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The band:

  • Album Filler: Lots of it in the later releases.
  • Epic Riff: "Welcome to Hell" which has been copied by many bands.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: After At War With Satan, Possessed (which was composed of songs that were written before AWWS) was criticized for sounding the same as the first two albums. The bad production on it didn't help either.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Common opinion on the Calm Before the Storm album, which has more melodic style.

Comic Character

  • Complete Monster: Depending on the Writer. Brock tends to have been portrayed more sympathetically after Character Development. Mac Gargan, on the other hand, became a cannibalistic psychopath after gaining the symbiote.
  • Draco in Leather Pants
  • My Real Daddy: Depending on the fan and comic creator, many people have been credited with the creation of Venom. The reason being his somewhat convulted history.
    • A reader by the name of Randy Schueller wrote into Marvel with the idea of giving Spider-Man a new black costume. Marvel's editor-and-chief at the time liked the idea and credited Schueller. Since he was writing Secret Wars at the time, Shooter asked Mike Zeck, the series' artist, to draw up a Spear Counterpart to Spider-Woman II's costume.
    • Writers such as Peter David and Roger Stern gave the suit its ability to morph into other clothes, have an unlimited supply of web fluid, and decided to turn the costume into a living alien symbiote. Both men have taken some credit for Venom for this reason.
    • Fans were not pleased with the change initially so the Spider-Man editors decided to get rid of it. David Michelinie, the writer of Amazing Spider-Man, wanted to bring the costume back as a villain and came up with Eddie Brock's character. He also wrote the first miniseries and initially had the idea of turning him into an Anti-Villain once he became popular enough.
    • Todd McFarlane redesigned Spider-Man's black costume for the villain and came up with the name Venom. Because of this, he demanded full creative control of the character and when Marvel refused, he left to help form Image Comics.
    • Since then, many writers have retconned the nature of the symbiotes (are they drawn to negative emotions?, are they vampiric?, are they Darwinian monsters?). Mark Millar was the first to release the host from Eddie Brock and decided to turn it into a sort of Legacy Character.
    • On at least one occasion, attempted to explain the origin of their species. Since the Planet of the Symbiotes storyarc happened during the Clone Saga, it quickly fell into Canon Dis Continuity.
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