White Azami

aka Probably Nyarlathotep

  • I live in Porcelain Forest, Armoroad
  • I was born on February 13

White Azami after taking 30 packets of Mystery White Granules. (Unknown Photographer)

"This is my user page. I edited this page to tell the community about myself!"
This page's intro circa 2017

I was about to write a proper intro and description here, but lost the bang at the last minute. Maybe later...


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This user contains examples of...

  • Ahoge
  • Berserk Button:
    • Mocking their favorite study courses (mainly Biology, Anthropology and Philosophy) is a sure-fire way to set them off.
    • Several regarding wiki editing...
      • Misspelling words or teminologies. While they do realize that they're not above doing it, it still ticks them off. Must be the OCD.
      • Related to the above, formatting trainwrecks. Especially bullet points that are not arranged "properly" or got "sandwiched" to each other.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: A little bit eccentric and off in the head. Deconstructed in that this attitude and lack of common sense caused trouble to them as much as benefit.
  • Freudian Slip: "Ahoge" to "Ahegao" once.
  • Goes Mad from the Revelation: The revelation that the website they love that they've been following and contributed on was censoring the hell out of everything drives them into a state of emptiness. Downplayed in that they don't went completely off the rail, and still edit there up until The Reveal.
  • Loners are Freaks: At least, they thought that other people see them as such.
  • Magitek: One of their favorite fantasy tropes. Especially if it involves sick-looking blades, cannons and such.
  • More Dakka: Loves rifles, in particular assault, sniper, and anti-materiel rifles.
  • Never Live It Down: They once misspelled the "Blanc" part of "Mont Blanc" (as in the dessert), using a pronunciation similar to "blank" instead of "plunge"; they're still embarrassed about it to this day, although most of the feelings are probably just from their head.
  • Nostalgia Filter: Very prone to this. In fact, nostalgia is both their source of strength and weakness. 
  • Perpetual Beta: Their userpage. That ||UNDER CONSTRUCTION|| sign is gonna last for quite a while longer. If they don't procrastinate, that is.
  • The Reveal: While the historic revelation of The Second Incident drives them crazy, they quickly recovered, thinking that they'd still survive this somewhat... The cause of their migration turns out to be mostly about The removal of one of their favorite tropes, the Detached Sleeves, from the other site.
  • The Smart Guy: Deconstructed. They've always loved reading a lot of meaty books since very little, and thus has informations not possessed by most of their peer. This however, caused a lot of people to depend or expect way too much from them, which caused their fear of failure and "downfall" later in their life.
  • Trigger-Happy: While normally a friendly person who loves snipers and anti-materiel rifles, they do get way too giggity when handling the real things in games or watching them in action. Ironically, they don't really like the usual FPS games.
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