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 Giovanni Auditore: "What a fine set of lungs! What shall we call him?"

Graham: "LUNG MAN!!!"

  Paul: [Dante shows up] I'm you, from the future! I'm here to make sure you don't have to listen through this boring sermon! [pulls gun on Sanctus.]

 Alicia: I want people to know that the war wasn't all just people killing people.

Graham: There were bad parts too!

    • Fishy Artist MacSketcherton.
  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope

 Shimada: Very well. I leave the rest to you.


 Narrator: No such shops are to be found. Not here.

Graham: Because of the plague, with its crippling sores.

Narrator: In fact, the village is quite calm. Almost strangely quiet...

Paul: As the townsfolk hide from the coming zombie horde.

Narrator: It is a place that exudes a peaceful tranquility.

Paul and Graham: Eeeew...

Narrator: ...increases its allure, as well as its mystery.

Graham: For those at home, the mystery is: a sex offender just moved into town.

Paul: You know I have not seen a single petal go downward in this entire thing.

Graham: Maybe that's why no one's around, gravity works in reverse and everyone's fallen up.

Paul: Hm...

 Both Paul and Graham, overlapping one another: Aaaaah! Break it again! Break it again! Break it again! Break it again!

  • Another moment in the Fist of the North Star episode, upon realizing Kenshiro made a lot of creaking noises while move;

 Graham: And then, Kenshiro rooooled oveeeeer... (spooky creeking noises)

 Welkin: How's the water?

Paul (as fish): It's water... I don't know, like water? We're fish, right? What's the air like, douchebag?

  • From the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 video: "Blue streak, as his franchise dies..."
    • Hey, you got your science fiction in my fantasy!
    • The ending hit it home, with them mocking about how Robotnik uses palette swapped enemies and leaves out power-ups for Sonic, as Sonic was standing their forever as the ship slowly leaves with Elise.
  • During the Resident Evil 5 episode, when the cutscene shifts to a wide aerial view of the African savanna...they suddenly chime in with the opening vocals of Circle of Life.
  • From Folklore:

 Ellen: Thanks, but I'll get there myself. *jumps overboard*

Paul (as charter boat captain): Nooooooooooooooowell, that's why I get a deposit.

  • Almost the entirety of the Onimusha 3 review, but especially:

 *shot of modern French plaza after scenes of ninja, samurai, undead, and giant monsters in feudal Japan*

Graham: You know, not that this isn't nice, but I think the game has gotten a little off-message.

  • modern French plaza gets attacked by undead and giant monsters*

Paul: Aaaaand back on message!

Paul-as-Undead-Warrior: Excuse me! We appear to have gotten lost! Could you direct us to Onimusha 3'?

  • This line from the Atelier Totori video after a trophy unlocks early into the opening cutscene

 Paul: Oh come on, we earned a trophy for that!?

Graham: That's a trophy for pressing start! Nothing has happened yet!

Paul: Congratulations, your arms work!

 Narrator: Industrial espionage reaches unparalleled heights.

Paul (?): Well, that makes sense, if the buildings are taller in the future.

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