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Episode 1: I Ask You That You Chant My Name!

  • Ultraman Z Alpha Edge in general, the fact that it harnesses his mentors powers -- Ultraman Zero, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Leo, what makes this stand out than Zero and Seven's use of their crest weapons is that Z uses them like a pair of nunchucks.

Episode 2: A Warrior's Principle

  • Captain Hebikura dishing out a Curb Stomp Battle on Haruki during their sparring, while confidently unfazed at everything Haruki threw at him. When he appears behind Haruki, you could also see his hair transition to a familiarly unkempt hairstyle akin to Juggler.
  • Both Haruki and Z are in sync in their battle against Neronga, with the former taking Hebikura's advice to use his other senses besides his eyes to anticipate the kaiju's presence.

Episode 3: Live Coverage! The Monster Transport Operation

  • The Batman Cold Open, where we see Haruki piloting Sevenger taking on Gigass. After giving Sevenger a Rocket Punch upgrade and KO'ing Gigass with it, it only ends in hilarious results when the Kaiju crashes at the observatory the team were supposed to protect.
  • The American GAF officials bear witnessing to Sevenger and Ultraman Z's fight against Gomora. Gratuitous English is heard when Kuriyama's superiors yelling "It's Ultraman!" upon Z's arrival.

Episode 4: Robot No.2 Activation Plan

  • Pretty much how Windom being able to last an entire battle against Erimaki Telesdon is this, and Yoko gets the chance to pilot the mech and fight alongside Ultraman Z.

Episode 5: First Juggling

  • To sum it up in three words: Juggler is back!
    • Turns out that Hebikura is indeed Juggler the whole time!
    • What makes awesome about Juggler's comeback is him summoning Zeppandon with his own Z Riser, along with Zetton, Pandon, and Maga-Orochi's Kaiju Medals.
  • Juggler breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode.

Juggler: (laughs maniacally) Man... (looks at the viewers) This is gonna be fun!


Episode 7: His Majesty's Medal

Sheesh, where to start? This episode has tons of these!

  • We have our first human sized brawl in this show with the STORAGE members against the Void robots. Haruki and Yoko don't win, and they steal Riku, but they put up a good fight.
  • Yuka once against using her intelligance to find Riku
  • Z forces himself into Haruki's body in human size, and with only being able to use it for 50 seconds, he takes the robots out swiftly, even destroying the last few with Yoko by... dancing. The last part also counts as a funny moment.
  • Shinya and Celebro transform into Skull Gomora, but that's not all. They also transform into Thunder Killer and Pendamium Zetton! Something nobody saw coming!
  • There's another ground level shot during the fight with Z, Geed and Skull Gomora, much like the one with Telesdon.
  • Zero's glorious return. How did he escape Bullton's grasp? He goes into Shining mode, and then reverses the flow to time to escape! Granted he was weaker, but still.
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