• The death of the wounded girl. Kaja finds her in the woods with a huge wound. Kaja tries to stop the bleeding, even giving up her jacket, but it's not working. The girl goes from fully alert and speaking, to not responding clearly, to dead within minutes, all the while lamenting that she cannot get through to her mother ant tell her how she loves her. Predictably, her mother calls back just one minute after she dies.
  • Kaja calling her mother and promising to find Emilie, her little sister, whom she basically coerced into coming to the island. We also see that her mother is not even remotely concerned for Kaja as for Emilie.
  • Kaja finding corpses on the beach which she passed just 10 minutes ago. On of them is a small boy whom Kaja guided to the forest earlier in the film.
  • And finally there is the Kaja's own death, killed just as she was contemplating giving up her search for Emilia and escaping by boat, not even knowing that Emilia was in this very boat. This is made worse by the fact that both timing and the fact that no further shots are heard suggest that the killer surrendered immediately after that, making her the last victim.
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