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  • Broken Base: In Uncharted 3, aiming was changed in that the lag between moving the controller's joystick and the reticule moving on the screen was dramatically increased, and there is resistance to movement when aiming over an enemy. Some people are very upset about this, while others accuse them of nitpicking. Naughty Dog themselves are addressing the issue by asking fans to provide them input for perhaps a future patch.
    • Naughty Dog have since uploaded a patch to help fix the aiming.
  • Complete Monster: Zoran Lazarevic, the Big Bad of Among Thieves. Peaceful Tibetan village has a guy you'll need to reach Shambhala. His approach: drive a tank through it to flush the guy out, murdering anybody else who doesn't run away fast enough. He's fond of shooting people who slow him down or prove a threat or annoy him too much or to make a point. Elena mentions torture, mutilations, and mass executions committed by his personal army on his orders. When Drake attempts a Put Down Your Gun and Step Away on Lazarevic by taking one of his men hostage, Lazarevic laughs and shoots the hostage in the head after starting a speech in which he declares that Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Genghis Khan and Pol Pot were "all great men." Yeah, he's that kind of guy.
    • Flynn, in a smaller example, since he has no problems in working with a psychopatic mass murderer like Lazarevic.

 Elena: How can you work for that monster.

Flynn: (smiling evilly) Beats working against him, love.

    • Really, all of the games' villains are this, with the possible exception of the more Affably Evil Eddy Raja.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Greg Edmonson did the score for both games.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Many.
  • 8.8: No matter the score given, every review of the third game has pissed someone off. Hundreds of scathing comments were made on Eurogamer's site for daring to give the game an 8 out of 10, while detractors of the series aren't pleased at the near-universal acclaim.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Tenzin in Among Thieves seems to have quite a fan following, despite most players not speaking Tibetan, even after he first appeared in the second multiplayer beta. It may be because one of his first acts is a Crowning Moment of Awesome -- stabbing the shit out of a suited Guardian with a massive kukri just before it bitchslaps the life out of you. Or perhaps his awesome hat.
    • Eddy Raja in Drake's Fortune. A little bit crazy wise-cracking rival with a (slight) sense of honour? What's not to love? Some people found him more interesting than the actual main antagonist of the game.
    • Charlie Cutter in Drake's Deception. He's cocky, sarcastic, and has excellent banter with Nate. He's also one of the better representations of a British character. He's even got a more vulnerable side to him that's just endearing, and fits into the main cast like he's been there all along. You can't help but feel sorry for the guy when he's tripping balls on the hallucinogenic water, or freaking out about small spaces.
  • Escapist Character: Nathan. Highly skilled gunfighter, ladies' man, expert in adventurous archaeology, smart enough to know every bit of world history (and language) that's relevant, excellent climbing skills? Check. Average outlook, frequently panics? Check.
  • Even Better Sequel: Among Thieves improves on all the good points that its predecessor already held, as well as the few things where there were problems. The critics couldn't stop gushing over how awesome it was. It ended up winning more than twenty-five game of the year awards. The contests where it didn't win, it definitively clinched either Action Game Of The Year or PS3 Game of the Year. Sometimes both. Frequently all three.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Both games foreshadow their twists subtly enough that noticing the hints when replaying the games can cause this.
  • Guide Dang It: Good luck finding all the treasures on your own, unless somehow you're extremely proficient at finding tiny little sparkles tucked away in every freaking nook and cranny.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The creepy deep breathing of the 'Choker' mooks in Uncharted 3 Co-op/Multiplayer. If you hear that, you need to run, and try and find out what direction they're coming from. Made even worse if you're playing with someone on the same console; you can't tell if the Choker is coming after you or after them.
    • The sounds of the Descendents scuttling about in Drake's Fortune. Made even more creepy by the fact that you can hear these noises in one of the first locations, even if you don't actually encounter them until later on.
    • The spiders in Drake's Deception make this nasty, chattery scuttly sound, and are accompanied by creepy high pitched music. If you hear that noise or music, basically, RUN.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: General Ironicus kept insisting during Chip Cheezum's Let's Play of Drake's Fortune that Nate was going to England (due to the map coordinates UK2642 found in Chapter 3). It becomes much funnier when it was revealed that the primary Mooks in Uncharted 3 are British.
  • Ho Yay Shipping: Sully and Drake have various Ho Yay moments and are close. Easy to see how this ship can happen in the fandom.
  • Memetic Sex God: Sully. Not even Katherine Marlowe is safe from his charms!
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The level up music in Drake's Deception's multiplayer, which is a short rendition of Nate's Theme. It'll really make you feel like a badass adventurer
  • Nightmare Fuel: You know how the description describes Uncharted as Tomb Raider meets Gears of War? Well, near the end of Drake's Fortune you can throw Resident Evil (or, better yet, Nazi Zombies) into the mix, as you need to contend with fast, deadly zombies in a long-abandoned Nazi base.
    • At least you could kill the zombies. Guardians in Among Thieves are fricking Immune to Bullets when you first meet them, and ONE almost kills both you and Tenzin. Then later, after you think you're safe, BAM! They start slaughtering soldiers in the monastery. And once you get used to that, they whip out one of the most powerful and accurate weapons in the game. Much pain and fleeing to heal ensues.
    • In Uncharted 3, players are treated to spiders. And not just a handful of spiders but entire swarms of thousands upon thousands of potentionally man-eating spiders similar to the creepy crawlies in the first two Mummy films.
      • Uncharted 3 also has hallucinogenic water. When you're hit with this, your entire world becomes blurred, and you live out your worse fears. Not to mention the bad guys can manipulate you into turning against your friends through it.
  • Random Events Plot: Uncharted 3 sets up several interconnecting story arcs, and doesn't really follow through any of them.
    • The creative team have even stated that they basically decided to think up a bunch of cool set pieces and hope that a plot would somehow show up.
    • Most notably is the boat sequence, which comes completely out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly, never to be mentioned again.
    • The game also says that Nate's been looking for this game's treasure for twenty years, and that it's connected to Sir Francis Drake and his ring. This isn't even briefly alluded to in the previous two games.
  • The Scrappy: Chase gets some hate because she needs rescuing far more than Chloe and Elena ever did, and the fact she doesn't even help with any of the fighting until later in the game. Even then she's not a good shot. The Almost Kiss at the end of the game didn't win her any points with the Nate/Elena fans, despite the game being set before they got together.
  • Scrappy Level: Arguably, the levels with the Descendants in the Nazi bunker in the first game, especially if one dislikes Survival Horror type games. The enemies are very fast, hard to aim at, can kill Nate with 1-2 very quick melee attacks depending on difficulty, love to sneak up behind you to surprise you with said move while you're fighting one of their friends, or otherwise appear from behind corners right as you're about to turn them, you're basically stuck with a fairly weak submachinegun through the entire level (so no shotguns), and the level itself is quite dark and mostly lit through your Infinite Flashlight.
    • Gets even more frustrating right after, when Roman's men are fighting the creatures, since the game is otherwise a cover-based shooter, but the creatures will sneak up and kill you from the other direction while you're in cover, and waiting for them to kill each other doesn't work because fresh enemies pour in the further you progress. At least the Yetis/natives in the sequel are fairly easy to see coming and you have allies for many of your fights with them.
    • The finale on Navarro's cargo ship. The enemies are behind indestructible cover while the cover you are given is not. They're at a range where they can kill you almost immediately. You are not given any grenades. And through it all, Navarro himself is invincible and popping shots off at you with a one-hit kill rapid-fire shotgun.
  • Spiritual Licensee: There are no objections to saying that these are the best Indiana Jones games ever.
  • Tear Jerker: Just barely averted at the end of Among Thieves.
    • Sully's "death" in Uncharted 3. Mostly because of the facial expressions and abrubtness of it.
  • That One Boss: Lt. Draza in Uncharted 2.
  • That One Puzzle: The 'lining up the body parts' puzzle in chapter 11 of Drake's Deception. The idea is to place a make shift 'torch' into one of several holes in the ground, and the light from it is supposed to cast a certain shadow onto the wall. You can switch to first person view to line it up, and the guide hints that shadow should be cast to help you. However in game, this doesn't happen.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The revelation in Uncharted 3 that Nate isn't really Francis Drake's descendant and made up his heritage in order to live out a fantasy and escape from being an orphan whose father abandoned him and mother committed suicide could have been an epic twist that would have turned the whole series on its head. But it's only mentioned once in a one-off line from the villains and is never touched on again.
  • Uncanny Valley: Largely averted, but fingers in the second game look very... rectangular.
    • It seems as if there are floodlights hooked up to the characters' lower eyelids in Among Thieves. They constantly have shining, wet look to them, and look rather bug-like.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The series doesn't exactly treat non-Americans the greatest, with most of the mooks of the first two games being ethnic minorities, and Nathan being the only one capable of doing any actual treasure-hunting and clue-solving.
  • Waggle: The first game forces you to control the throwing distance of the grenades with the SIXAXIS function of the controller...making placing grenades quite awkward. Luckily, this was made optional in the sequels.
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