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Relegated mainly to lighter anime, the Visible Sigh is a little white cloud that appears near and moves away from the mouth of a person sighing. It is also used to symbolize heavy breathing after exertion and some cases where the onomatopeia "phew!" is used in English. The cloud itself is usually circular with a small "stem" that points toward the character emitting it.

In many an anime, the cloud will be compacted, resembling a mushroom.

Examples of Visible Sigh include:

Anime and Manga

Video Games

  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World.
  • Kirby exhales after he's been using his flight abilities, and the cloud can hurt enemies. Whispy Woods, Gooey, and King Dedede do this, too.
  • The original Bubble Bobble arcade game while the player character gets incinerated by an electric bolt by a Space Invader.

Web Comics

  • Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat in Chapter 35, then Annie in Chapter 36 when discovering she didn't mess up the rest of Red's life by accident. For extra expression, supplied with the closed eyes and a weak smile.

Real Life

  • The magic of condensation will allow you to pull this off on a cold Winter day.
    • And the magic of Tim David's magic trick "Solid Breath" will allow you to do that anywhere, anytime.
    • Ditto if you drink anything very cold (Like say a fresh glass of milk) and sigh afterwards.
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