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"I so love a musical number."
Upstage, lads! This is my only number.
—Long John Silver (as played by Tim Curry), Muppet Treasure Island

"When I say he was a monster,

when I set fire to his name,

It does not matter where you hear it from,

whether truth or lies,

It gets said all the same.

Whatever's on the table plays!"
The Protomen (Turbo Lover, as Dr. Wily) "The Hounds"

And it's so easy when you're evil

This is the life, you see

The Devil tips his hat to me

I do it all because I'm evil

And I do it all for free

Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need
Voltaire, "When You're Evil"

I believe in a cruel God

who has created in in His image

and whom, in hate, I name.

From some vile seed

or base atom I am born.

I am evil because I am a man;

and I feel the primeval slime in me.

Yes! This is my testimony!


And I believe man to be the sport

of an unjust Fate,

from the germ of the cradle

to the worm of the grave.

After all this mockery comes death.

And then? And then?

Death is Nothingness.

Heaven is an old wives' tale!
—Iago, Othello (Opera by Verdi)

Cause whatcha got is what we need

And all we do is dirty deeds,

—The Spinners, Spaceballs

 It's all about the game and how you play it,

It's all about control and if you can take it,

It's all about debt and if you can pay it,

It's all about pain and who's gonna make it.

 I am the Game, you don't wanna play me,

I am Control, no way you can change me,

I am Heavy Debt, no way you can pay me,

I am the Pain and I know you can't take me.

 Look over your shoulder, ready to run

Like a good little bitch from a smoking gun

I am The Game and I make the rules

So move on out or you can die like a fool.

Trying to figure out what my move's gonna be?

Come over, sucker. Why don't you ask me?

Don't you forget there's a price you can pay,

Cause I am The Game and I want to play.

 You're dressin all in black

From your front to your back

And all your evil ways

They seem to go on for days

And as a matter of fact

You got one more night before ya

Smash it up, burn it down

Tearing up the underground

You wanna live like a super villain

Back in the line up

Before your times up

You wanna live like a super villain
Powerman 5000, Super Villain
"When zhe bad guy is that happy it always, always means...bad guy song!"
"I'll rule the world!...uh, that is, after I sing my song!"
—Evil Dr. Carver, The Proud Family Movie

"It will all be mine,

Power so divine

I'll tell the sun to shine

On only me!

It will all be mine,

Till the end of time

When this perfect crime

Makes history

Team Rocket! This is our destiny!"

There's math and there's dealers and players and killers and ME!

They say that they're winners, okay, well let's see!

You pay or you play, the rules of the trade

The math of the date, the times and the age

What you want, how you like! Aim high man, why not?

Sun Moon Stars in y'all, each and every all of y'all!
Gorillaz (Mos Def, as Sun Moon Stars), Sweepstakes

Oh look! What clever children!

See them study, watch them learn!

How I HATE those goody-goodies!

How it makes my stomach turn!

I've got a little secret,

That'll really make 'em cry!

It's a NASTY kind of magic,

From a special, kind of guy!

I'm the president of showbiz, my name is Charlie

I'm a cocksucking asshole, that's what they call me

Here from my Hollywood tower I rule

I'm a lyin' motherfucker, the chainsaw's my tool

The New Morgue's a factory to grease our lies

The machine is hungry, it needs your life

Don't mind the faggots and the ruthless scum

Before we're done, son, we'll make you one

I'm the tin man! I never had a heart!

I'm the tin man! But I'll make you a star!
W.A.S.P. - "Chainsaw Charlie"

I love to kick it up a notch

Cuz I'm evil and bad to the bone.

[takes a drag] Yeah, I'm smoking pot!

Looks like Junior is all grown up.

And I'm having a blast, blowing shit up --

I'll kill a million bugs! It's a thrill and a drug

So call me a terrible guy!

I love to kick it up a notch

And watch! All! Of! You! DIE! [[[Evil Laugh]]]
Junior, Starship

No one man should have all that power.

The clock's tickin', I just count the hours.

Stop trippin', I'm trippin' off the power.

Till then, fuck that, the world's ours.
Kanye West Power
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