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Cool but Inefficient ways of holstering or unholstering guns.

Compare Unorthodox Sheathing and Unorthodox Reload. Related to Gun Twirling. See also Nothing Up My Sleeve for when the guns are stored in the sleeves, and Pants-Positive Safety for the pants version.

Several females characters keep guns in Victoria's Secret Compartment.

Examples of Unorthodox Holstering include:

Anime and Manga

  • Wolfwood in Trigun carries his guns in a giant cross that's taller than he is.
  • Mello in Death Note carries a gun in his pants.
    • In the front of his extremely tight leather pants.
  • Rally Vincent often wears long sleeves to allow for a a Taxi Driver style peashooter in case she can't use her usual weapons, but more often than not, we see it when she's being forced to completely disarm rather than actually using it.

Comic Books

  • Scud the Disposable Assassin, being a robot, stores his guns in compartments below his armpits; he has to cross his arms to draw them.
  • Dwight McCarthy uses a sleeve-rig with a small-caliber revolver to shoot Manute during the final shootout of the Sin City story "A Dame to Kill For." Being that Manute is Made of Iron, he comes back for "The Big Fat Kill."
    • The gun was only a .25. Dwight laments this as he draws. Fortunately, this weakens Manute enough for him to grab hold of one of Manute's .45s.

Film - Live Action

  • Grammathon Cleric John Preston in Equilibrium stores his guns up his sleeves, with a special mechanism to let them slide into his palms and to load them with new magazines.
  • Likewise, Travis Bickle designs and equips a special hidden holster in his shirt sleeve that will drop the gun into his hand when he punches his arm downwards. He uses it to kill one of the pimp's men during the big shootout that ends the movie, but being as the weapon in question was small and small-caliber (which is why it was able to fit), Travis had to unload it into the guy's face at point blank range.
  • The Mariachi from Desperado is also a fan of the sleeve-rigged guns. To do this with full-sized semiautomatic pistols required a model of the gun without the handle (which is the primary hindrance to this kind of thing in Real Life) cut off, and then replacing them with the regular gun in the next take.
  • Maverick has the "holstering a gun while Gun Twirling" version.
  • The bar scene in My Name Is Nobody has a character wearing his guns in his holsters backwards. Nobody tells him, "people who wear their guns backwards are bad news." When he goes for his guns, Nobody pulls one out, points it at his chin, returns it to his holster, than slaps him with both hands, all before he can move more than an inch or so. He does this several times--Nobody is able to move supernaturally fast when it comes to guns.
  • The Big Bad in Red Heat keeps a derringer up his sleeve with a quickdraw mechanism.

Live Action TV

Tabletop Games

  • Paranoia adventure The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues. An NPC guard has a Power Holster that throws a firearm into the wearer's hand, allowing an instant quick draw. If the PCs get one it naturally doesn't work properly (this is Paranoia, after all).

Video Games

  • In the Metal Gear Solid remake, my God. Ocelot twirls his pistol for nearly 15 seconds between "Revolver" and "Ocelot."
  • In Red Dead Redemption, if John wins a duel by shooting his opponent six times before they can draw, he does a bit of Gun Twirling before holstering his gun mid-twirl.
  • Earthworm Jim occasionally spins his gun, tosses it in the air, and then pivots his hip to catch it in the holster. Usually it works, but sometimes he'll conk himself on the noggin instead.
  • Resident Evil 5: Wesker twirls his custom Beretta "Samurai Egde" horizontally before holstering it after shooting at you. Being Immune to Bullets, he actually doesn't give a damn about the gun accidentally discharging.
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