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In a not-so distant future, worldwide conflict and strife have brought the world to exhaustion. Once, a passenger plane was shot down by accident where everyone in it died, save one uninjured young girl. Before long she grew up to be beautiful, but as time passed, a mysterious ability began to awaken within her. At first she was brought to a private research institute, but when the government learned about her, they began to analyze her power for military purposes. She has a power capable of bending the laws of the universe itself, later called 'Tactical Sorcery'. She held great skill, but the military wanted more power so she underwent cruel human experiments. And then, after a certain accident, her powers went wild, causing the 'Astral Impact'. The impact gave a lot of girls 'Tactical Sorcery' and later, such girls became common at the front lines. They were called 'Vanguard Princesses', due to their beautiful appearance, and were an inspiration to the soldiers. One year later, when the war was coming to an end, the girl came back, now as the 'Enforcer of Reason' and sought mankind's destruction. For some unknown reason, the Vanguard Princesses proceeded to battle.

A 2009 free indie fighting game created by an ex-Capcom employee, entirely on his own. The cast is entirely female, but unlike most games of its ilk it does not play like a button mashing doujin fighter nor Guilty Gear, but rather like the original Street Fighter II.

So what's so special about this game among other doujin fighters? With few exceptions, there is no canceling (or buffering) in general. Combos in this game rely on link combos, which in layman's terms is like this: You hit the enemy with the attack that without canceling you can recover before the enemy can recover from his hitstun, giving another chance to hit her, just like Guile in old days. On their own though, the girls have very limited combo potential.

This is where assists comes into play.

Before the match you can you choose a support character (out of four, five if you count a boss support) that will help you keep the opponent in the hitstun long enough for you to recover to continue the combo. As a creator said, it's not 1-vs-1 game, it's a 2-vs-2 game.

Every character is a Ms. Fanservice.

More about the game can be found here. A complete wiki is available here.

This game contains examples of:


  1. Admittedly, she IS a H-Game seiyuu, but thus far is the only one able to branch out to more mainstream titles thanks to The Idolmaster and Blaz Blue
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