this video of some of the best moments of the show and wonder if anyone had a straight face while recording their dialogue.
    • Episode 21 features a very tense and dramatic scene between Lotor and Romelle. The seriousness poofs away when it's followed by one where other captured Pollux women tend to Romelle... and it's glaringly obvious that they're voiced by male actors trying to imitate female voices.
    • Speaking of Lotor and Romelle, the scene where they meet in episode 17 is ruined by Lotor telling her "You look just like Princess Allura" as soon as he meets her. SUBTLE, LOTOR!
  • Narm Charm: The scene in episode 29 where Allura seemingly died and a funeral was held though she ultimately survives.. Despite the questionable dub, some people still found it touching.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Poor Keith is twisted into an abusive, loutish, obsessive bastard who only wants Allura for sex or to be his trophy girlfriend.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: Yikes, it can be hard to understand why anyone ever liked this show, when a modern viewer sees it. The Lull Destruction, the Stock Footage combining sequences, the formulaic episodes... it's worth remembering that Voltron really was bigger than the Transformers at one point, though. Nobody had managed any real success with importing Japanese cartoons previously, until WEP managed just the right balance (for the time) of editing and keeping the core of a good series (along with picking something Americans would like) that struck the chord Voltron did. Had Voltron not shown how an imported series could be financially successful on a huge scale, we may well have never gotten Neon Genesis Evangelion (via ADV Films), Gundam Wing, the Power Rangers or even Robotech.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: While Voltron: Legendary Defender has become MYTHICAL in this sense, the original Voltron was not devoid of this. The cat fights between Keith/Allura and Lotor/Allura fans were rather... bloody, while Lance/Allura fans tended to watch from the sidelines with popcorn.
  • Unfortunate Implications: How Coran and Nanny basically treated Allura when she wanted to pilot. That episode was one of the least rerun on Toonami. Although Allura is the last of the royal family, so they aren't totally unreasonable to not want her to fly. A better case would be when Nanny volunteers to scout recruits; she puts an emphasis on having a man pilot the Blue Lion.
    • Also, subverted in that they turn out to be dead wrong: Allura had her ups and downs, but she ultimately became a vital part of the team.
  • Woolseyism: Sven ought to be the Woolseyism poster child. To detail: in GoLion Takashi Shirogane, the character that would become "Sven", was killed off early on so that Fala could become a pilot. However, the Japanese rather liked the character and wanted him to return, so GoLion has his younger brother Ryou (who has been missing from before the plot began) show up almost at the end of the series... which, for some, ended up feeling a little ham-fisted and awkward. World Events Productions, on the other hand, had a "never say die" policy at the time, and to get around this they rewrote the script: Sven fell in a coma after being near killed, then was taken off-world to receive medical attention, but the planet he was sent to was conquered and he was Made a Slave again. So when the time came for Ryou to show up, they just brought Sven back as the one who rescues Romelle from Lotor and recovers his faith in himself thanks to her. Many fans, in both the US and Japan, prefer this change.

Vehicle Voltron

  • Dairugger is Big in Russia and Latin-America: Vehicle Voltron is better remembered by Russians and Latin-Americans (especially Mexicans) than in USA because it was shown there first. Plus some people actually liked the somewhat more down-to-Earth concept of the Galaxy Garrison, which was used in Voltron: Legendary Defender years later.
  • Macekre: The entire nature of the conflict between the Galaxy Alliance and the Drule Empire was changed. Also, of course, being forced into the same universe as Lion Voltron.
    • The Galaxy Alliance was only in this show, and called the Terran League.
    • The two short kids were not brothers.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The reaction from American fans when the series changed from Lion Voltron to Vehicle Voltron, since they didn't know the whole story behind the production of Voltron.
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