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This is a tie-in animation series to the video game of the same name.

 Boris: "Boys, meet your new neighbor, Associate Associate Associate Professor Poofter!"

Professor Pester: "That's Pester!"

    • Numerous moments in the episode "Crimes of Passion Fruit". The scene in which Fergy looses it resulting in him destroying the fruit bowl of the Big Boss in certain frames is cut to look like something reminiscent of a slasher film. He then panics, ingesting the "remains" but not before conversing with himself in a manner made to look like he's lost his mind and is talking to another side of a split personality. The entirety of the episode is then Fergy attempting to hide what he had done, not realizing that there was a speaker in the fruit he ate to channel the voice of "The Big Boss", convinced he's possessed by the vengeful spirit of the man who he'd done in. He runs to the Bonboon, who suggests an exorcism of all things! This Troper had to admit- for a 4kids production cartoon, this was pretty dark...
    • And then of course- "What's with all the heavy breathing? Are you some kind of sicko?"
    • In the episode that introduced the Big Boss: "I want you to look me in the grapes."
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Just like in the games, the Piñatas have no qualms eating candy regardless of whether or not it's currently being bled (or in one case, sneezed) out of someone else.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Hudson is a self-centred egotist, but otherwise a good friend.
  • Metaphysical Fuel: In "The Wrong Stuff," Pester's spaceship is fueled by magnetism. When that runs out, the piñatas manage to refuel the ship using Hudson's magnetic personality. When they need anti-charm in the reversed universe, they use Pester's personality instead.
  • Mythology Gag: Professor Pester has pictures of Gruntilda and someone I'm pretty sure is from Grabbed By the Ghoulies hanging in his lair, as seen in the last scene of "Ruffians of Strike."
  • Only Sane Man: Les
    • Paulie as well. He is usually the first to get a bad feeling about a strange situation that is usually something like a Pester-brand trap, and he doesn't trust "The Great Bonboon" one bit.
  • Road Sign Reversal: One of the slowest examples ever. It takes fifty years to reach the payoff.
  • Space X: Lampshaded in "The Wrong Stuff," when Pester explains to Hudson how space things are better than normal things.
  • Species Surname
  • Whole-Episode Flashback: "My Sweet Sours," showing the Start of Darkness for Pester, the Ruffians, and the Sours.
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