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  • Cliché Storm: Virtually every character are not-so-subtle expies of various well-known archetypes that has been appearing in war movies, shounen series, and JRPGs; the combination of war story and academic settings make this mostly-seamless. Even their Character Development can be seen coming from a mile away! Luke, I Am Your Father.
  • Demonic Spiders: V2s. Even after destroying their Supply Vehicle their interception fire makes it a chore even getting close to or past them.
    • Except for the Tech Class, who can face their fire head-on same as they would normal fire. Even better, they can crush them in few hits. Once you get to the higher Tech classes, these guys become more like Elite Mooks, then this trope.
    • Expanding on the above, once you take out the Supply Tank, Snipers can deal heavy damage to them, and the Elite Sniper can wipe one out in a single three round burst. Reducing them effectively to a high power annoyance in the mid-late game.
    • Come post-game, V2's are promptly overshadowed by Ghost Tanks. They have ludicrously high HP and defense (even a Lancer Elite or Mauler may requre 3-5 shots to down one from the rear), AND they have souped-up versions of the V2's laser. In the very last non-DLC map of the game, you start with THREE of them in your face right from the start, each of them having over 5000 HP! Have fun.
  • Even Better Sequel: Despite downgrading from the PlayStation 3 to the PSP, the game manages to stand as a bone fide sequel in its own right by improving on the already robust battle system of the first game by balancing classes and adding a great deal more customization in the form of advanced classes. Additionally, supporting characters are given far greater character development through character specific cutscenes and missions.
  • Goddamn Engineers: Despite being one of the most fragile classes, Engineers have the highest evasion rating short of enemy Aces, can inflict status ailments with shocking ease, and can, of course, heal themselves and others.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The high-pitched whistle that occurs whenever a V2 (or a Valkyria) fires up the beam of death. At least in 1, it's pretty damn obvious where the Valkyria was at all times. Here you can run around a corner and suddenly hear the whistle as you get vaporized.
  • Ho Yay: Between Rene and Magari.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Character sound clips often play during non-essential story mode bits. One of Avan's is him laughing which gets on quite a few player's nerves.
  • Narm: "NO! HE WAS SUCH A GOOD GUY!". A noble attempt to humanize the rebels you kill ends up making you laugh your guts out, every single time.
  • Player Punch: Dirk killing Julianna.
  • Ruined FOREVER: Many players were upset about the sequel moving to PSP.
  • Replacement Scrappy: avan as the main character instead of welkin for being an annoying Idiot Hero one incident fans like to refer to is when he tried to help cosette get over her hemophobia by SHOOTING HIMSELF then ordering her to treat him.
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