Lord Farquadd and Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek have been the cause of a major edit war over which one qualifies as a Complete Monster, and now it's time to settle things once and for all. For anyone that isn't familiar with their cases here they are;

Rumpelstiltskin in the fourth installment is at least a borderline case of this trope. Unlike the other villains, he is a stop-at-nothing psychopath who deceives Shrek into making a deal with him in which he magically takes away one day of Shrek's live in order to give him one day as a lone, fearsome ogre again - and the day he takes is the day Shrek was born! In the alternate reality, Rumpel managed to trick Fiona's parents into making a deal that ended up wiping them from existence so that he took over Far Far Away, instilling a tyrannical dictatorship rather than a fair monarchy. He never treats anyone who cannot benefit him with fairness, and he kills one of his mooks for no reason after she had given him an idea he ended up using! Additionally, there is his Ogre Genocide scheme: it's indicated that Fiona's ogre resistance group are the only living ogres left after Rumpel had all the others "put away." Towards the end, Rumpel lets the captive ogre rebels go in exchange for Shrek, only to reveal that he's already captured Fiona and, since she's not "all ogre" in this reality, both she and Shrek are to be publicly executed before he takes care of the rest of the ogres anyway! And he does this all with sadistic glee and relish.

Lord Farquadd is an extreme racist who has fairytale creatures treated like criminals and exiled to Shrek's swamp, while having Gingerbread Man tortured. he manipulates Shrek into making a deal with him in which he rescues Princess Fiona in exchange for getting his swamp back. He never treats anyone around him with respect, and it's implied that he shamlessly masturbates to, or at least gets turned on by, Fiona's reflection in full view of the Magic Mirror! Additionally towards the end, Farquadd plans to have Shrek drawn and quartered and have Fiona locked back in the tower for the rest of her life. Needless to say, watching him being eaten by Dragon is quite satisfying, especially when you consider he's going to get digested alive. It's also indicated that Farquadd's henchmen are afraid of him, seing how the torturer pulls a Heel Face Turn seconds after the above.

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