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Video games are my favorite video games.

Genre, as applied to Video Games, customarily describes the style of gameplay rather than that of the story or setting as in other media. Many games mix and match among them.

It is also possible to move from one gameplay style to another within the same game, e.g. Mini Games, vehicle sequences within action games, etc. These gameplay changes can sometimes be unnecessary or unwanted.

Notable games in each genre can be found on the individual pages. Note that many games can and should be in multiple genres, as the lines can often get blurred, or games can incorporate elements of more than one genre. If you have a new game to add, put it in every genre you think it belongs! There are other, more thorough, game databases.

There are several modifiers that can be applied to the genre of a game, as a twist on the standard formula. These include:

And also a number of particularly distinctive ways a game can be marketed or categorized:

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