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Fridge Brilliance

  • Hit me today on Veronica Mars season two - in the fifth episode, Lamb accuses Keith of having indirectly caused the bus crash by not investigating something the scapegoat/current suspect did properly (I think it was drink driving). A few weeks after seeing the finale, I think: "Wait, that was irony. Lamb's indirectly responsible for the crash; if he had investigated Veronica's rape properly, Cassidy could very well have been in prison before this ever happened." I think I was kinda slow. - Emmaliza
    • The solution to Dean O'Dell's murder bugged me. Sure, it did ruin Landry like it was meant to, but it seemed over-complex and unnecessary for his revenge, Tim could have just killed Landry. Then it hit me - Landry accused Tim of being a "linear thinker" & "uncreative"... the plan was overcomplicated because he didn't just want to get revenge on Landry, he wanted to prove him wrong. - Emmaliza
    • It always seemed a bit coincidental that Veronica would have started hanging around Cassidy Casablancas more and more towards the end of the second season (in which you find out it was him who raped her, especially since logically he would have tried to avoid her as much as possible and was only around her because of Mac), but then it clicked that the reason he was around so much was that, by pairing him with Mac, the writers were demonstrating how not even the smartest person in the show (Veronica's logical, but let's face it, Mac's a genius) realized he was capable of anything like that. Took months to realise that wasn't a coincidence and that the writers were making a point.

Fridge Horror

  • In the Veronica Mars season 1 finale, "Leave It To Beaver", the bad guy's appearance in the back seat of Veronica's car is not only creepy/terrifying in its own right, but add in the fact that the man killed Lilly, who he had been having a sexual relationship with, without batting an eyelid, and the fact Veronica is not only about to ruin his life by turning him in but that she is a LOT like Lilly both in appearance and the situation (about to ruin him), and you realize that, alone and miles from anyone, he could have done anything to her in the dark and got away with it. ANYTHING. Also, when he has trapped her in the fridge the audience's first reaction is that he's trying to scare her and doing a very good job of it - the reality is that he could have buried her alive or let her die of asphyxiation, and honestly, he wouldn't have let her out even if she had told him where all the tapes were.
  • Another example from Veronica Mars occurs in the Season 2 Episode "Ain't no Magic Mountain High Enough" when Veronica gets Ms. Hauser fired for stealing money from the school. Only later do you realize that Veronica has just gotten a single mother fired and, even if she doesn't face criminal charges, she is unlikely to ever be able to get another.
  • The motel scene in "Weapons of Class Destruction." Just think about what must be going through Veronica's mind when an armed man kidnaps Veronica and takes her to a motel to a "show her something."
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