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 "I'm an awesome possum!" - Kimberly 2017 (under the influence of MODM)


Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers is a semi-official Crack Fic (only authorized by two of the many parties involved) serving as a Deconstructive Parody of Toku shows; while also toying with the idea of how to write Machinomics for the genre - particularly with the use of Sims software. It was mostly shot in The Sims 4, with bits of it shot in The Sims 3 and other bits strewn in from various internet sources (mostly Google) whenever a particular effect simply proved too impossible for the software to render.

Per its Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny-like nature of happening in many timelines and universes at once, Narnia Time plays a major role in events. The plot is also broken into several smaller sub-plots that quickly merge together, originating from events in each affected universe.

  • Setting A: The Eccentriaverse, part of the greater-recognized Dozerfleet Megaverse. An ancient feud between the kingdoms of Mighty Cortascius and Gwirdonia, from the planet Cortascius, has bled over into modern-day Bozeman, Montana. Prince Volkonir Moroti, keeper of the magical Golden Lion Knight powers, acts as a vigilante to protect Bozeman from the evil Gwirdons and their slew of monsters and minions. At the same time, he is attending college and is working as a security guard (his cover job) in the elite distinction for the eccentric billionaire inventor Dr. Fred J. Hanom of HanomCorp - a company about to merge with a similar Japanese firm called Sorisenshi. Volkonir is going by the alias of "Vincent Amadeus Mason," as Hanom - a believer in the cause of the Mighty Kingdom - assists the prince in maintaining his cover until the Gwirdons can be defeated and the original planet-kingdom restored. Meanwhile, the evil King Gwirmalesh of Gwirdonia is constantly hatching schemes to steal Hanom's inventions to turn the tide of war - and eventually conquer the entire multiverse that he has been made aware of. For him, It's Personal. He doesn't just want to destroy the Cortascians out of revenge for the death of his daughter, he wants to overthrow God himself - in denial of the consequences! In addition to this, Vinny wants to locate the missing power sets to the other Knights of Cortascius, so he doesn't have to be the only one. He has new friends assisting him that also work for Hanom, and would be eager to become Knights as well once the missing powers are found: Kayla, his ex-con new girlfriend; and Carlos, a keeper of Cortascian secrets trying to flee from his family's drug empire legacy near the border with Mexico. Carlos is just happy to be a part of something greater. Kayla, however, is torn between love and intense lust for the prince.
  • Setting C: The PRCU.
  • Setting F: Crossover Gerosha.
  • Setting G: The Mascotverse.

Following a visit to Japan, and the defeat of the monster Seirsionnach, Vinny has made friends with Masato Yoneda - the latter of whom has accessed the Tapestry with help of a Weaver hiding in Japan. Masato is now protecting Cortascian interests in Japan as the Spectral Hare Samurai, utilizing the Tapestry in the EccentriaCore inside the planet Cortascius a little differently from how the Knights work. Masato is briefly staying with Team Volkonir in Bozeman, primarily to oversee details regarding the business merger.

However, things take a sharp left turn when a Gwirdon spy inside of HanomCorp overhears of Hanom's latest invention - a device that allows for controlled world-hopping. Gwirmalesh immediately sends his newest revived monster - Slaisionnach - to steal the device. The usual antics result, until Slaisionnach proves deadlier and more ruthless than the usual stock of monsters Gwirmalesh sends out. His carelessness destroys the device; causing himself, Vinny, and Kayla to get "glitched" and be abducted by the "Percolation Wave" - a phenomenon that allows for beings to find themselves in foreign universes.

Slaisionnach soon finds himself in the PRTVU, where he gets a job for Rita Repulsa in exchange for her finding a way to unglitch him afterward so he can return to serving Gwirmalesh. Vinny and Kayla are taken in by Tommy, Billy, Kimberly, Zordon, and Alpha - and prove very effective at assisting the Rangers in taking down Rita's monsters due to Cortascian Knight powers being much tougher than Ranger powers.

Jason, Zack, and Trini; meanwhile; find themselves trapped in the EccentriaVerse. Jason is attacked by Slaisionnach before the latter is forcibly teleported away by the Percolation Wave, leading to Jason winding up in the hospital. Zack and Trini get lost, and are arrested by local Bozeman police - who are irritated that Angel Grove isn't a "real" city to their knowledge. They are charged with trespassing, among other things, since they teleported onto restricted HanomCorp grounds.

Feeling responsible, Hanom contacts the Master of Offscreen Dark Matter in a desperate bid to call in a favor. MODM is not the only one who answers the call to help Volkonir and the Rangers kill Slaisionnach so they can go home. When it's revealed that the entire multiverse's stability is threatened by Slaisionnach gong on murder sprees in the PRTVU, the 2017 film Power Rangers also answer the call to aid in destroying the monster. To the surprise of many, the Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers also answer the call! However, MODM can only move around so many characters at once, without straining himself - and having adverse effects on others' personalities. The constant implied violence is only alleviated by the incessant Cringe Comedy, relentless jokes, and increasingly over-the-top performances by characters.

It finally ends with everyone (except Slaisionnach and the other dead monsters and minions) going home - tired and hungry. Some are definitely in a better mood than others about it. Kayla gives a speech after everything's settled down, reminding her friends of how compromised their secrets have become; and that their options down the line will eventually be limited to reclaiming Cortascius or else witnessing themselves all going to prison. Then some new Gwirdon Treaders show up to cause trouble on a highway. The team decide to enjoy what they have while it lasts.

The story was tied in on DeviantArt by the author with a pitch for a sequel to 2017's Power Rangers reboot film, a variation of which can be read here. It also provided various mods to allow for the film Rangers (and Emo Rangers) to have variations of their suits available for download for players of The Sims 4.

It quickly gained over 1100 views on Mod the Sims in the first 2 weeks of being uploaded, though it took from June 18th until July 7th of 2017 for the story to be uploaded in its entirety. It's set right before the "Gung Ho!" episode in the Power Rangers TV series, right after the "Knight and Samurai" 3-parter in season 2 of Dozerfleet's Volkonir, right after "17 and Amphibious" in Camelorum Adventures, right after the events in the Boom! Studios comic Power Rangers: Aftershock, and right after the episode "Weed Better Sober Up" in Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers.

The story itself can be found here. The Dozerfleet Database article for it can be found here.


  • Art Imitates Art: Without realizing what she's doing, Kimberly tells Trini at the end to "own" her experience in the EccentriaVerse. And that she might actually benefit some troubled youth some day by helping them gain perspective. How that would work with all the fantastic backdrop is unclear. However, the way the line is delivered is reminiscent of Harley Quinn's words to El Diablo in Suicide Squad. Likewise, Kim 2017 jokes that she'd look good in a Harley Quinn outfit in an unrelated context.
    • Also, oddly enough, Vicken in real life became an educator at a center for troubled and vulnerable teens.
    • Goldar's love of saying "What the Ford-truck?" is a reference to both this commercial and Goldar's Revenge by Andrew Haffer.
      • And it's so contagious, other characters start using it.
  • Ascended Fanon: Chris Phillips had no bones about the Emo Rangers being used in this story, especially when it was used to justify Sims custom content that could put them into others' games.
  • Actor Allusion: Stef comments on wanting to start a food blog from time to time. The real-life actress, Stephanie Braithwaite, runs the food blog "Fork My Piehole."
  • All Women Are Lustful: Kayla really, really, really wants the D from Vinny. Vinny is ambivalent about it. No matter how much he would love to please her (and get a little in return,) he wants to keep to his own code of honor as much as possible.
    • Vanessa is flirty toward most men, and is implied to be sleeping with Carlos.
    • Trini cannot resist the urge to make out with Zack, after they finally admit they have feelings for each other.
      • Although, their 2017 counterparts downplay this, and are more Slap Slap Kiss.
    • Averted with Kim 2017, who is too busy sowing seeds of chaos to think about sex.
    • Nothing is done to contradict the canon portrayal of Stef as being a tad promiscuous - part of her irrational revenge on the boyfriend that dumped her in front of the entire high school.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Trini. She seems to be veering toward a relationship with Zack, though they are Vitriolic Best Buds at first. Vicken calls her an "uphill gardener" at one point, to her annoyance, given MODM filling Vicken in on her past "girlfriend problems."
  • Art Shift: Scenes too hard to create in Sims 4 were usually made in Sims 3 instead. The Dozinematizer Photoshop filters did what they could to blend the two, making it (slightly) harder to tell that a different game engine was being used.
  • Bad Cop, Incompetent Cop: The Bozeman police force are sadly portrayed this way, as they don't know how else to deal with the Rangers.
    • Dirty Cop: Feeling up Trini 1993's ass just for the fun of it. One officer gets called out on it. Also, Marino suggests that they don't care about the Gwirdons, and will simply let Volkonir do all the hard work of ridding Bozeman of them - and then take Volkonir in, making their jobs easier to do. Sneaky, lazy bastards!
  • Bat Deduction: Melanie uses this to deduce Jason's identity. And then taunts him about the terms by which she'll keep it a secret, flirtatiously blackmailing him in the process.
    • She first tricks the Rangers into admitting that they're unable to vote, by first accusing one of them of voting for Jill Stein - which even Melanie herself (apparently a Democrat) considers to be going too far. Kim claims she would've voted for Darrel Castle in 2016, were she able to vote. This...does nothing to improve Melanie's opinion of the team. This gives her just enough clues to figure out that one of the Rangers must be athletic, must be in high school, and is most likely a delinquent - from which she decides that there's a good chance one of them is or has been on some kind of probation recently. Angel Grove High School student juvenile probation records...presto!
    • She even brags about using Instant Checkmate to see which of the teens is on probation, and taunts them that she'll bug the school to learn who the others are. But won't sell them out...unless they screw up by her definition.
  • Big Damn Heroes: The Phaemer Village Peacekeepers, who can keep Slaisionnach distracted long enough for the Rangers to form a more effective Zord combination to fight him with. (And buy MODM some time, since he's strained himself.)
  • Brick Joke: Choco Tacos, to name just one of dozens of examples, become this.
  • Catchphrase: "What the Ford-truck?" for Goldar, "I'm an awesome possum!" for Kim 2017.
  • Commedia Dell'Arte: There are shades of this scattered throughout. Hanom in particular fits as the Doctor.
  • Continuity Porn: References to the TV show's events in 1993, references to the Aftershock comic, a keen awareness of the events in "Knight and Samurai," all play a role.
  • Continuity Snarl: John has not yet fought the Evil Mall Santa in this alternate universe take on the Emo Rangers, but is somehow already the StraightxEdge Ranger. And hasn't battled his evil clone in the corrupted Chronic Stoner suit yet, in spite being the StraightxEdge Ranger already. Also, the Emo Rangers' shirts are their season 1 shirts, but their helmets are their season 2 designs. Their robots are also modeled after their season 2 selves. In spite all these references to season 2 (shot in 2007,) they're identified as being "from 2005." Their civilian outfits are also their season 2 appearances...more or less.
    • Zack and Trini developing romantic feelings explicitly didn't happen until the Boom! Studios comic continuity reimaging the events of 1993 happening in 2016. In the show in 1993, there was hardly even a hint of them being in love with each other. And their relationship after the peace summit in 1994 is never even mentioned on the show.
  • Caper Rationalization: Used and abused on multiple levels. First off, Hanom inventing a machine that could endanger the entire multiverse in the wrong hands. He claims it's to expand business opportunities. His real goal is to assist Stan Woudean in creating the Percolation Warriors, so that threats like Gwirmalesh and Xironooti can be dealt with more efficiently.
    • He only doesn't get in serious trouble for it, because technically no law yet exists against such a device in the EccentriaVerse. But when that goes bad after Slaisionnach destroys it and sends the Power Rangers to the EccentriaVerse and two of them get arrested, Hanom needs to find a way to pay their bail. When that fails, he has to convince other Rangers from other universes to help kill Slaisionnach and rescue Vinny and Kayla. The whole time, the police are suspicious of Hanom; but can't prove anything.
    • MODM and Kim 2017's plan to pull a fast one on Officer Marino hinges on both getting Kim out so she can help form the Megazord and on humiliating Marino out of revenge for treating everyone with severely unprofessional levels of disrespect.
    • As Kayla explains to Vanessa at the end, HanomCorp R&D Security Elite is just a big front to hide Volkonir from the authorities. And if exposed, not a single one of them would be found guiltless in a court of law. But maintaining their con game on the public is necessary, in order to keep the war against the Gwirdons contained and avoid a massive war that could lead to Gwirmalesh becoming more ruthless or tactful with his resources.
  • Creative Closing Credits: Being a Sims comic, there are modders who can be credited, justifying this. The Phaemer Village Peacekeepers dance inside 90s-style graphics, to parody the Guardians of the Galaxy in their second film dancing inside 80s-style graphics. There are also mid-credits scenes a-plenty.
  • Destructive Saviour: All the heroes, but MODM takes the cake on this!
    • Stephanie eventually stays in Lazy Town permanently, but not before making a lot of trouble for the Emo Rangers, due to MODM glitching her with regards to the Wave.
    • Kim eventually needs to be committed to a psychiatric hospital to get her un-possessed by the "Possumbility" persona that starts taking over. A bully from school finds out where she's being held, and goes so far as to break into the hospital to harass Kim some more...only for Possumbility to abandon Kim and infect the new girl. Who then seeks out the remains of Goldar and becomes a new monster for the Rangers to fight. That same bully, out of sympathy with Amanda, also tried to frame Kim for involvement in child porn. Melanie helps make it all go away - in exchange for asking Jason and Zordon for a favor.
    • Trini from the show universe now has to cope with the awkwardness of having an arrest record, which she can't stop thinking about even though nobody in her world except for the Rangers is aware anything happened.
    • MODM somehow caused Fai to become destabilized too, leading to her winding up in a different universe and being arrested for underage smoking.
    • By bringing Wendy to the Dromedeverse and letting her advertise for Wendy's, he allowed Jollibee a chance to fill the power vacuum in the Mascotverse, requiring Wendy to return and reclaim her throne.
  • Heroic BSOD: Trini after getting arrested. Made even worse from hearing Vanna explain history and pop culture to her, nearly driving her to the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Large Ham: Kim 2017, Tommy 1993, Jason 1993, Slaisionnach, Captain Emohead, Rita Repulsa 1993, Goldar 1993, Gwirmalesh, and MODM are prime examples.
  • Last Second Chance: Subverted in that Volkonir makes it clear he wants to kill Slaisionnach and make him suffer on the way down, regardless. However, being killed by Selshon would still be preferable to dying by way of a Zord battle. Justified in that literally the only way the heroes have left to hit the Reset Button is to kill Slaisionnach, even if this makes Volkonir seem less heroic. The Rangers...don't even bother calling him out on this.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Implied. Gwirmalesh's lines are written to make him sound like Rob Axelrod's voice work for Lord Zedd. To be fair, Gwirmalesh has a lot more restraint than Zedd, and is more patient with his plans going awry.
  • Horrifying the Horror: Gwirmalesh retreats his forces in fear whenever Marzwhatti or his sister show up; leaving it to Volkonir to clean up the mess. While Gwirmalesh is too obsessed with taking over the multiverse to ever give up the dream, he's not entirely ungrateful for Volkonir doing what Morlikus could not: ridding the world of the Lirquinwur siblings.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Many of the chapters are given names that spoof other works' titles. The Fault in Our Stars is mocked twice this way.
    • "The Emo Encounter" mocked "The Ninja Encounter" - a multi-parter episode of the original Power Rangers show, to introduce the Emo Rangers into the plot.
  • Kafka Komedy: For MODM, at least. Only Team Volkonir and the show Rangers end the story seeming particularly grateful for his actions. His uncle doesn't approve of him dating Wendy-Chan. He also makes the film Rangers despise him for making Kim clinically insane; and the Emo Rangers don't like him much either when his accident with Stephanie from Lazy Town leads to her getting Percolated to the Emoverse - and then targeted by the Hoodie Patrol at a time when only Luke and Vicken stand any chance at helping out.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Slaisionnach becomes one by the end. He wants to kill things! Simple! Why's that so hard for the heroes to understand?
  • Multiversal Singularity: Big Rapids is implied to (almost) count as this, as pre-2018, "it's the same town everywhere" according to MODM.
  • No Sympathy: This golden exchange when a small child witnesses Zack and Trini being arrested by the confused Bozeman police:

"Mom, look! They caught some bad guys!!!"

  • Product Placement: Played for Laughs with how many different companies and brands are given free advertising, making fun of the fact that the 2017 Power Rangers film made Krispy Kreme a plot point.
    • Creator in Joke: Biggby Coffee of Big Rapids was a setting in Ciem 2 chapter 2. The fanfic author also made an ad for Mancino's Pizza and Grinders of Big Rapids to air for Ferris State television in 2010; hence why Mancino's is where Volkonir and the film Rangers meet up to celebrate their victory in the end.
    • Crosstown is located in England, so the Emo Rangers naturally prefer it.
  • Shown Their Work: All the show Rangers sound exactly like themselves, with little variation. The film Rangers mostly sound like themselves to, and so does Captain Emohead.
    • Mancino's is built from memory from the actual building in Big Rapids. The scaled-down model for Sims 4 is available on the Gallery for download.
    • Crosstown for the Emo Rangers to enjoy.
    • Stef needs to have Kimberly explain 1990s office machinery to her.
    • The 1993 Rangers don't understand Ross' 9/11 reference, worded in a way that is itself a reference to The Nostalgia Critic's review of Man of Steel.
    • Vanna lectures Trini about the history of presidential politics, so she can't be taken by surprise if events in her world begin to mirror the past of Vanna's. She especially warns Trini not to trust Bill Clinton.
  • Shout-Out: Ooooohhh boooooy!!! The entire story is littered with these sorts of Easter eggs!
    • You Don't Want to Know: Kim 2017 offhandedly alludes to Agony in Pink while threatening a retreating Slaisionnach by claiming she'll rip this thumbs off if he returns - much to the confusion of both Kim 1993 and Volkonir.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: When Melanie deduces Jason's identity, he accuses her of stalking him on Spokeo. She was actually using Instant Checkmate. However, she decides using Spokeo to track down his address isn't a bad idea - giving her yet another way to eventually deduce who the other Rangers are.
  • Take That: The 2017 Rangers frequently make fun of Suicide Squad. They also compare Melanie Sheer to Amanda Waller.
  • The Snark Knight: Everyone has shades of this, but Trini and Vicken are especially grating examples.
  • Troll Fic / near-Equal Opportunity Offender: Beloved Rangers getting criminal records, relentless bad jokes that call back to each other, Donald Trump celebrated as a badass specifically to trigger a reaction from readers on MTS, Eduard Khil Back From the Dead, Trump dressed as The Most Interesting Man in the World, a copy-pasted Megazord toy in one scene, everything about MODM, Smug / Savage Wendy showing up for no clear reason, what's not to love???
  • Villain Sue: Slaisionnach, oh so much! It takes the heroes forever, it seems, to finally kill the guy!
  • Wangst: Trini 1993 is beside herself that she got arrested.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Super Slaisionnach is weak against...ceramic. Allowing Kim to return him to regular Slaisionnach by smashing his fangs with a Biggby coffee mug!"
  • You Remind Me of X: The officers keep accusing Zack of looking like Will Smith, much to his annoyance.
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