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So, EP 8 is going to have multiple endings...

and allegedly it's going to be based on the choice you make from a character's POV, Probably Battler's, but this will be the space for any speculations on the subject. For example,

    • Meta-Ange is another possibility as a playable character.
  • The ending-choice will revolve around whether Yasu decides to live as Shannon, Kanon, Beatrice, or herself.
    • Or it will revolve about something like sparing the culprit's life or anything like this.
  • It is Ange's choice, and is about whether to accept magic or not.

The detective in the seventh game will be...

  • Kyrie, She taught Battler chessboard thinking.
  • Eva, She came up with the idea for the seals Erika used
  • Runon, Of all of the servants who aren't on the island we know more about her then anyone else, and having the shifts be slightly different for one game, is a lot more believable then having a total stranger wash up on the island. Furthermore, having a character who is known by the people on the island, but not the characters in the meta world could lead to interesting developments.
  • Ange This time she didn't get sick.
  • Rena(or an Expy of her) She's already demonstrated that she's a skilled detective
  • Maria She'll notice something about the first twilight that indicates it wasn't done by a witch, for example one of the victims will have one of her anti-magic charms.
  • Battler again, The role of GM has been taken from him because he won't portray his family as evil, so he's going to be forced back into the role of Detective so Battler, on the piece level and the meta level will have the painful truth of his family ground hard into his face by cruel Bernkastel.
    • According to new information, Battler regains the role of Game Master when he marries Beato. It's possible that when he does so, Erika will have her Alas, Poor Scrappy courtesy of Bernakstel.
  • Someone who won't be revealed until the end, the meta-character fighting against Bern will have to figure it out rather then being told at the beginning.
  • One of the two people on the portrait. Probably the one with brown hair, and Dlanor's eyes.
    • Possibly confirmed. Recent spoilers and screenshots imply quite heavily that it's him, though there's no official confirmation about his name yet.
      • Confirmed. Willard H. Wright, formerly known as Wizard-Hunting Wright, is the detective of Episode 7.
  • No one. Dine's 6th. The detective novel must have a detective in it. Dine's rules have already been violated. Thus, anything required by Dine, but not required by Knox, will fail to appear in at least one episode.
    • The validity of Knox's Decalogue is in question. For either it or Dine's Rules to be absolute, a statement in Gold is required, as it will need the Game Master's authority for it to count.
    • The 6th game was already lacking a detective, wasn't it? That's why Erika could kill those people.
      • As stated in episode 5, there exists an exception which allows the detective to be the culprit.Erika was able to kill those people because of that exception. The 7th game will not at any point indicate that someone is the detective.
        • It doesn't really matter whether an exception exists or whether Erika can be the culprit or not, simply because She refused the Detective's Proclamation in EP 6, forfeiting the Detective's powers.

The seventh and eighth games will introduce new colors of text, the ninth game won't.

In the first game we got white (and green in the English version), in the second red, in the third nothing, in the fourth blue, in the fifth gold, and in the sixth nothing. Therefore, every game that isn't divisible by 3 will introduce a new color of text.

  • There isn't going to be a ninth game.
    • If there's no ninth game then there won't be any new colors introduced in it.
      • We cannot know how many games there will be, actually. No less than 7. maybe 8. Maybe more.
        • Ryukishi has stated there will not be a 9th game. EP8, if it's made, is probably going to guide the truly dense to the answer, which was revealed to the thinkers in EP4.
          • I wouldn't say that. There's implications that a lot of answers in EP7 may be wrong, and the answer was already revealed to the thinkers in EP4.
            • I figured that. Thinkers got it in EP4, the average folk will get it in either EP5 or EP6, but the truly dense will be guided to it by EP8. Damn, poor wording sucks.
              • ...What is the answer, then? After being stumped myself, I've searched for the answer on google for a good while and nothing came of it. Reading EP5 and EP6 didn't exactly clear up much either, except for the shkanon thing.
                  • And you will not find anything that makes sense even after ep7. ESPECIALLY after ep7 in fact, if you read it twice. That's why an ep8 is SERIOUSLY needed. Also, Ryukishi still don't want to give a clear answer. So ep8 will not be a "I will tell you everything right now".
                    • Some of us are along for the ride, and are not truly "dense". EP 8 is for us too.
                      • Episode 7 had no new colors, but 8 introduced purple text.

Sakutaro is Lion Ushiromiya

  • I think that in Lion's world, Rosa did not break Sakutaro either.
    • No what I meant was that there are several similitudes between Sakutarou and Lion this is probably the worst guess but still see that Lion's name means lion and sakutarou is shaped like one, extremely similar looks between Sakutarou human shape and Lion, the color and shape of their hair, they both are S/he to name a few simillitudes. So my guess is as it follows Maria somehow knows Lion and when she gets Sakutarou it remind her of him giving him a similar appearance

EP 7's portrait depicts...

  • Young Kinzo and Human Beatrice.
  • 1998!Jessica and Wizard-Hunting Wright
  • The Game Masters of EP 8
  • Asumu's ghost and Other!Battler
  • Rosa and Maria's father.
  • Two different possible Other!Battlers
  • St. Bernard and his furniture.
  • Shkannontrice and Van Dine.
  • Van Dine and his wife Eleanor.
  • A pair of lovers
  • Erika's boyfriend and the one he's cheating with.
  • Alternate versions of George and Jessica.
  • The man from 19 years ago (who could also be a woman) and Wright.
    • Confirmed.
  • A pair of actors.
  • Erika's girlfriend and the one she's cheating with.
  • The human equivalents of Zepar and Furfur.
  • Rudolph and Asumu.
  • Gender-swapped versions of Krauss and Natsuhi.
  • Battler's twin and his girlfriend.
    • Or boyfriend. No one said Battler's counterpart was a man (or even that the person in red is a woman).
      • Plus, the blonde has the Ushiromiya crest.
  • Beatrice and a Keiichi Expy.
  • All these guesses are jossed: Episode 7 quickly introduces two characters, Willard Wright and Lion Ushiromiya.

The two new characters are Meta-characters.

Duh. But as added evidence, in OP 7, all the confirmed meta-characters are semi-transparent, along with these new guys.

  • Jury's still out on Blue Guy, but Red Person is seen in a screenshot talking to Krauss, so at best is an Erika-style being.
  • Jossed. Red Person is a real character (Lion Ushiromiya), while Blue Person is Willard Wright.

Siesta 556 is coming back

Look real closely, and you can see her behind 45. It wouldn't be the first time a dead toy's come back to life.

  • She was already in the previous openings.
    • Screencaps please?
    • Well, there is a screenshot of her for either Twilight of the Golden Witch or Tsubasa so this guess could come true.
      • It's Tsubasa.

The 8th game will be called The Truth of the Golden Witch

Just calling it first.

  • Jossed; it's Twilight of the Golden Witch.

The 8th game will be called Legacy of the Golden Witch

It would be fitting for the aftermath of all the games.

  • Jossed; it's Twilight of the Golden Witch.

The 8th game will be called Checkmate of the Golden Witch

And Erika will return, because so far dead meta-characters return after two episodes.

The man in blue is the demon Vine.

One of the demons of the Ars Goetia, Vine, is the demon of Witches, Mysteries, Storms, and Murders (Really, look it up)! Ontop of that, he can see into the past, present, and future...and his name is a contraction of Van Dine. I think we have a winner, folks.

  • Plus just looking at him, he looks like a total dick.
    • Jossed. His name is Willard H. Wright.

The man in blue is Wizard-Hunting Wright/The Twenty Wedges.

Wizard-Hunting Wright has been mentioned in the TIPS for EP5 about the Einserne Jungfrau, thought the gender hasn't been specified, the new guy does have golden eyes like Dlanor which in itself implies that he's not human, and he seems to be The Stoic/an Emotionless Boy, again, like Dlanor (when she's not making creepy-ass faces). Plus, it's been mentioned that Wizard-Hunting Wright is rumored to be even more powerful than Dlanor, and if he is, his appearance would be an interesting development and lead to quite a conflict. Perhaps Dlanor decides sides with Battler in the seventh game because Bernkastel deems her useless after she was defeated both by Battler and Beatrice in the fifth and sixth games, and Bern introduces someone even more powerful to fight against him.

  • Confirmed.
    • Got a link? I can't find it anywhere.
      • I'm not one to link to copyrighted material, but I heard it's pretty high up in Google Search.
        • I don't search for something unless I know which way to go. Why don't you share the words you searched to find it?
          • I didn't search for it, I have the VN. And no, I'm not the guy who turned "Google Search" into a link.
    • Although unexpectedly, Wright doesn't turn out to be an enemy of Battler at all. He's firmly on the good guys' side.

Like in Higurashi, the killer will be revealed in the seventh episode

Start placing your bets people!

  • Very likely!...At this point, it borders on obvious. Featherine did appoint Bern as Game Master specifically because she wanted answers.
  • Ryukishi don't want to give a clear answer because it would be unfair for people who have been playing until now. He will only give hints. "If the answer is an apple, I will say that it is red and round", so to say. He will give a "merciless answer" in ep7, but maybe not about the culprit.
  • And Jossed. Maybe? Hard to say.

At a critical point, Gertrude will invoke a rule relating to the fantasy genre.

According to her profile Gertrude was offered the position of Inquisitor in another district, but refused the position. It will be revealed that she later accepted the position (on Dlanor's request), on the condition that she be assigned to this case. Thereby allowing Dlanor's side to fight with the rules of fantasy, as well as mystery.

General Epitaph Speculations

The hometown refers to a city in Taiwan, Danshui. It is named after the Danshui River; the name means "fresh water". The subway station right below Danshui Station is a station called 唭哩 岸 (Beitou Qilian Cili-an). The next sentence says: In the village, look for the shore the two will tell you of. In the(其) village(里), look for the shore(岸) the two (口口) will tell you of. So this theory should be right so far. The key is 'Qilian'.

At the first twilight, you shall lift up as sacrifice the six chosen by the key

At the tenth twilight, the Golden Land is mentioned (黄金の郷). 郷 is usually read as 'Sato' but more rarely as 'kyou'. 京, which means ten quadrillion, is also read as 'kyou'. This 'quadrillion' sounds similar to our secret mansion, Kuwadorian. So sacrifice the six chosen by the key - 'Qilian' - from Quadrillion.

-u-dr--l-o- is left.

Qilian is a station in Taiwan which is in the Beitou District.

Beitou District (traditional Chinese: 北投區; Tongyong Pinyin: Běitóu Cyu; HANYU Pinyin: Běitóu Qū; Wade-Giles: Pei-t'ou Ch'ü; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Pak-tâu-khu) is the northernmost of the twelve districts of Taipei City, Taiwan. The historical spelling of the district is BEITOU. The name originates from the Ketagalan word Kipatauw, meaning WITCH. Beitou is the most mountainous and highest of Taipei's districts.

Beatrice was waiting for Dante at the highest mountaintop of Purgatorio.

Well, U DR L O. Anyone have any ideas on what to do with that?

  • As I read somewhere else: "tear apart the two who are close." So U_D_R_L_O. Then "praise my honorable name on high". LORD U. As in the head of the Ushiromiya family. Then we start gouging the letters. Not sure what that means, but it might mean removing stuff. (ORD U, RD U, D U, U?) Also note that Kinzo's hometown is apparently 10 stops down from Qilian Station; or "the journey shall end". Presumably, at the end, all the letters are restored.
    • Yea, the LORD U = Ushiromiya head thing is what I was thinking. Eliminating the letters I'm not entirely sure on. I don't see how eliminating them leads to any new information at all.
    • I'm unsure if this could actually count as a meta-hint from the author to the readers, but KYRIE can mean LORD in greek. Also, whether it is related or not, on 25 December 2010, the entire county will become Xinbei City, and Danshui Township will become Danshui District. In other words, if this WMG holds up, one of the clues to solving the epitaph will disappear shortly before EP 8 goes out, making it quite fitting to end the tale this way.
      • I'm not sure it would matter, considering the plot takes place in 1983, and the characters ALREADY had to look up outdated maps and atlases and such. Good point about Kyrie. Word of God says it comes from Kyrie elesion, a Catholic prayer that generally translates to "Lord, have mercy."
      • Taiwan theory confirmed. LORD U is LORD USHIROMIYA. On the chapel relief, there's the word "QUADRILLION." Eliminate "QILIAN" from "QUADRILLION" (take out the relevant stones from the relief) and you have UDRLO. Move the D one space away from the R and you have "U D R L O." Rearrange to form "L O R D U." "Gouge and kill" means "turn the remaining keys/letters in the relief and remove them." Turning all the letters in sequence reveals a hidden passage leading to the gold stored under the chapel.
      • When was the last edit of this page, of this WMG, besides me of curse...

One of the real Beatrices gave birth to more than one child!

In this manner, multiple people could all be Beatrice/Lion/the man from 19 years ago, without being the same person. A certain amount of sibling switching is necessary.

  • I somehow doubt it. Knocking up Rosa's Beatrice once is a stretch as it is.
    • Not even twins?
      • That would have definitely come up if such is the case.
    • After EP 7, well... about that- actually....

Battler wrote a letter to Shannon, but George stole it.

This is part of the 'George is responsible for everything that goes wrong ever' theory.

In 1983, Battler wrote a letter to all his cousins, even Maria and Ange, who were too small to read it. Even if he wasn't in love with Shannon at that point, he wouldn't be such an insensitive jerk as to not even send her a note. But George handed out the letters, and George has admitted that he was jealous of Battler and Shannon's relationship. It would have been an easy trick for George to hide the last letter and pretend Battler simply hadn't written to Shannon. Plus he even says repeatedly that Battler has no intentions of coming back...

The series will have a happy ending.

(1) Bernkastel uses red text to say in Episode 7 このゲームに、ハッピーエンドは与えない (This game will not be granted a happy ending). Why use such a twisted phrase? In Japanese it would be simpler to say このゲームに、ハッピーエンドはない (this game does not have a happy ending).(2) Bernkastel has no intentions of granting a miracle, but Lambdadelta, who absolutely rewards absolute effort, would probably not mind taking Bern down a peg or two. (3) It's the perfect setup for a Earn Your Happy Ending scenario.

  • (1) I think she says that not to say it won't have a happy ending, but rather to say that she won't allow it to have a happy ending. IDK And I also think Lambda will end up supporting Battler and putting Bern down, If you know what I mean. (3) Agreed.
    • Not to mention that if he does kill off everyone (or even just most of them) after spending so much time making them all so incredibly likable, I guarantee about half of his fanbase will jump ship forever. That, and a happy ending has had so much damn foreshadowing.

Yasu is Amakusa.

In Episode 7, we see Kyrie is such a poor shot that she shoots Eva twice from point-blank range and misses both times. She shot Beatrice and left, but maybe Beatrice didn't die - she just lay there waiting for the next shot, which never came. She was in Kuwadorian, so she would have been safe from the bomb blast. Finally, this quote of Amakusa's from Episode 4 seems a good description of Beatrice's motivation: "The anguish of the human world comes when you want someone to acknowledge you, but you don't know what it is you should be striving for. I had a time like that too. I wanted someone to acknowledge me, but I didn't know what I wanted them to acknowledge about me. And since I didn't know what to strive for or how far I should go to be acknowledged by someone, I did a lot of crazy things."

Could crazy things mean setting up a lethal roulette involving 900t of explosives and a mountain of gold?

  • Regarding Kyrie being a poor shot, we know thanks to the Siestas tips that one of the guns is malfunctioning. Given the amount of times she misses (at least three times, counting Jessica) and the fact that she decided to kill everyone in the guesthouse with a knife instead of using the winchester, it's probable that she just was unlucky when choosing the gun.
  • But I still think there's something to that quote. It stuck out like a sore thumb when reading through the fourth arc. Some kind of Chekhov's Gun.
    • Yea, because it's a huge story theme. That doesn't mean Amakusa is special; it just means he knows something that would've saved everyone a lot of trouble if Yasu knew it.

Erika will come back.

Why? Because I really want to see this:


Bernkastel: *jaw drops* Erika?!

Epic logic battle ensures. As for the logic behind this... I'm sure Battler can find some cheap way around it, like "Erika was not on the island, she was on a boat next to the island and managed to have some way to affect what was going on."

  • I have to say, this would be fucking rad. EP 6 made me hate, but also really pity, Erika, and if one could fix her broken heart, she probably wouldn't be such a bitch. But then, the obvious solution is then Harem Ending...Or maybe she can hook up with George since he's not gonna get Shannon in the end, I'm sure.
  • Cue epic smackdown Battler/Erika/Wright vs Bern.
    • Maybe she'll get trapped in another Logic Error.
      • Confirmed, but Erika is on Bern's side.
      • She shows up in the Golden Land on Battler's side...with an army of goats. She also dons a pirate hat for some reason.
      • Maybe because she cames from a world where she did not fall from the boat, and she and her boyfriend came to visit to her good friend Battler... well... she came from a better world.
      • And the pirate hat... she likes one piece? well, remember, the outfit she use is one borrow from Jessica, the pirate hat maybe is her actual look. (since i dont have watch any image from ep8, dunno what im talkin about xD)

EP8 will have a complete breakdown of the separation between the game board(s) and the Meta-World(s)

How's that for a Grand Finale? Everything shatters. Dead and nonexistent characters will all come back as everyone tries to pick up the pieces from the resulting mess.

  • I hope it segues into an awesome battle afterwards - like the smackdown listed above.

Willard H. Wright and Dlanor A. Knox are related by blood.

Both are/were inquisitors of heresy from Heaven, and both have yellow eyes. They're either brother and sister or cousins.

  • In the EP 7 TIPS, it's mentioned that the head SSVD officer is expected to inherit the name "Wright". Whether this has started because of Will or was going on before he became an inquisitor is unknown.
    • If it's a long-standing tradition, then Will Wright could have easily been Will Knox before working with the SSVD. If this is true, he most likely abandoned the Knox family name after Dlanor killed her father. He rose in rank in the SSVD and inherited the name Wright as tradition dictated.
    • If it was a tradition started because of Will, perhaps he was always a Wright; maybe Dlanor's mother came from the Wright family, or Will's mother came from the Knox family.
    • He still could have been her brother and simply have changed his name so that he wouldn't be associated with the family.

Ryuukishi will introduce at least one new character in Episode 8.

He's done it in every game so far, why stop now just because it's the last chapter?

  • One? you're sweet.

Episode 8 will revisit the 'Lion' timeline again...

... and then Erika will wash up on the beach. Madness (and possibly hilarity) ensue. And sets the stage for the epic logic battle described in an above WMG.

Shannon/Kanon/Beatrice are genderless and/or unable to have sex.

In EP 7, we get this tidbit:

 "Why...?!! Why did you save me?! Why didn't you let me die?! Because of that terrible injury, ...I've been forced to live in a body like this!! I never wanted to live in a body like this!! This body that isn't even capable of love....!! What's... what's the point in living like that?! This isn't a human's life...!! It's like being furniture!! That's right, I'm... furniture...!! Furniture...!! Why... why didn't you let me die back then?!! Waaaaahhh...!!!"

The line to focus on is the line "incapable of love." Why would a body be incapable of love? Well, given that earlier in the game, "love" was used as a euphemism for "sexual feelings" or the like, it makes sense that his/her/their body would be incapable of doing so. Not to mention, this puts a whole new spin on the question of Lion's gender... Well, now that you say it, thats is a interesting theory, and maybe is not the place to say this but, does anyone have tink about Shannon is Kanon is Beatrice and is Lion?

The Ambiguous Gender around Yasu wasn't just to screw with us...

... Related to the above, because Yasu was actually intersex as a result of incest.

  • That's biologically impossible.
    • Not necessarily, and we already know that Kinzo had six toes, so there may be some odd genetics at work in the Ushiromiya family. And it could account for how the Man from 19 years ago sounded male, since people with this particular disorder tend to take on more male characteristics as they get older.

Gohda is a Composite Character.

The only master keys are the ones that each servant holds, one per person. And, There are only 5 master keys. Therefore, there are five servants.]] Let us assume that this refers only to servants who are on the island at the time. It has been heavily implied that Shannon=Kanon and that Shannon solved the epitaph and became the head of the family and thus isn't a servant. In other words there are only three servants (Genji, Kumasawa, and Gohda) on the island. If we add in the servants who aren't on the island (but who have been stated to still be working for the family). This number becomes six (Genji, Kumasawa, Gohda, Renon, Runon, and Manon), which is one too many. Thus, Gohda does not exist. He is merely a stand in for Renon, Runon, and Manon.

When Will says "No falsehoods in their final moments as told," he means exactly that.

Episode 5 makes it clear that Beato made her games to have mundane solutions. However, EVA was the Territory Lord throughout most of Episode 3. In other words, it wasn't part of Beato's game, and therefore there was nothing stopping EVA from presenting a world where the victims really were killed by magic.

  • Wasnt EVA just another pawn from Beato?, or Virgilia? Is still one of Beato games, if it wasnt, then Eva would die even if she solved the witch epithap.

Episode 8 will have no Red Truth.

Ever since Chiru started the amount of red per episode has decreased, and there is hardly any at all in Episode 7.

New red truth, because recall olds red truth is like have no new... i think

The next installment of When They Cry will take place in the desert.

One of Fredrika's poem is about a girl searching for her lost marbles. She searches in the desert, the sea (Umineko takes place on an island in the sea), and the mountains (Higurashi takes place in a village in the mountains).

Even when Yasu is Lion, Lion is a boy, Yasu is a girl, or to be exact... Yasu is an incomplete woman.

In the Lion time line he doesnt suffer this.

 "Why...?!! Why did you save me?! Why didn't you let me die?! Because of that terrible injury, ...I've been forced to live in a body like this!! I never wanted to live in a body like this!! This body that isn't even capable of love....!! What's... what's the point in living like that?! This isn't a human's life...!! It's like being furniture!! That's right, I'm... furniture...!! Furniture...!! Why... why didn't you let me die back then?!! Waaaaahhh...!!!"

I think Genji, hoping Natsuhi doest reconize Yasu, he made him have an operation, and make him a she, either that, or since very young, he was under the assumption that he was a she.

  • There's a story IRL about this person who, due to damage this his junk as an infant, was surgically made a female as a baby. He grew up raised as a woman, and thought he was his whole life, but never felt comfortable as one and still had instinctual stuff like trying to pee standing up while being potty-trained. When he found out, he had a sex change to a man. Yasu could be similar.
  • Shannon have the one winged eagle on her uh, thigh?, thats kinda bug me at first, but, well, maybe is something that she is trying to hide, but since no one ever ask her why she did that...

As with Higurashi, extra arcs will be released.

They'll cover what would have happened if certain meta-world events had gone differently. For example, Checkmate of the Golden Witch, will show what would have happened if Erika won the fifth game.

The "bad" ending we're given in EP8 should only be taken with a grain of salt.

For those who have spoiled themselves on one of the endings of EP8, everything that has ever happened was all a big, fat lie and it was all imagined inside an amnesiac Battler's head; what he tries to remember is written down by Tohya as her "amazing stories" which just HAPPENS to be about the Rokkenjima murders. But we've had this idea hammered into our heads for seven episodes NOT to take everything at face value even with the red text at hand due to different perspectives or different ways to word a sentence of red text so that it can mean something completely different than what the opponent thinks. If such is the case, then why completely accept this ending? Are we really seeing the canonical ending and not just another attempt at trolling like how Bernkastel showed us "what really happened" when the murders occurred in EP7, which wasn't completely true?

  • That's pretty obvious if you read before that regarding what Featherine would do for Ange.Who's to say she didn't just write two more endings in honor of the last Ushiromiya who comitted suicide in 1998?

Ikuko is Erika all grown up.

Her hair became darker over the years.

BT was Ryukishi07's lover, and the true author of Higurashi and the first half of Umineko, with Uminekos later episodes serving as an allegory to his lost love.

Consider the initial tone of the series which was similar to Higurashi. Lambdadelta taunted ANGE by saying Battler would most definitely come back "To a different Ange", and wording definitely didn't suggest a different Battler. While the fifth game(Which was completed when BT was still alive) was the first to introduce the "Hopelessness" aspect of "Returning home", Higurashi had a similar theme at its midpoint.

Not to mention you can still seal away the truth of what "really" happened, if magic is really real or not, while having a happy ending that lets mostly everyone(Aside from Kinzo, of course) survive. For example, Battler could have had a sudden memory jolt upon seeing Shannon or Shannon confessing to him, that could be interpreted as a traumatic recovery or Beato making a Heroic Sacrifice by using her endless magic to paradoxically end the game by making sure he/s/he could never forget that. Again, just as an example.

However, after BT died, R07 was quoted as saying he lost "The joy of writing". Makes sense when you consider he basically wrote Higurashi for BT and had him be his editor for all of Higurashi and over half of Umineko.

You can spot the eerie parallels of R07 grappling over his dual loss of an editor and his love with Kinzo and Battler's antics. Much like Battler made a "Beato 2.0" who lost much of the nuance the old Beato had, R07 created Featherine/Ikuko as a quickdraw replacement for BT. This ultimate confession is unveiled in EP 8's magic ending, where we see her helping Tohya out with his mystery. While Tohya is the one that initially shoots out ideas, Ikuko is one who crafts them, essentially proving her as the real author of Umineko.

If you accept that Ikuko=BT, then this makes perfect sense.

The following statement can be false, Eva’s diary contains the “One Truth”. It records the truth of Rokenjima from October 4 and 5, 1986.

Red Truth only applies to game boards. Ange's world isn't a game board and therefore red text referring to it doesn't have to be true.

  • The term "One Truth" is not only in quotations, but is never defined. Because of this, it may not be literal, and can mean possibly anything. It may simply record "The truthful testimonies of Eva, as what she believes to have happened".
  • In order to have red text about it in the first place, Ange's world must be a game board. But a game board's truth needn't agree with reality, or even with other game boards, unless the board's creator wants it to.

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