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A Japanese idol group formed in 1995 by Johnny's and Associates (also known as Johnny's Jimusho), who brought famous groups such as SMAP, Shounentai, TOKIO, and Hikaru GENJI, they were created as mascots for the Volleyball World Cup. They consist of six members, so their group name is pretty much Exactly What It Says on the Tin (although the V is still ambiguous, even to the members themselves), but unlike other Johnny's groups, they also have two subgroups which have their own releases and separate live concerts; 20th Century (Masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, Yoshihiko Inohara) and Coming Century (Go Morita, Ken Miyake, Junichi Okada).

As well as having a successful music career, not only as V6 but as 20th Century "Tonisen"/Coming Century "Kamisen", they have also hosted several variety TV shows and acted in many dramas and movies; on top of that, they have also performed in numerous stage plays and live musicals. Most fans in the West generally know them from their single, "Change the World," which was the first opening theme to the anime, Inuyasha, and the tokusatsu series Ultraman Tiga, in which they not only performed the theme song, Hiroshi Nagano played the lead character, Madoka Daigo.

Notable Tropes:

  • Adorkable: Generally all of them are this, but notably Okada is most known for this, especially since he is the "quiet and mysterious" one.
  • All Men Are Perverts: While they are considered mature and classy as they age, they still are known to make lewd comments or do suspicious things (usually to each other).
    • Lovable Pervert: Go. He can't even look at two archery targets without seeing them as breasts.
    • Memetic Molester: Okada is known for swiftly touching the other member's butts in private, on stage, and even on live TV... and it's not only their butts he touches sometimes...
      • Whether he does it for fanservice or for his own enjoyment is unknown.
      • He regards it all as a Skinship Grope and they should just go with the flow whenever he does it.
      • According to Ken during their VIBES con in 2008, anything Okada says, especially with his deep facial features, can be read as lewd.
  • Bishonen: Okada is generally seen as the "pretty one" in V6, it doesn't help that people think he looks like a foreigner.
  • Big Eater: Nagano is the resident eater in V6. He's often the one people go to when they want suggestions on restaurants.
  • Boy Band: Well, they are part of Johnny's.
  • Color Coded for Your Convenience: Rarely used now, but Sakamoto is blue, Nagano is purple, Inocchi is green, Go is red, Ken is orange, and Okada is yellow.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: There's a lot, but the most notable one was their 10th anniversary episode, in which each member got to fulfill a wish and all six had to partake in it together.
    • It also featured each member confessing to the group regarding their 10th anniversary. Cue collective "Awwwwwwww" from fans.

  Okada: Once I read a book that said, "when you die, if 5 people remember your name, then your life had value." I have found those five people already; to me, V6 is the biggest and most important presence in my life.

    • Sakamoto cried as he apologised to Kamisen for treating them badly in the past.
  • Cute Little Fangs: One of Go's well loved physical traits are his fangs.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: A popular segment in their show "Gakkou e Ikou MAX!" called "Josou Paradise" featured male students who were dolled up to look like girls (the song "Dude looks like a lady" is also its theme song). They even used one of the members.
    • When Ken's alter ego, "Miya Kenko," appears on screen, you forget that that's actually a 20-something (at the time) year old man.
  • Drives Like Crazy: Nagano's characters in both "Hard Luck Hero" and "Hold Up Down". Members have commented on the same problem in real life. Shonentai's Uekusa even refused to get back into a truck with Nagano during a shoot and literally ran away.
  • Mr. Fanservice: All of them.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: There's six members in V6.
    • Though this troper has met people who have not picked up on that fact yet...
  • Everybody Smokes: Only Okada and Go, so far, have been reported to smoke.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: A lot of (male) hosts appear to be very interested in Okada...
    • Some even go out of their way to Skinship Grope him on national TV.
      • In the case of Masatoshi Hamada (of the duo, Downtown), he likes to touch him inappropriately and say perverted things to him behind the scenes.
    • Even Will Smith wants him.
  • Fan Boy: Ken is a Kpop fanboy and was seen attending a Big Bang concert.
    • Okada loves comedians, especially the duo Taka and Toshi, and asked them to sign his DVD when they appeared on VVV 6.
  • Fan Service: It's almost a requirement if you want to be part of Johnny's.
    • Shameless Fanservice Man: Tales of Inocchi stripping in front of V5 have been told during numerous concerts, to which he doesn't oppose to. He has also come out wearing nothing but a schoolgirl swimsuit during a concert after losing a game on stage. Sakamoto was responsible for the whole thing though.
      • He doesn't mind showing his butt on national TV either, as he did during their 10th anniversary special; Naked People Are Funny in his case. Apparently when he got back, his father was ashamed of his actions...
    • Shirtless Scene: So many magazine shoots. And dramas. AND MOVIES.
      • Inocchi was shirtless during a segment in, "Gakkou e Ikou MAX!", in which a photoshoot directed by three photography students had the theme of "natural nude."
  • Five-Man Band: Well six in this case.
    • The Hero/Team Dad: "Leader" Sakamoto. (Generally in charge of things because he's the oldest; he used to teach the three youngest members manners and proper greetings.)
    • The Lancer: Inocchi. (Even though he's a clown, he gets very serious when it comes to business and his love for V6.)
    • The Chick/Team Mom: Nagano (The one who never gets mad and always smiles)
    • The Smart Guy: Ken. (The trickster and maker of many bad puns. He is also very blunt in his remarks.)
    • The Big Guy: Go. (Ironic since he's the smallest member in V6, but his appearance is probably the least "idol-esque" in comparison to the others.)
    • The Sixth Ranger: Okada (the only member to have been born the furthest, also arguably the most "popular" due to all his appearances in commercials and movies even after 16 years of being part of V6)
  • Follow the Leader: Popular Korean boyband 2PM tried out the 5 second challenge from Mission V6 on their variety show.
  • Food Porn: They had a whole show dedicated to food called "TOKYO V-Shuran 2" (also known as Vivaviva V6).
  • Heterosexual Life Partners: As they've been a group since 1995, they undeniably have developed an incredibly close bond.
  • Hot Springs Episode: There always seems to be one in any of their shows, particularly in "Shinchishiki Kaikyuu Kumagusu" where several of its episodes focused on hot springs in Japan. There was plenty of Fan Service.
  • Gratuitous English: "I wanna make you shiny smile!"
    • The song "Black-out" from Kamisen's mini-album is written completely in English, and includes the line "Come on take me to the jerky heaven."
  • Halfbreed: While he has stated that he is 100% Japanese, people can't stop pointing out how foreign Okada looks and insists he is of mixed blood.
    • After returning from a trip to Istanbul, he said that the people there looked a lot like him, and he would blend in well should he decide to move there.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: V6 are famous for singing two openings from Inuyasha. As well as Eyeshield 21.
    • Nagano plays Madoka Daigo/Tiga in Ultraman Tiga. He also starred in the drama adaptation of Kimi wa Petto.
    • Sakamoto sang the Japanese soundtrack to Tarzan and even got recognised by Phil Collins himself, saying he had portrayed Collins' emotions the closest.
    • Okada played Prince Arren in Goro Miyazaki's film, Tales From Earthsea, as well as Shun in From Up on Poppy Hill.
  • Ho Yay: It's Johnny's, so there's bound to be a countless number of these.
    • Okada's countless acts of skinship towards the other members.
    • Ken has kissed his best friend Go many times.
    • Just watch the performances from their VIBES concerts and you'll notice just how many times each member touches the other.
    • Any live performance of HONEY BEAT.
    • Inocchi is apparently a "kissing monster" according to V5.
    • Sakamoto and Nagano have been dubbed as the Papa and Mama of the group by not only fans, but also the other members; Okada confessed that he considered them as his second parents in a way during their first few years together. It won't be a surprise if those two actually become a married couple.
  • In-Series Nickname: For Sakamoto, Masa, Maa-kun, Leader, and Marsa have been used by V5.
    • Ironically, Inocchi has been used more than Yoshihiko, and he's stated that whenever he is referred to as Yoshihiko, it feels weird.
    • Ken has been referred to as Miyaken since his names overlap.
    • Jun-kun and Jun-chan are used by V5 for Okada, however he has also been given the nickname "Dekopaa" by Ken because of his trademark forehead.
    • Inocchi and Ken together are known as Baka Kyoudai ("the dumb brothers") not only from fans, but V6 themselves.
  • J-Pop
  • Let V Be The Unknown: It is often debated what the V in V6 stands for.
    • Inocchi was told it stood for "Veteran" while Sakamoto thought it stood for "Vegetable" since his parents own a vegetable shop.
    • Nagano thought it stood for "Vicycle" (since Bs are replaced with Vs in the Japanese language) since his family owns a bike store.
    • Fans generally assume it stands for "Victory" or "Volleyball" (since they were the VWC mascots at the time)
  • Lovable Coward: Despite being the oldest, Sakamoto is deathly afraid of bugs (big or small), heights and ghosts. Still, that's one of his most endearing traits.
  • Memetic Mutation: Their 2005 film, "Hold Up Down" introduced a homeless man (played by Okada) who Looks Like Jesus and is mistaken for him by Go's character. Fans started referring Okada as Okada!Jesus and (in a way) created their own religion.
  • Older Than They Look: Ken. Despite being 32 years old, he still looks the same as he did when he was 17. Watch any show where they mention his age and you'll get a collective "EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH?!" from the audience/hosts.

 Inocchi: You're turning 30 soon, I totally can't see that happening! Are you okay with taxes and stuff?

Ken: Even when I turn 30, I'll probably still be this cute.

    • His voice hasn't changed either.
  • One of Us: Sakamoto and Okada have been said to be quite the gaming otaku, each owning a DS. After interviewing a staff member from Nintendo on his radio show, Okada started playing Pokémon.
    • Okada never (or rarely) leaves the house in his free time.

  Okada: I want to be a man who loves his home.

  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Go and Ken were quite famous as a duo back when they were Johnny's Juniors, they were known as the "Go Ken combi."
  • Rock Trio: Coming Century and 20th Century.
    • Kamisen had a TV series ("Mi My Cen") which centered on them trying to make it as a proper rock band.
  • The Idiot From Osaka: Okada can be like this at times, which results in V5 teasing him endlessly.
  • Timed Mission: Almost every mission in their show "Mission V6" revolved around this.
  • Translated Cover Version: In collaboration with Korean singer Shoo, they sang their song "One" not only in Japanese, but Korean and English as well.
  • True Companions: They describe their relationship as being a group of friends, workmates, rivals, as well as one big happy family.
    • As he was only 14 when they had their debut, Okada has considered V6 to be his second family and that he has "spent more time with V6 than with his own family."
  • Wiper Start: Ken during one of V6's seasonal specials. As he was trying to park the van.
  • What The Hell, Costuming Department?: Like all Johnny's groups, V6 has had their share of terrible costumes on stage. This, for example.
  • Yoko Oh No: Subverted. Inocchi is the only member (to date) who is married, and tearfully declared his marriage to actress Asaka Seto during their Voyager con in 2007. Afraid that his fans would disapprove (as idols getting married is a touchy subject), he was proven wrong, as all his fans (in Japan and internationally) cheered and supported him.
    • Most fans approve of the members dating (examples include Okada's rumoured relationship with Yuu Aoi, and Go's 7 year relationship with Aya Ueto) anyway, despite all the Ho Yay.
      • Perhaps because it's about time they get married...
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