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  • After Frankenstein's Monster was forced outside and into a horse carriage:

 Frankenstein's Monster: By exposing me, you have condemned me! ME AND ALL OF HUMANITY!!! (Gabriel and Anna simply close the door on him)

Carl: Is that a man?

Van Helsing: Seven men, parts of them actually.

  • One of the brief conversations between Velken and Dracula:

 Velken: I would rather die than help you!

Dracula: Oh, don't be boring. Everyone that says that dies.

  • A good portion of the fight scene between Van Helsing and Mr. Hyde. Y'know, when it wasn't Nightmare Fuel.
  • Dracula and Igor after the werewolf returns and Igor starts attacking it with an electrified prong:

 Dracula: Igor?

Igor: Yes, master?

Dracula: Why do you torment that thing so?

Igor: It's what I do.

  • After breaking into the castle:

 Van Helsing: You are taking us to Dracula.

Igor: No. I'm not.

(Van Helsing slams him against a wall, hard)

Igor: Yes. I am.

    • Before this, when the heroes see Igor passing by, you can hear him complaining about his master -- "Igor do this, Igor do that!"
    • Even better is the exchange immediately after Van Helsing grabs Igor.

 Van Helsing: Give me one good reason not to kill you.

Igor: Well...I...uh...

  • A drive-by hilarious quote--after Carl tests the nitroglycerin, you can hear one of the priests in the background indignantly shouting: "What in the name of Allah is wrong with you?!"

 Carl: The air is THICK with envy around here...

  • Van Helsing ending his Sherlock Scan of what Frankenstein's Monster looks like with this exchange:

 Van Helsing: (rattling off the monster's features)...and he has three copper teeth.

Anna: How do you know he has three copper teeth? (As Frankenstein's monster is coming up behind her)

Van Helsing: (quickly) Because he's standing right behind you MOVE!

  • From the gag reel:

 Dracula: I give you... VAN HALEN!

  • From the animated prologue; the amazing holy water super soaker.
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