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Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer is a 1995 Neo Geo fighting game by Technos Japan, which was later ported to the Play Station in Japan only. It features character design by Masami Obari, thus expect lots of fanservicey outfits.

The gameplay at heart is pretty basic and has no complex combos. However, it has the main catch that during the run in the single-player mode, you are able to get the special moves of your defeated opponents. The story's pretty simple: You take role of any of the members of the Belnar Institute as you investigate what is the plan of the evil principal Ohga. These members of the Institute are mostly empowered with a special Caizer stone (or something else) that lets them transform into formidable warriors. These characters include:

  • Isato Kaiza AKA Gowcaizer: The Hero. Hot-Blooded and has a deep passion of justice. Plays with fire. Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama (OOOOOHHHH)
  • Kash Gyustan AKA Hellstinger: The closest candidate of The Rival. A Winged Humanoid nicknamed Prince of Destruction who is a Casanova and has passion in music. Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.
  • Sun Hualing AKA Karin Son: The heroine of the game. A descendant of Seitei Taisei, making her a female Stripperiffic Son Goku, fighting with many of his arsenals such as miniature selves, staff and transportation cloud. Voiced by Tomo Sakurai.
  • Kyosuke Shigure: The 'cool guy' loner who's got a grudge with Ohga. Walks around with Badass Longcoat and fights with a blade-stick and summoned spirits, either wolf, bird or monkey. Voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu.
  • Shaia Hishizaki: Ditzy Idol Singer who's actually an undercover policewoman trying to arrest Ohga. Fights with her 'pet' Ball Boy which can shoot laser, bash himself to the enemy or burn in fire. Voiced by Yumi Touma.
  • Ikki Tachibana AKA Brider: Former Delinquent turned into soldier to serve Ohga, but defects and forms a group of fellow brethren to fight in the name of JUSTICE. Heavily draws inspiration of Kamen Rider in how he fights. Voiced by Masami Obari. (Yeah, the guy who designed them all.)
  • Ranpou Fudoh AKA Fudomaru: Member of ancient Ninja clan who poses as a science teacher, out to vanquish Ohga. Uses various ninja techniques and throwing vials of explosives or lightning. Voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu
  • Randy Riggs AKA Captain Atlantis: Nerdy archaeologist who found the mask of Atlantis and when he dons it, he becomes a muscular grinning superhero who's all-confident. You only see that superhero self. Voiced by Hideo Ishikawa
  • Marion: A robot designed by the Belnar Institute's Technology Division leader Professor Thomas. Seems to be gathering battle data.
  • Gouichirou Kaiza/Shen-Long: Old Master who kicks ass with ki and bare fist. He's out to have vengeance against Ohga who beat him in combat in the past. No relationship with Isato, surprisingly.

The game was later adapted into a three-part OAV infamous for its strange English translation.

Tropes associated with Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer:

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