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Yup. These guys do not intend to eat each other.

Sometimes animals are in deep trouble. Their home has been destroyed and/or they want to build a stronger and better one. Sometimes they have to because Humans Are Bastards, but it can also be because Mother Nature screws them. Such an alliance can lead to Carnivore Confusion because they are herbivores and carnivores working together, which can lead to problems within the group.

Sometimes an group of animals just belong to a group because it's normal, like a wolf pack or a deer herd. That is not this trope.

A piece of media fits this trope if it has the following:

  • Animals from different species working together, promising each other to accomplish goals (in order to survive).
  • They try to build a home, sometimes far away.
  • Humans Are Bastards (sometimes)
  • A lot of problems lie in their path, which could lead to the death of (several) characters.
Examples of Unusual Animal Alliance include:

  • In Watership Down, the rabbits enlist the aid of field mice and -- more significantly -- the seagull Kehaar to protect their warren.
  • In The Animals of Farthing Wood, there are multiple examples. They even have a 'oath of mutual protection' in which they promise not to hurt each each other and take care of each other when needed.

  Badger: 'Remember the oath! We must stand together and fight!'


  Fish are friends, not food!

    • Somewhat more successful is the Tank Gang's alliance with a pelican.
  • Animal Farm: At least, at first.
  • Madagascar .
  • The Wise and Royal Beasts in the Firekeeper series have done this on occasion. But when not necessary they follow Survival of the Fittest like any other creatures.
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