I'm a former contributor to TV Tropes. During my time at TV Tropes, I started the Death by Adaptation and Spared by the Adaptation tropes, and revised the introductions to a number of pages. Among other things, I revised the description for Post Script Season to be more fair and note that not all post-script seasons (seasons that happen after what would have been a logical and good ending to a series) have been disasters, and some have actually been good.

At All The Tropes, I've created a few pages for lesser-known works, and examples involving lesser-known works in trope pages (in the spirit of There Is No Such Thing as Notability. I've also tried to remove any phrases involving 'recent' from entries, as Examples Are Not Recent, and update outdated content.

My favorite tropes

Pet Peeve Tropes

  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: If you MUST kill off an established character, put some genuine effort into it. Make it an acceptable exit for the character, and believable. It doesn't have to be a Heroic Sacrifice, and it doesn't even have to be long foreshadowed - even a sudden death can work if done right. Just put more effort into it.
  • Bus Crash: Unless it's a case of The Character Died with Him, the only reason to even do this is because of a falling out between the creators and the actor. Otherwise, why not just bring the character Back for the Dead?
  • Informed Ability or Informed Attribute: A violation of the 'show, don't tell' principle. I consider Faux Action Girl to be a subtrope of these.
  • Revisiting the Poison Oak Roots: All too common in comic books. It's why I quit the main '616' Spider-Man books when the Spiritual Predecessor to 'One More Day' was published nearly a decade earlier.

Other stuff

I will probably add more to the above lists later.

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