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Extra lives, continues, and restoring saved games are just abandoning that Alternate Universe.

Ala Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Every time a character dies, they really do. Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Hero from Dragon Quest. They really die. The Bad Guy Wins. The hero's soul and memories are moved to another dimension and rewrite their counterparts there who did not die, where they try again; but if they die again, that's another universe that falls to evil. Thus, evil wins in every dimension except for the last one.

  • In Yukiwatashi-hen it is revealed that Hanyuu looped the lives of at least two Rika's. Thus, every copy of a given game covers one particular universe leaping version of the hero.
  • The hero losing doesn't guarantee the villain's victory, for example in Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen both Rika and the villain lose. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of an Unknown Hero X appearing to save the world when your character fails.
  • I'd like to see how Super Paper Mario handles this.
  • Or every lost life is just a hallucination (like when Link appears lying in the floor when he falls down an endless pit).
  • Ahh, THAT explains why I keep seeing parodies of Higurashi with completely unrelated series... I used to believe this, but only for Mario, before I saw this. Mario is his verse's Rika. Please don't do my mistake and think of the suicide scene but with slamming a Koopa shell into his head repeatedly instead of the knife.

Alternatively, all video game characters are capable of regenerating at will.

  • Or with some limitations or using some specific item, namely the local 1-Up.

The reason most video games are winnable is because the villains have to make them winnable.

The heroes and villains are both bound by something akin to the Touhou Spell Card system. The exact nature of the rules varies from place to place and time to time. Thereby explaining, for instance why in some games a single hit can "kill" Mario, but in others it takes several. Of course, whenever a character is killed permanently he or she has simply lost and is no longer allowed to participate in the current game .

Bungie is manipulating every company.

Think about it. They already told us that they are taking over the world, and they even posted their step by step guide (guess what, they are on step 6 of 7). The last part is launching all of their foes into the sun with a giant slingshot. That would cost a lot. So, a giant Xanatos Gambit was needed. Take over all of gaming, and then they will have the money. 343 Industries is secretly part of them, and they are doing well. Think about it, they have influenced gaming to change it forever, they have an entire console series dependent on them, and Sony and Nintendo have been trying to rip them off for years. Half Life wasn't the first FPS with a large story, Marathon was. You may not know it, but without them RTSes would be VERY different. The first 3D RTS was made by them. This is all part of Bungie's plan to take over the world.

ALL video game characters carry a TARDIS without knowing.

How else could you carry 10 guns, 2 suits of armor, and 5 plot devices?

Every important event in the video game industry since the North American Video Game Crash was part of an elaborate plan by one company: Nintendo

Think about it. Who picked up the pieces of the Crash? Nintendo. Who pissed off Sony enough to get them to make the Play Station line that ended the consoles of Sega? Nintendo. Who inspired iD Software, the company to eventually popularize the First-Person Shooter which is the staple of Microsoft's X Box, to make their first game, Commander Keen? Nintendo. Who is winning the console war now despite little competition on the console? Nintendo. They made money off of every console and handheld they made. Even when Nintendo loses, they still win, a mark of a TRUE Chessmaster

  • If so, why is there so much bad third party bandwagon crap on the Wii right now ?
  • Sega's revenge.
  • To make their own games look brilliant in comparison. Sure, Wii Music might not be the best game ever, but it's brilliant compared to Chicken Shoot and Ninjabread Man.
        • Tell that to the people stocking the only electronics market in my town, and the overpricers at the next greater town's Game Stop.
      • It will all become clear sometime after the crowning of Global Emperor Iwata the First.
      • Iwata my ass! The real future emperor is Shigeru Miyamoto. Who rushed in to save the industry after the crash he himself planned? Miyamoto, with Super Mario Bros.. Miyamoto is credited with the Wii and the DS, which are Nintendo's long-planned reconquest of the industry. He's not just doing this as a power trip either: he has a very specific leftist agenda. For example, the hypothesis about Mario as a Communist icon (blue-collar worker standing up to free the nation from a despotic king, collecting the coins to redistribute them when the time comes), and don't you forget how much the Yoshi's Island opening sounded like the Soviet national anthem, or how Link is a man in a skirt who hangs around with fairies and whose sort-of girlfriend dresses as a man. Iwata is just a front, and Miyamoto is The Man Behind the Man.
  • Of course, Nintendo makes money on every console because of good business sense and appealing to a broader user base (the DS and Wii are prime examples), but this idea is better. And not mutually exclusive anyway.

Nintendo and Microsoft are secretly allied

They plan to take down Sony by hoarding all the good games, splitting them between each other. The fact that the X Box is releasing Katamari Damacy and Metal Gear Solid games only serve to confirm this.

  • Jossed: If that were true, they'd've let Rare take Donkey Kong Country with them.
    • That'd be too obvious. Nintendo and Microsoft want to look like they are competing against each other so Sony doesn't get wise to the plan, and this is in fact true to an extent. To Microsoft, Sony is a threat to their OS monopoly, Windows. To Nintendo, Sony is a thief without honor, and undeserving of respect. Microsoft and Nintendo see each other as The Rival, and have actually teamed up on occasion, mostly involving the Nintendo DS or Rare.
      • How is Sony a threat to Microsoft's OS market? Sony don't make an OS, and the consumer PCs they sell come preloaded with, you guessed it, Microsoft Windows.
        • You look at a PS3 and then come back to me. It can install Linux for crying out loud, and the PS2 had its own version of Linux endorsed by Sony. A possible 100 million userbase having access to what could've led to a Linux Gaming PC naturally scared the crap out of Microsoft. Thus they headed them off at the pass with the Xbox.
        • One of the latest Three PS3 update changed this: you can't have an OS on it anymore. And if you had, the update gives you a warning, then erases it all. The only way to keep it is to never go online with the PlayStation 3 again.

The internal workings of Sega are sitcom material

The state of their franchises aside, pretty much every comment and interview that comes out of Sega suggests a Pointy-Haired Boss and Executive Meddling, along with all kinds of incompetence and distractions among the rest of the developers is prime recipe for disaster. The graphics team are the only ones that have not succumbed to the madness. (or at least are BunnyEarsLawyers)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is the video game equivalent of the Necronomicon

People who play this game either get mad or go mad. The proof is in the Let's Plays of Sonic 06.

Limbo of the Lost also a video game equivalent of the Necronomicon

The plot are incomprehensible and maddening, yet made by a little english-speaking company.

    • Or either, the lead dev, Steve Bovis, who made the story and "art design" is already mad from worshipping the Old Gods for wish to make instant success of his first computer game, and maybe deserves an asylum.

Suda51 is The Chessmaster

There's no way this cannot make sense.

Square Enix will take over the Gaming World.

Think about it, Who have Square taken over? Enix, Taito and Eidos.

What will Square Enix take next? EA, BioWnre, SAGE (Sega need some Help anywho), Midway, Maybe even Nintendo.

I mean Square Enix is in all 3 Consoles!!

  • Likewise, it's going to take over the world, and it's controlled by a bishonen villain.
    • Or a White-Haired Pretty Boy
      • Intelligent Systems is developing Dragon Quest Wars for DSiWare... Nintendo Square Enix might actually be in the future.

PSP Go is part of a Xanatos Gambit to gather PSP software support again and to go completely digital, but not in the way one might think

The PSP's problem has never been hardware sales. It's always been software sales. Piracy has hurt the PSP, but the PSP-3000 models are harder to hack than earlier ones and PSP Go will probably be as hackable as PSP-3000. The PSP Go's lack of a UMD drive forces every game made for it in the future to be offered in the Play Station Store as well, and digital copies cannot be sold again used, which is what many video game developers want. France and the Netherlands are not selling the PSP Go because of low profit margins on hardware as well. Sony also priced the PSP Go at $250, the same price as a Wii. However every game downloadable to PSP Go can be played on the PSP-3000. Sony expects the PSP Go to bomb in favor of the PSP-3000 as a decoy for retailers who hate digital distribution, in addition to encouraging PSP game development as all the factors hurting video game publishers have now been removed.

  • Um.. No they went back to non-digital media after the PS Pgo bombed in a way that can only be described as something Hiroshima like...

Every mook in every video game is an inter-dimensional time traveler who's objective is to stop the hero from accomplishing their task

Why do you think that it's an automatic game over when you fail (even if you have a whole team with you)? It's because your death fucked up the future. It's written in stone that only Link will defeat Ganon, that Mario will rescue Peach, that Sonic will do whatever he needs to do at super speed. According to history the hero survived, but the mooks (which is the name of their species) seek to prevent that.

  • That sounds like a game in itself.

Team Ico Series is purposefully making each game have a Bittersweet Ending.

So they can eventually use a machine that will suck out our very will to live because of all the tears we've shed!

  • Alternatively, they intend to use our tears for good purposes, like purifying it and giving it to counties afflicted by droughts.

Segata Sanshiro was deliberately assassinated

The missile attack on Sega’s headquarters was intended to draw out Segata Sanshiro, who the perpetrators of the launch knew would sacrifice himself to save his beloved Sega. The only way to kill Segata Sanshiro was to force him to deflecting a missile barehanded, ride that missile out of the atmosphere, and explode in space - anything less wouldn't have stopped him. Who had the most to gain from slaying Sega Saturn's incredibly awesome mascot?

  • Wait.... so Segata was Super man?!
    • Super man could have actually survived that. . .

Sega couldn't make consoles without Segata Sanshiro

Segata Sanshiro's awesomeness is what fueled the company for years - it took Sega years to recover from his loss.

  • The loss in morale from Segata Sanshiro's sacrifice saving Sega headquarters contributed to the company's decline.

Segata Sanshiro isn't dead

He's Just Hiding. Sanshiro only caught a missile barehanded, rode that missile out of the atmosphere, and exploded in space...that’s completely survivable - right?

  • Don't worry; we can rebuild him.

Windows live is an attempt to destroy PC gaming

Its a big ugly mess that can prevent you saving in single player and favours the x-box over pc.

Every videogame series occurs in the same universe, but the timelines differ

That's right, everyone. All of your videogame characters live together: Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pac-man, Donkey Kong, even lesser known characters like Gex, Spyro, Blinx, Crash Bandicoot... it would be a shorter list if I just said "all of them."

  • ...And you base this on...?
  • Isn't this pretty much the entire premise of the Grand Unified Timeline?
  • Hey, someone fixed the horrible grammar of the original post!

Every faceless videogame character is the same guy/girl

From Master Chief to the Pyro. If you hear about what their faces look like, it's spread lies or a clever disguise to prevent anyone knowing their true identity.

  • Whoever it is, it obviously isn't Samus.
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