A character who is somehow unlucky and lucky at the same time.

Anime and Manga

  • While Rock Lee from Naruto ends up being crippled by Gaara, he actually doesn't die like most of his victims...nor does it make him wish for death, since he is initially unwilling to risk Tsunade's potentially life-risking (but could put an end to him being crippled) surgery. He also can't drink liquor since it makes him go on a drunken rampage...but for that reason he can actually use it in a fight, which he does against Kimimaro.

Fan Works

  • In Cube Continued, Leaven notes that, while all of them were trapped inside the Cube, only one of them actually died because of one of the many lethal traps inside the maze. Furthermore, they all manage to escape, with the exception of Reeves (the aforementioned victim) and Holloway (who was betrayed by Quentin, who is now deceased, meaning he can't grab more victims).

Live-Action TV

  • Due to the incompetence of her team, Denise Stapley of Survivor ends up in every single Tribal Council. But as it turns out, she knows how to handle Tribal Council pretty much so that she ends up becoming the winner of her season, even though one her fellow finalists was a returning player.

Video Games

  • Luigi tends to follow this trope. While Luigi does have misfortune befall him (which is where a lot of the humor in the Mario and Luigi comes from), sometimes he also has extraordinary luck. When King Boo kidnaps his brother Mario, he ends up encountering a retired ghost hunter who gives him the Poltergust, which is designed specifically to fight ghosts. Later in Luigi's Mansion 3, he's the only one that DOESN'T get captured by Hellen Gravely and King Boo, escaping through a laundry chute.
  • Arthur from Fire Emblem Fates is the biggest Butt Monkey from the Nohr side, but often his bad luck ends up working well either for himself or others. i.e., when he's buying supplies with Selena, he's hit by lightning... but he was carrying a crate with freshly purchased fish, which were somehow perfectly cooked, so the two had a delicious feast. Additionally, in another shopping trip they get caught in the rain... and Selena had purchased some clothes that were too brightly colored, but some of the dye was washed away and they looked beautiful.
  • Dragon Quest XI: While Dundrasil is destroyed by the Lord of Shadows, the Hero manages to escape. And while he’s believed to be a threat to Heliodor by the king, Erik helps him escape the dungeon. When Cobblestone is attacked by Jasper, Hendrik persuades him to spare its citizens. During the Octagonia tournament, he gets partnered with Vince the previous champion of all people.

Western Animation

  • Spongebob Squarepants: In the episode “Lame and Fortune”, Mr. Krabs decides to start selling fortune cookies. One of the customers receives a fortune cookie that tells him he’s going to be injured, which he is. But as it turned out, he was looking for an excuse not to show up for jury duty.
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