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 Kyle: Pit crew! Pit crew!

Deacon: I'll just watch!

    • Fraser adding "in bed" everything the characters say. It gets raunchier and raunchier until it stops making sense.
  • Our introduction to the Dog "instrument" in Wii Music.
    • They put together a band consisting of a dog suit, a cat suit, a cheerleader, and a guy clapping his hands, and play the Flea Waltz.

 Fraser: This is the worst thing ever made.

  • The gang's collective handfart during Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference.
  • Also during the Microsoft press conference: the ridiculously labored leadup to the not-at-all-worth-it-but-still-somehow-worth-it Harry Potter Parallel Porn Title joke.
    • The title of said porn?: Hairy Twatter and the Messy Swallows.
    • Then Fraser starts giving himself the "raise the roof" gesture while the others chant, "USA! USA!".
  • The gang was looking forward to destroying a 22:1 scale Creeper in the Giant Minecraft challenge. Fraser loads it to the brim with TNT and is talking about how much fun it's going to be to see the destruction, when the dynamite starts to go off.
    • When Fraser is introducing the gang to Minecraft, a Creeper appears around a corner and starts bouncing toward him. Kyle and Deacon start singing Star Trek battle music.
    • Later, they discover Minecraft's Anachronism Stew:

 Fraser: Here's my jukebox.

Kyle: Nice. Wait...what?

    • After moving to their new Minecraft server, Fraser decides to forgo his godlike admin powers for a while, and the rest of the gang trolls him relentlessly as he relearns the game as a mere mortal.
    • The sheer number of times they changed their server seed, only to end up getting the same swamp/forest mix... until they used the words 'Minecraft AWESOME!' as their seed, getting a multi-biome-laden, river valley area!
    • Pretty much any time Deacon places glass in the survival videos.
      • Fraser climbing to the top of a ravine, only to be knocked back in by a zombie.
    • Near the end of the Expedition video's first part, Frasier says they don't have to worry about zombies, because they have "a whole team of people who'll do our bidding upon request". Ben's response?

  Ben: Everybody get naked!

  • From Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare: "Is that a deer? Zombie deer. It's a goat. Zombie goat. (like a goat) Braaains!"
  • While discussing how they pronounce video game character names incorrectly due to a lack of Internet, Deacon then says he thought Psy-Crow was pronounced "Pissy-crow".
  • During the 2010 E3 Kinect presentation, the guys imagine that when the man tells the Xbox to "go home", it grows legs and walks away.
  • Playing LA Noire, Frasier runs over a woman, then investigates his own crime scene and announces he'll catch the one responsible.
  • Part 5 of the Deus Ex Human Revolution episode, when Fraser asked the live chat to suggest ridiculous show names for the extended afternoon playthroughs, and they delivered in spades.
    • During the title sequence, Ben and Fraser joke that the surgeons removed Adam's penis and augmented it onto a hibiscus. The chatroom tells them they've ruined one of the best title sequences in years.
  • The finale of the Team Fortress 2 Exhibition Game, where the players become two huge teams of medics constantly calling each other and crouching.


  • They find a Scout cosplayer at PAX, who gets halfway through a character quote:

 Scout: I'm kind of a big deal around here, alright? I...Wait a minute, you're Fraser from...

Fraser: Yeah, I am.


  • Their Super Smash Bros Brawl playthrough is hilarious if you enjoy watching Fraser act like a sore loser throughout the entire ordeal, getting progressively grumpier as they continue playing.
    • One hilarious moment of Epic Fail stands out: Deacon respawns after dying, does an attack... and immediately falls in a hole, ending the match. Deacon's reaction was priceless, as he almost fell over the sofa laughing.
    • The playthrough ended with some epic trolling by Deacon and Ben, as they spent almost the entirety of their last match breakdancing as Pikachu, only defending themselves when Fraser and Becky approached them.
      • Donkey's taunt, in which he shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders, and has a "Am I Rite?" look on his face. This was when everyone could tell that Fraser's patience was wearing thin, and Ben only made it worse. Needless to say, it was hysterical.
    • Ben dancing along to King Dedede's Final Smash.
  • In The Binding of Isaac playthrough, the team and the chat share some painful memories (often from childhood) including:
    • Fraser peeing his pants in kindergarten and having to wear girly pants from the Lost and Found.
    • Ben being offered drugs by an old man in exchange for blowjobs.
    • Fraser being lassoed by his dad.
  • During the 5th anniversary special, the guys discuss the episode of Home Improvement in which Jill gets a hysterectomy. They all start doing Tim Allen impressions:

 Fraser: That means they're going to take your uterus? Arr arr arr!

Kyle: Can we just put a new one in with more horsepower? Arr arr arr!

Deacon: We're going to make a man's vagina today! Arr arr arr!

 Fraser: You could have got that!

  • In VVVVVV, Fraser encounters white lines that flip his character's orientation. He doesn't notice them, and assumes his controller is broken, shaking it in a vain attempt to fix it. Ben and the chat tease him for the rest of the night over this. Even Becky gets in some digs.
    • Fraser's frustration with the game's difficulty became increasingly funnier. At the "...Not As I Do" screen, one death made him flail around while making a noise that was equal parts dry heaving and orgasm.

 Becky: I've never heard that before!

  • In The Room the Game, the character of Johnny is often seen naked, as showering and getting dressed are essential parts of the experience. At one point, Becky put her hand over the game screen so it looked like she was, um, "touching" Johnny's butt with her finger, and then she proceeded to stick said finger in Fraser's face. His look of utter disgust and disbelief was priceless.
  • In Heavy Rain, the gang playing the prologue. Seriously, all of it.
    • When going to talk to Kramer, they decide to watch the cartoon playing on the television. When they finally talk to the man, he says "Wait, this is my favourite part." At the credits.
    • Also, the group was so caught up in the weird cartoon, they failed to notice the two women making out on the couch right in front of them. Watching the chat trying to get them to notice is hilarious.
    • "My glasses! Don't step on them, they're worth more than your life!"
    • Becky's first aid suggestions during the Lizard Trial: "Hold it up! Put pressure on it!"
  • Ben's single-word thought processes in Limbo.
    • Also, his reckless falling into traps.
  • In Rochard, Fraser yelling MLG!!!!! after pulling off a cool trick...and promptly being shot to death shortly afterwards.
  • In Earthbound: "Hug". Oh, dyslexia...
  • Fraser and Ben's mutual misunderstanding of how their own "coin toss" works in Mario Party 2.
    • Fraser tries to help Becky by explaining the rules of a Duel minigame. The problem is that he explains the rules of a completely different Duel minigame, even though the correct rules are visible on the screen. This causes Becky to lose due to the ensuing confusion. Fraser's rather meek apology afterwards to a pissed-off Becky is the icing on the cake.
      • And during the little cinematic where Mario and Bowser have a shoot-out, Becky says "Yeah, you push all the buttons they tell you to."
    • Fraser unknowingly thinking he entered practice mode in a minigame. Only after the minigame is over do the rest of the gang realize the mistake, with Fraser still in the dark due to him concentrating on the livestream chat. Fraser's ensuing reaction once the rest of the gang tells him is priceless.
    • Ben's constant luck during Koopa's Seaside Soiree can't NOT be funny after so long.

 Deacon: [as Koopa Cabana manager] I'm sorry, I can't penalize you right now. You're just too lucky. Keep your coins, have some more!

Ben: Have a star!

Fraser: Congratulations, you went on the Win The Game space.

 Fraser: STOP IT!!

  • Learning with the PooYoos:


    • Ben dancing along with the PooYoos must be seen to be believed.
  • In the Skyward Sword finale, Fraser's fighting against hordes of enemies...when Link picks up a monster horn in the middle of the skirmish.
  • From the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney playthrough: "Mmm... Bukkake?!"
    • The return of Fraser's Tommy Lee Jones voice in the Turnabout Goodbyes case. And of course the original impression in Journey.
    • The "We're On a Roll / Frashdance" dance.
    • Fuckin' Butz almost made this troper choke on a drink.
  • During the Mass Effect playthrough Fraser fake yawns as a joke, which halfway through became a real yawn, making Becky, Ben and the whole chat, including one chat member's dog, yawn for several minutes.

 Ben: This is fucked up.

    • The tangent about why the Council can't track Keepers that have stolen parts of Sovereign in Mass Effect 2. According to the gang, it's because they like taking off the camera on them, sticking it up their behinds, and then do a creepy "laugh".
  • Fraser.wmv, starting at 7:33. Even better in that the mods took the pictures, out of context, from his Flickr account.
  • The live Wii Party episode could probably be considered a Crowning Episode of Funny for the sheer amount of trolling and frage that goes on.
    • First we have the "rope" minigame (skip to 8:30), in which each player has to swing on a rope and then let go at just the right time to fly as far as possible. Fraser starts off, going a measly 10 yards ("You went really high though.") and Ben lets go at what seems to be the worst possible moment (as his Mii is facing down rather than forward) and his Mii splats into the ground 3 yards BEHIND the rope. Kyle manages to fly a good 77 yards. Then Deacon lets go at the highest point possible, sending his Mii into SPACE and landing 6 YARDS BEHIND the rope. Fraser's reaction is priceless.
    • Then we have pretty much the entirety of the Buddy Quiz saga, starting here. In the Buddy Quiz game, three players have to guess how the fourth player, the buddy, would answer a certain question (e.g. "Which location is more beautiful?"). Whoever guesses correctly wins points, and whoever gets the most points is deemed the best buddy of the... buddy. Needless to say, many friendships and relationships are ruined.

 Fraser: [singing in an irritated voice] BEST FRIENDS ARE BETTER THAN BOYFRIENDS...

Kyle: I like that song.

 Fraser: This is hell! I'm in hell! ...A pig's ass that you can't slap?

  • From the Show and Trailer Ketchup: "RIIICOOOOLAAA!"
  • From the E3 2012 Extravaganza: Deciding to dub over a trailer showing a family playing the Wii U and the grandma failing miserably.

 Fraser: "Oh my God! Have you EVER played a video game before in your life!"

Ben: "Jesus Christ Grandma you've ruined everything for us!"

Kyle: (in an old woman voice) "What video game am I playing? The TV or the computer?"

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